Ask Your Guides What Kind of Witch are You

Ask Your Guides What Kind of Witch are You May 24, 2023

We have all seen the various online quizzes and games “Find out what kind of Witch you are!” We have seen all the labels of Green Witch, Kitchen Witch, Hearth Witch, Death Witch, Hedge Witch, etc flying around. This push to identify or align ourselves with a single label that defines who we are, what kind of magic we do, and what our practice looks like.

I am not downing people who use these and I understand in a big world, these labels can help us connect to other like-minded people. At the same time though, I have also watched them start to become “boxes” for practitioners, especially new ones. At the core, I think people are just trying to figure out where they align and what type of magic resonates with them. This can be especially hard if you are relatively new, as there is a plethora of information bombarding you as you research and explore.

So may I suggest a different approach? Ask your Guides what kind of Witch you are.

Our Guides come in many forms – Deities, Ancestors, Spirits. You may know exactly who They are, or you may have no clue. Either way though, They are already walking this road of discovery with you. Guides are funny that way. In my experience, They are not going to tell you the “boxes” but instead reveal the core of your magic.

This is one exercise that you really do need a tarot deck for. If you are not experienced in tarot or feel uncertain in this skill, I would suggest either having an experienced person do it for you, or use a form of stitchomancy to bring forth the answers. With the stitchomancy method you will be using the book that came with your tarot deck. Use the structure I will give below, shuffle (I shuffle between each individual pull), and draw your cards. Then, using the tarot’s guide book, go one by one looking up each card and follow this method: Open to the page that has your card – close your eyes and run your finger lightly over the page, back and forth, top to bottom – you should feel a tingling or twinge of energy at some point (if not just randomly point to an area of the page) – stop and write down the words, phase, or sentence you land on – do this for every card and then look at the reading.

If you do not have a trusted reader, I do these for people often, and have solid reviews – just go here to order the reading and in the comments put that you want the “what Kind of Witch am I.”

My Personal Reading

My personal reading – Esa – The Deck is Seasons of the Witch Samhain and Beltane decks

I didn’t discover anything I didn’t know. There was no revelations from the unknown. I knew everything they laid out – but the impact on me was profound. It wasn’t about discovering something new, it was about reinforcing and focusing on what has always been there. Bringing a clarity which is allowing me to let some things go, and focus my energy in the right direction instead of spreading it thin. I may dabble in many things, experimenting, and testing boundaries – but we all have core gifts. Core skills that I think are just a part of us from the start. They can be used in all these areas we dabble in, but how it looks for us, what we do within them, I feel is really laid out by our core gifts.

What I perform magic with:

My Voice… Weaving magic through words. Transforming, creating, destroying through words. Spoken and written.

This is no surprise to me. I have an ability to move people with my voice. It has been this way all my life to varying degrees. It has brought many opportunities into my life such as speaking at conferences, TEDx, Oracle work, death dula work, and many others. The interesting thing about being a Voice, at least for me, is that it is never about me – does not serve me personally. My type of Voice isn’t about me, it’s about the people who hear it. I can’t use it for my own needs and to achieve things for myself. That lesson was a hard one to swallow at first, and it may not be that way for everyone, but it is true for me none the less. There was also a peace when I accepted it though. It makes my personal life harder but I see all the positive changes it makes for others. There is bliss in that. Something deeper than this physical world, and the knowledge it is about the soul and journey of the soul. The physical world is for experience – the journey of the soul is for growth.

Candle Magic… This is always literally Candle Magic.

With some new experiments recently with weaving elements through candle magic in a different way, I am realizing the scope of this magic. I am understanding the role of the fire on a much deeper level – The aspects of the wax and how it is bound to the flame. There is a lot there and something I will obviously be going into much deeper in other posts. My magic isn’t by any means limited to candles, but the incorporation into all of them is a necessity for me. I am using this craft differently than I have seen or heard about – that doesn’t mean others aren’t doing the same, just I haven’t seen it. I am letting my guides show me how to do this work and exploring the depths with them.

Divination… This is my main gift.

