How to Do a 2024 Outlook Reading

How to Do a 2024 Outlook Reading October 6, 2023

So about this time each year I start my 2024 Outlook Tarot Readings. They are a way to take a glimpse into the coming year, both as a whole, and broke down into months.

It includes two main Path readings, one for your physical life/ self and one for your spiritual/ inner self. I separate them because I have found clients can have difficulty in determining what aspects apply to their physical life such as finances, home, work, and so forth, and which apply to their inner self, inner work, and spiritual path they are walking.

Then to break it down further, I look at each month – the energy that is at the forefront, energies to be aware or cautious of – kind of like an undercurrent energy at play, actions to focus on, questions to dive deeper into, and things to let go of.

I have been doing these for awhile now and I am always amazed at how spot-on accurate they tend to be, for both me and my clients. Tarot truly is an incredible tool!

Because I make myself available throughout the year to the people who buy them, I get to hear all their stories and how the different ways they are using the information to their advantage. Both in a way to prepare and be more aware of the potential aspects in the month, but also how they can use those energies in their life and practice to produce the most favorable outcomes.

Do Your Own Reading

I only do about 30-35 of these readings a year because it does take a lot of time and energy. It takes about a day to do the various readings because they all involve channeling as well. Then I transfer all the information, pictures, and deeper perspectives into a PDF so they client can have a hard copy to continual look back on as they move through the year. This process can take another several hours.

So essentially each reading can take up to 2 full days for me to complete. Although I personally limit how many people I can do this for, I think the tool itself is incredible. For this reason I wanted to share with others how to do this work for themselves. I also know that money can be a big factor for people and I do charge $75 for this service, which makes it out of reach for some.

So if you are really connected with your tarot, this is a great way to expand upon that. It is also a good exercise to test your skills, especially if you are new or thinking about reading professionally for other people.

The Two Paths

First are the Path Readings. They Give you a good grasp on the entire year itself. I used to do just one, but I found people would only equate them to physical life aspects such as relationships or money – Or they would only equate it to their spiritual work. So to make this simpler and more precise, I decided to split them into two different readings. I highly recommend doing this to create deeper clarity.

Esa’s Path Reading Template

Above is my spread for a Path reading. The Core energy (#1) is the energy that everything else is connected to and the undertone for all the other aspects. You could think of it like your central theme. Everything else I think is pretty self-explanatory with the brief explanations listed. You will need to use an actual tarot deck (any style/kind) and not an oracle for this part.

We all tend to have our different shuffling styles, but I highly recommend this technique for these particular readings: Shuffle 3 times before starting. Say out loud the position (such as “Core Energy” – “physical life”), shuffle until you are drawn to put down a card – this looks different for different people. Place the card face down in its position, and repeat the process for each position – shuffling between each and saying the position out loud. Once the full reading is completed, turn them all over, grab a notebook and pen/pencil, and interpret/ channel as you do.

Path reading

Monthly Readings

Each monthly reading is tied to the full path readings, but giving different information, actions, and focuses.

Esa’s Monthly Reading Template

The energy at the forefront is exactly as it sounds. It is an energy that is really prevalent during that month and is shaping the month. By seeing that you are not only being aware of it, but it also provides opportunities to use that energy to your benefit. Whether it is in your work/ life or your magical practices.

The Energy to be cautious of isn’t necessarily bad but it also can be depending on the full reading. It is an undercurrent energy. It can be used constructively to enhance or boost your work. It may also be a warning, something to keep your eye out for and possibly alter the course of it if need be.

Both of the above will be pulled from your tarot deck.

The next three I personally like to pull from Oracle decks. My favorite are the Seasons of the Witch, because they denote specific period/ seasons of time and you can align different ones for different months – such as the Yule for winter – Beltane for the Spring – and so forth. If you have the ability to use more than one oracle deck like that, really think about the different seasons they may align with – you really do get more depth to the reading this way.

An Action to embrace – It is a physical action to focus on that month. Something that is either going to enhance your other work, or guide you towards new work and skills. Think about the context of the full readings (month and path readings) and how you can use this to your highest potential.

Question to be answered – The card itself will have a specific focus/ message. Think about it in the form of questions – things you can learn from it – what deeper questions it brings up – what you need to particular answer for yourself in it. This is one that people tend to be more challenged in, so really give some time and consideration to this one. These are questions you will be reflecting on and answering for yourself throughout the month – what it really means to you and how it applies to you right now.

Let go of – This bring out an energy or situation you need to let go of so you can move beyond it. Sometimes it can be something that just needs to be let go of for the month – Something that is not important right now compared to other work. Sometimes it is something to completely let go of permanently.

Monthly Reading

Side Notes

Sometimes more than one card will come out. It is not odd for me to draw 2-3 cards in a certain position. If this happens, look at how they are all connected or interacting with each other.

Keep really good notes on every reading and position. Put it in a notebook or type it up so you have a hard copy to continually refer back and use as a tool throughout the year. It is also good to have space to journal and keep track of how these energies play out month to month over the year – it is a great way to do a deeper year end self reflection next fall/ early winter. Too often changes are slow and over time and people can have trouble seeing all the progress they have truly made – keeping good records can help.

Ending Thoughts

This can seem like a big undertaking but it can be an amazing tool walking into the new year. I highly encourage you to either do this for yourself, or get a reading to try it out.

There are so many ways to use this. As a guide to give you a heads up and possibly avoid some sketchy moments. A way to align with the energies in order to plan the best time for life plans or magical ones you want to accomplish. To go deeper into yourself and get direction for where you want to go next. The possibilities are only limited by you.

If you want me to do your readings the 2024 Outlook Readings  are currently available in my store until Dec 1st – with limited supply as I said. I will have your reading to you by Dec 15th, just in time for the turning of the wheel and holiday giving. As everyone has a different feel for when the new year actually begins for them (mine is winter solstice) these readings just follow the Gregorian calendar.

Knowledge is power – and getting a glimpse ahead, knowing the energies already at play, allows you to use them to your best advantage!


** I can not control what people do but I do ask, that if you use this, that you use it for your own personal use and not a commercial endeavor.  This all comes from my own personal work, using techniques and spreads that I created. I have been kind enough to openly share – be kind enough to not steal it for your own financial gain.

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