Samantha Bee Joke About Mike Pence’s ‘Personal Hell’ is Completely Inaccurate

Samantha Bee Joke About Mike Pence’s ‘Personal Hell’ is Completely Inaccurate April 16, 2018

I’ve noticed an odd trend among some celebrity women — making Vice-President Mike Pence a punchline when it makes absolutely zero sense. They don’t like Pence because he has the gall to respect women and his wife in a way that they think is silly. As is well known, he chooses not to have meals or meetings in private along with women other than his wife. Maybe it’s not for you, but big deal — it’s his way of holding himself accountable — and a strong contrast to the very public problems our President is dealing with now. Which do you prefer? Mmmmmk, that’s what I thought.

They also like to make fun of him because an anonymous source in a Rolling Stone article said they once heard Pence call his wife, Karen, by the name of “Mother.” Whether that’s true or not — who really cares?  My grandpa often called my grandma “Mom” in reference, after years of raising children and referring to her as such to them.

First, I heard Tracee Ellis-Ross (who I LOVE as an actress, by the way), give a mostly inspiring speech, where she totally unnecessarily (and very oddly) inserted two jabs at Pence. Ross spoke about choosing to be single without kids and find success, saying that “the patriarchy is not pleased with me right now…Mike Pence is f***ing confused right now.”

She followed it up with this:

“When I put myself first, what comes back at me from well-meaning people—most men, social media, random ladies at the gym, Mike Pence, whoever—they tell me in all sorts of ways that I am being selfish,pushy, aggressive, controlling, relentless, stubborn, a slut…”

I’m sorry…what? I’m sure Mike Pence is perfectly happy to celebrate your choice to stay single and live the life that works for you. Honestly, the jokes were so cringe-y, I was embarrassed for her when they came out during the speech. It was just weird and out of place.

More lately, comedian Samantha Bee spoke at Variety’s “Power of Women” Awards luncheon, saying this:

“As I look out as this room of hundreds of women in this room, I can’t help but feel inspired and totally safe knowing that this is Mike Pence’s personal hell…”

Tepid laughter followed and again, confusion. Come again — why would Mike Pence be in hell? He works in an Administration that has elevated women to senior positions like no other, has two daughters and as his press secretary Alyssa Farah pointed out:

No matter what you feel about Pence — or Trump for that matter — you can’t say they aren’t elevating women. Married women, women with children, single women, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, daughters. If this were any other Vice-President, Bee and Ross would be singing his praises for being a feminist leader with all these women soaring in their careers. See here:

But no, because he isn’t in line with their political beliefs, he’s just an easy target. I’ve written before about my experience working for Pence when he was Chairman of the GOP Conference. It was a good one with plenty of women in the office.

Bee was funny when she was on “The Daily Show,” but her humor as of late is falling flat. And as for Ross, she should probably stick with her day job instead of trying to make bad jokes at the Vice-President’s expense.


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  • Fartrell Cluggins

    I find articles like this so tone deaf. This just screams of hurt feelings and “everybody being mean” to your guy. They’re called jokes, and it’s how we normal folks with a passion for this country and all its people and laws cope with the current hell we’re in, where facts are treated as lies and reality is denied and ignorance celebrated at the highest levels of government.

    On the other hand, how do you think the rest of us felt during 8 years of tearing down the black man in the white house no matter what?

    On paper, with no names or pictures to go with it, Obama would be 110% a Republican’s dream candidate, yet once you show the face and name, there goes 99% of the support. He’s a Christian family man with no cheating or scandals, nor even one accuser of anything -besides Fox News making stuff up to rile up their feeble-minded base.

    I’d say the right wing and “christians” made and pooped in this bed, now they’re having to sleep in it and they don’t like it. Respect goes a long way, even when you disagree with that person’s politics. That respect was nowhere to be found for 8 years, so this is rolling back to bite you all in the butt, might as well own it, as none of you have a leg to stand on defending these terrible people.

  • celticcoll

    I find it hilarious that you applaud both Pence and Trump in the same sentence. This administration has far less women in high positions that the last, and elevates ones like Betsy DeVos who are unqualified, which is an affront to women who actually are. It is an administration that limits access to women’s health options — mammograms and proper maternity care, and does not even have a single woman on the council making those decisions. It is an administration that would make viagra part of medical insurance benefits but not birth control. It is an administration where women are promoted for looks and due to nepotism and not for talent and education. This administration is a travesty for MOST is not all women!

  • Dan Dupree

    The idea Pres grab em by the p…. as an example of support for women’s rights makes me want to vomit.

  • Edward Silha

    Mike Pence has chosen to defend and support the president who is the antithesis of Christian values. He has no moral credibility.

  • Ericka Andersen

    They don’t have “far less women” and…we just simply disagree on the rest I suppose 🙂

  • Ericka Andersen

    I guess I could have left Trump out of it entirely. Mike Pence DOES respect women.

  • Ericka Andersen

    I never heard anyone criticizing Obama for his race so why are you bringing that into it? There are plenty of VALID reasons to have criticized him…are you kidding? Obama a Republican? Not even close. Sure, he is a Christian family man — which is wonderful — but on policy, he’s not Republican and that matters.

    Anyway, I don’t defend Trump and didn’t vote for him. I am simply defending Mike Pence on this one issue.

  • Ericka Andersen

    If everyone with moral credibility left the White House because Trump doesn’t have any, now that would be a shame. You should be glad to have someone like Pence in there (and plenty of others) who DO have character.

  • adriancrutch

    …SO!!!…why does Pence have a phobia…or whatever it is???…or is it that he doesn’t “trust” himself with women without having his wife “in tow”???…I basically don’t like most conservatives…why because they “like” being told what to think and do…and I think Pence has a weak and frail ego…if you have to call it that…switching from Catholic to Evangelical was a “no brainer” for Pence…LOL…and soon we will have to deal with him as the default president when trumpy goes off into a more delusional world…and yes…Pence will further trumpy’s destruction of the GOP as a viable political organization…so good luck with a boy who hitched his horse to a carnival freak show barker…and here’s trumpy with his latest “attorney”…Miss Rudy…

  • adriancrutch

    …WOW…who the HELL are you???…you can’t seem to get your head out of your ass to assimilate any situation except that which “serves” your purpose…I’m surprised there aren’t more comments…but people probably figured it would be a waste of time dealing with a brain-child like you…you’re definitely politically naive…you must have seem a similar scene like this in your mind…when Pence was governor…signing a LGBT DISCRIMINATION BILL…which quickly exploded in his face…and propelled him into the position we now face…getting RID of him TOO!!!… BILL

  • adriancrutch

    …more people have left the white house than the supposed Jewish exodus from Egypt…you are out of your league…

  • Fartrell Cluggins

    Pardon my surprise, but seriously? You never heard one comment criticizing Obama’s race in 8 years? That is impossible to believe, I’m sorry.

    And my point was, on paper, without names or pictures, Obama was a Republican dream candidate: family man, Christian, smart, charismatic. From a policy standpoint, he was more an 80’s Republican… just compare his policies to what transpired in Reagan’s 80’s. There is also a great article at the American Conservative titled “Obama is a Republican”. Great read, check it out.

    I get that you’re defending Pence, but that’s what gets me. He deserves all the criticism and more for his turning the other cheek and defending Trump at every turn. Not Christian, nor Christ-like at all. He should be ashamed of himself, it’s so hypocritical.