13-Tarot-Questions, Honest Answers to Real Tarot Questions

13-Tarot-Questions, Honest Answers to Real Tarot Questions May 28, 2023

These are a great set of questions that several tarot readers are currently answering. I stumbled across it on Emily’s Witchcraft and Tarot page and thought it was a good one to participate in. So here we go – 13 Real Questions about Tarot and my personal experience.


Seasons of the Witch tarot cards
Seasons of the Witch Oracle Decks – Samhain and Beltane

1. What is Tarot to me?

I see Tarot as a communication tool. It is the primary way that I use it, because asking questions is the opening of a conversation. Even as we are diving deeper to see all the pieces of a puzzle and what it may look like in the end, it is a form of communicating back and forth. Tarot allows us to connect to our higher self, Deities, Spirits, Ancestors, and all the unseen that co-exist with us.

Tarot is also a great way to put in “checks” for other divination techniques and when getting to know new Deities or spirits (I will get into this more with the last question). A tool for them to share their stories with us and pass their wisdom down.

2. Do you read for yourself or others?

My journey started with reading for myself – it is how I developed my skills. Using it to have conversations and divine hidden knowledge. Then I moved into the space of reading for others. I spent several years doing free readings for those I mentored- combining it with their studies, and for a variety of people within my groups/ social media spaces.

Now I do readings professionally. Offering a variety of readings styles depending on the needs of my clients. I still offer free readings about once a season on my facebook page as a community service and devotional act for my Goddess.

3. How frequently do you read tarot?

Daily, both for clients and for myself.

I use tarot for many ways within my daily practices. To help set a focus energy or action for the day. When I need to gain clarity on situations, or work I am doing. To talk with my Deities, Ancestors, and land spirits. Tarot is also a tool I use within my magical practices – spell/ ritual development and Galdr.

4. Offering Readings

I have several different reading types I offer in my shop.

Digital readings for those who don’t want to have to worry about scheduling a set time. Since I know the importance of being able to ask questions on the reading, clarify aspects, and get the most from the experience, I also include a follow up discussion to give them the opportunity to get the most out of the experience.

In Spiritual Services I offer Readings by phone or chat for those who want live sessions. So they can ask as many questions as they need to and go deeper into various aspects throughout the reading.

Then I have specialty readings. Some like the Seasons of Time and Astrology readings are available year round. While others, such as the Wheel of the year reading, are only offered at certain times in the year.

5. What do I ask the Tarot?

I personally ask the tarot anything, including where I am failing or what I am missing. Sometimes we get tunnel vision or develop blind spots, and do not see pieces that are crucial to the work we are doing or a situation at hand. By including these aspects, we can save ourselves a lot of time and heartache.

They are a tool that sheds light onto the what we do not see – So I take advantage of that.

6. How I classify myself as a Reader?

This is a strange question in my opinion. I know how others have answered it, yet I think the real question is “What type of reader am I?”

With my personal skill sets, I would consider myself a channeler. The cards are just a focus, a physical representation for others to see, but the words and story they tell is one that I am channeling from Divine or Guides. In these sessions I am just a Voice or Messenger. There are sometimes, when what they are saying doesn’t make sense to me – but they always do for my clients. It is not for me to reorganize that, just to deliver the messages.

7. What do I never ask the Tarot?

There is nothing I can think of that I won’t ask the tarot. I do have a heavy respect for the future aspects though. It shows potentials, possibilities, but our actions have the ability to alter those. It is really important to hold that mindset when looking ahead.

8. Who am I speaking with when I consult Tarot?

This depends on the reading and who the reading is for. Generally it is Divine/ Deities, Ancestors, and various other spirit energies. When reading for others, I have come in contact with their own Guides or people, because it is their messages that need to be heard.

9. What other knowledge I apply to readings?

During the reading itself, I just deliver the message. When it comes to the discussions/ counseling aspects of the reading I use knowledge from a variety of areas, including psychological, human experience, cycles and patterns of life, my own experiences in these areas, and spiritual knowledge.

10. Tarot is the Book of Life – Where I see it in life?

Tarot is a physical representation of a spiritual experience. Every card has it’s own aspects that link directly to various aspects of life, aspects of the self, and those which exist in our world. Every deck has it’s own energy and variations of those, thus telling their own stories within them.

11. Experiences with Tarot predictions coming to pass.

For a person who has done this for a very long time – I have had the privilege to not only see how the predictions play out for me, but also for those I read for. As I said before, I always tell my clients, the future is not static, it can be moved and changed depending on the actions we decide to take or not take.

With that being said, I am always amazed at how spot on the tarot always is. I have clients who get the Wheel of the Year Readings coming back all the time to tell me how each month unfolds just as they predicted. Others will contact me weeks, months, and even years later to tell me their stories and how they can’t believe how accurate it all was.

Here’s the thing – I can not explain how it works. We understand the premise of reading tarot, but there is a spiritual component that is unexplainable. This makes my science sided mind just spin, but I have had so much personal proof, for my readings and the ones I do for others, that I have to just resign to the belief – that even though I may not be able to logic it, understand it in a scientific way, it is real and works none the less.

12. How tarot fits in with my magical practice and other forms of divination?

I think I have covered this above in various ways, but I’ll try to just realign them here.

As I said, for me it is not just the cards, I channel as I read. This is connecting with and having spiritual experience with something unseen, whether it is spirits, divine/ deities, those who have passed on, or the spirits that are part of the living world around us. It is a conversation.

When it comes to spell crafting, ritual creation. Talisman building, sigil/ Galdr development, and so forth – the cards give me the energies and aspects that need to be blended or woven together in order to create the desired result.

13. What types of readings do you do?

I have had many people tell me that my style of reading is very unique. I use a combination of spreads and techniques that I have developed over the years. Every reading is different depending on the reason the readings is being done.

My practice is based in transformation and diving deeper – so my readings can get complex in nature. Aspects will stand out that need to be dived into deeper to really get a full understanding of them, so that is what I do. Even what may seem like a simple question has so many underlying energies attached to it, and by being able to see a fuller picture more clearly, we are able to make better decisions.

I actually did a video answering these questions as well, and during that I showed some examples of what this looks like and how I read if you want to check it out.

Ending Thoughts

Tarot can be a fantastic tool for many areas of our life. Not just to discover what is ahead of us, but to see the past and present more clearly. To have conversations with those beyond this world. As a tool to help us in our creations and creative endeavors. Tarot reveals to us the pieces we are not seeing, or not seeing clearly. It has the power to shine a light on the shadows that allude us, and uncover knowledge long forgotten.

How we choose to use the tool, the mysteries it contains, all depends on us. I can not give you logical proof – but the cards prove themselves true everyday.

If you are a reader and decide to answers these questions from your own perspective – put your link down in the comments so others and I can see your perspectives too.

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