I have a deep connection to spirit, souls, the unseen. I have a hard time saying that publicly because it comes off as conceded in my head. I have to let that go though, and embrace what I am. Those that have experienced this from me know that it’s true, they have felt it. I had this way before ever picking up any tools like tarot. To feel and see into another’s soul. It is what made me a great nurse and death dula. It is why strangers would just come up to me and start pouring out their lives. It is what made me that person everyone dumped all the troubles on. It’s not that I, the person knows the answers or the words to speak, but the spirits I am connected to do. In those moments it is not me the person speaking, but I am speaking the words They tell me to. I am not all knowing by any stretch of the imagination and their messages don’t always make sense to me – but they do to the one who receives it.

I don’t know how it works. I don’t know what I did to open those flood gates. I don’t know what the limits to it is. All I know is that it is true. It has been proven over and over. Out of all my gifts, this is at the core of them. This connection.

What do I use them For:

Greet the Darkness/ Cauldron… Blending together the inner self – bringing it to wholeness.

Healing the cracks and breaks. Accepting and loving the whole self, scars and all. Living as your authentic, whole self, all the time. This is my greatest gift of healing. Sure I can heal the body and mind, I’ve been trained for that, but my gift is healing the soul. That which resides within and affects all the other.

Graveyard/ Frog… slowly transforming the perspective of the unseen realms – Hidden realms within our world and within ourselves.

My experience with The Morrigan, other Deities, Ancestors, and other spirits, has taught me that there are a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings of Them. Information spread over and over but only being on the surface of Their true self. This is why I share Their stories, the words They say, the visions They show. I allow Them to tell the stories Themselves and in Their own way – Because it is different then what I have seen others say. Not completely off, but not Their whole self by any stretch of the imagination.

It’s not up to me to make people listen or believe – my only job is to share what They tell me and give other perspectives. What people do with that is up to them. The same is true for our inner selves – that which is hidden within. Showing new perspectives, new ways to see, those things within us. So we can accept and love them – even the things that are buried deep due to a miss perception of it. So much guilt, self hate, self loathing for the things that are a part of us instead of realizing the purpose behind them – the strengths they offer – and how to use them to create the good we want. All of this lays in perspective.

Bat… Unearthing that which lays hidden. Bringing to light that which lays in shadow. Remembering what has been forgotten. A new path forward, rooted in something ancient.

Actions connected to it all:

Sacred Waters – To cleanse and renew. To break and rebuild. To dive deeper in order to discover. To renew and to welcome others in. The Power of Water.

Building strong and deep bonds. Between people, between them and the unseen, between the inner and outer self. Bringing together – making whole.

To manifest together. The seen and Unseen. People together.

Sacrifice of the self for that which is more than you. From you but not for you… Again, another harsh truth. What I do for others takes a lot of time and energy. It takes away from others things I may want or need to do. But in the end this isn’t about me. It’s not for me. I have walked these lessons, I have done this work, I have heard Their voices, I have written their stories. My job is to put it all out there so others can use it in their own ways, to forge their own journey, and create their own connections. My job is to help others along and pass the messages they either can’t see or are consciously hiding from.

What they do with it is up to them.

There are those who will sling shade towards me. There are those who will not hear or believe. Sacrifice is giving without an exchange of return. It’s hard – it’s lonely – it’s frustrating at times, but perhaps that is the point. It’s not penance for something I did wrong – It’s because I have been given the abilities to do this work. The reward isn’t something that will help me now or later – it is the responsibility that comes from the reward I have already received through these abilities/ skills.

So in the end…

None of this was new to me. There was no big revelations or “aha” moment. It was just making very clear who I am, what I am, and what I am supposed to be doing with it. There is no separation of kitchen witch, green witch, death witch, hedge witch. They don’t care about that, because our abilities can be used or touched in all of those. It’s not about defining a “type of witch” because those are only boxes that limit us. It is about our core gifts – what to use them for – and how to use them. That is what matters and we need to embrace.

If you decided to try this for yourself, I would love to hear your results.

What did it give you? Did you discover something new, or did it just reinforce what you already knew? How are you going to use this information going forward?

About Esa
I am an avid explorer and believe experimentation is the key to growth. Science and Magic are not competitors, they work together to help us understand and alter the world. Magic and Spirituality is personal – the bonds we build, the skills we hone, how we practice, all of this being developed along our journey. The rules and limitations are those of you and nature, not another person.” - Author, Oracle/ Tarot Reader, Liminal Walker, and Spiritual Guide for those wanting to build their own path and connections. You can read more about the author here.

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