Walk into the World of Kari -Norse God of Voice

Walk into the World of Kari -Norse God of Voice May 30, 2023

Kari is an old Norse God with little recorded history, yet holds incredibly powerful knowledge. In the sagas he is known as the element of wind – air, which in the body equates to our Voice. His lessons cover a vast array of topics in that area, including Judgment and Justice, Leadership, Passing Knowledge, and the way of the Runes – especially in Galdr.

My work with Kari has spanned several years. Adding to my own growth in the practices of Seidr, spirit working and walking. Before I can start sharing that though, I must first introduce you to this little known, but essential Guide, for me in this work, The Norse God Kari.

Blue god representing wind walking forward
Kari God of Voice – art by Esa

The Jotunn Who Ruled Kvenland

His lineage in the Orkneyinga Saga and Hversu Noregr byggdisk (Flateyjarbók) is all that has survived of this enigmatic figure. Born to the first king of Kvenland, Fornjot, whose name means the “original owner” or “destroyer” depending on the translation.

Kari was the oldest of three brothers. Logi, the personification of Fire, and Hler who held the personification of the Sea/ Water. Together, They represented the forces of nature, the elements, that acted upon and shaped the earth. Through my own discoveries over the last year, They also work together in similar ways of a triplicity.

Kari and His family were considered, Jotunn. Giants, and in His word – “Ancestors of the Gods.” As They were pre-Aesir, the most well known Norse Gods, and were intermixed with Them – this makes sense. Also it is good to note here, I do not believe when we say “giants” we are thinking of the Hollywood type, but people of significant stature, perhaps around 10ft tall. There is evidence for this but we are not going to be getting into that right now.

If you follow the linage in the sagas, you can follow them from Kvenland, which has been proposed to be the upper part of Scandinavia alongside the Sami, down into Norway, over into the Orkney Islands, and eventually to Normandy through Rollo, the first ruler and founder of Normandy.

This is how I found Kari, while working on my own ancestry. Now do not mistake me here, this is not a unique find. If you are a descendant of William the Conquer, and millions of people are, you will find Kari in your line as well.

Connecting to the Forgotten

I consider Kari as one of the forgotten Deities. When I found him through my genealogy I did not give it much thought at first – just another interesting find and story. He kept coming back to my mind though. Like a small whisper that kept calling to me. So I decided to do some research. The problem was there wasn’t anything out there. The same small paragraph of the lineage repeated over and over. So I would have to take a whole other approach.

My own skills and gifts that I developed with The Morrigan, are in spirit connection and communication, and played a key role in getting Kari’s stories and knowledge. I am also heavily rooted in a science minded brain and needing forms of proof, because I know the brain is an interesting and dangerous place when it comes spiritual communication. So, for me, I had to put in a lot of checks to ensure the information was consistent and true. Both from Him, and from my perspective of the information He was giving me. To learn more about what this process was and what it looked like, I did a video showing some it. It’s an older video, and aspects within it have changed since then, but not the process itself.

woman holding a staff with an older man's face looking at her in the background
Kari and His Seidkona – art by Esa

Attributes of Kari

As with most Deities, Kari has certain domains, lessons, and associations. These are the ones He has shown me and that I have experienced with Him. They are specific to the path I am walking, the work I need to do, and the growth I have to go through. As you connect and build your relationship to Him, you may find some differences or even added aspects. That is because our relationship with these Deities are not cookie-cutter ones, they are specific to us. It is like any other bonding – We may have the same friend in common but that relationship can look very different. Just something to keep in mind.

These will be quick overviews of each, and I will be going deeper into specifics of them over the coming weeks. So if you don’t want to miss any of that, you can sign up to my newsletter here and it will send the links to those articles as they come out.

Power of Voice

Through my work, this is what I have found to be Kari’s core aspect. His lessons in Galdr, Leadership, Judgment and Justice all start within the aspect of Voice. My foundations, ethics, boundaries, and self aspects of Voice were built through my work with The Morrigan. How I use that, what I use it for, the change I create with it, lays in the work with Kari.

It is not enough to just know the knowledge of Galdr – but how to use it effectively and justly. Everyone is a leader is some capacity, small and large. Kari teaches how to be an effective a good leader to the people. We pass judgment all the time within the mind, but the judgment that comes through Voice affects and changes the things outside of ourselves. It requires a deep understanding of Justice and the thin line between justice and vengeance. These are all lessons Kari has given me and work that we do together.

Runes and Galdr

Galdr is a form of Runic work that is all done with Voice. It is the primary magic of Kari. Galdr is the spoken, but more specifically sung, form of weaving the Runes together to illicit an effect on the physical world.

Galdr requires a deep understanding of the Runes and the stories held within each. How to bind certain ones together to create the effect you are wanting to achieve. Then using the vibration of Voice in order to bring that effect into being. Galdr can be used for both creation and destruction. It is a powerful weapon, and how we wield it matters.


Reindeer seem to be a universal one for Kari. Considering His origins and close ties to the Sami People this is not surprising. Reindeer hold a deep significance for them. There are aspects though of reindeer that are important to note here.

With breath specifically, reindeer have an interesting respiratory system. When they breath in cold arctic air, it goes through a process of warming before it ever hits the lungs. This allows them to breath in the cold ice air with ease (this will have more significance later on).

They are also see exclusively in the UV spectrum – meaning they are always viewing a world unseen to us. Seeing more than we do, comprehending more then we do of the world we reside in. In this way, they are a Liminal Walker or spirit walker.

The hooves of reindeer are also unique. They are able to alter and change the shape of their feet in order to adapt to the changing terrain. Whether it is ice, marshy conditions as the ice melts, or the harder soils of summer. This ability to adapt is key to their survival, just as our ability to adapt to situations within our changing world is key to ours.

Personal Animals

We will get signs in animals based on what species live in our environments. Thus, these animals will be subjective to each of us. One of the most frequent animals he uses for me is the hawk, specifically the red tailed hawk. I have also received messages through Barred Owls, Bald Eagle, and recently snakes.

Followers of Kari

People who are drawn to Kari, seem to be ones where Voice is significant for them. This includes musicians- specifically singers, public speakers, leaders, activists, writers, and others who use Voice to shift and change the world through vibration and words.

For these type of people, Kari can be a significant ally. Enhancing the work you are already doing, and bringing forth new aspects to help you excel at the goals you are trying to achieve.

Where We Are Going

Over the coming weeks I will be diving deeper into these aspects, sharing my own journey through them, and the lessons He has taught me. How I completed a Rune journey with Them telling me the stories of each Rune. How Kari has taught me to bind them and use Galdr. What it means for Galdr to be a weapon, and considerations that have to be looked at within that.

We will also be going deeper into the art of Seidr, what that looks like and how it is done through His perspective. The tools I use in it, the spirit allies connected to it, and this deeper journey I am starting with Him into it.

This public journey has been a long time in the making, and now is the time to share it.

It is time for Kari to once again step into our world and be a prominent Deity within the Norse realm.

If you want a jump start on all this, and a copy of my own Rune Journey with all the stories given for each one, they are contained in my book – Goddess, Sacred Words of Wisdom.

I am an avid explorer and believe experimentation is the key to growth. Science and Magic are not competitors, they work together to help us understand and alter the world. Magic and Spirituality is personal – the bonds we build, the skills we hone, how we practice, all of this being developed along our journey. The rules and limitations are those of you and nature, not another person.” - Author, Oracle/ Tarot Reader, Liminal Walker, and Spiritual Guide for those wanting to build their own path and connections You can read more about the author here.

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