Samantha Bee Joke About Mike Pence’s ‘Personal Hell’ is Completely Inaccurate

Samantha Bee Joke About Mike Pence’s ‘Personal Hell’ is Completely Inaccurate April 16, 2018

I’ve noticed an odd trend among some celebrity women — making Vice-President Mike Pence a punchline when it makes absolutely zero sense. They don’t like Pence because he has the gall to respect women and his wife in a way that they think is silly. As is well known, he chooses not to have meals or meetings in private along with women other than his wife. Maybe it’s not for you, but big deal — it’s his way of holding himself accountable — and a strong contrast to the very public problems our President is dealing with now. Which do you prefer? Mmmmmk, that’s what I thought.

They also like to make fun of him because an anonymous source in a Rolling Stone article said they once heard Pence call his wife, Karen, by the name of “Mother.” Whether that’s true or not — who really cares?  My grandpa often called my grandma “Mom” in reference, after years of raising children and referring to her as such to them.

First, I heard Tracee Ellis-Ross (who I LOVE as an actress, by the way), give a mostly inspiring speech, where she totally unnecessarily (and very oddly) inserted two jabs at Pence. Ross spoke about choosing to be single without kids and find success, saying that “the patriarchy is not pleased with me right now…Mike Pence is f***ing confused right now.”

She followed it up with this:

“When I put myself first, what comes back at me from well-meaning people—most men, social media, random ladies at the gym, Mike Pence, whoever—they tell me in all sorts of ways that I am being selfish,pushy, aggressive, controlling, relentless, stubborn, a slut…”

I’m sorry…what? I’m sure Mike Pence is perfectly happy to celebrate your choice to stay single and live the life that works for you. Honestly, the jokes were so cringe-y, I was embarrassed for her when they came out during the speech. It was just weird and out of place.

More lately, comedian Samantha Bee spoke at Variety’s “Power of Women” Awards luncheon, saying this:

“As I look out as this room of hundreds of women in this room, I can’t help but feel inspired and totally safe knowing that this is Mike Pence’s personal hell…”

Tepid laughter followed and again, confusion. Come again — why would Mike Pence be in hell? He works in an Administration that has elevated women to senior positions like no other, has two daughters and as his press secretary Alyssa Farah pointed out:

No matter what you feel about Pence — or Trump for that matter — you can’t say they aren’t elevating women. Married women, women with children, single women, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, daughters. If this were any other Vice-President, Bee and Ross would be singing his praises for being a feminist leader with all these women soaring in their careers. See here:

But no, because he isn’t in line with their political beliefs, he’s just an easy target. I’ve written before about my experience working for Pence when he was Chairman of the GOP Conference. It was a good one with plenty of women in the office.

Bee was funny when she was on “The Daily Show,” but her humor as of late is falling flat. And as for Ross, she should probably stick with her day job instead of trying to make bad jokes at the Vice-President’s expense.


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