A Transformation Comes in the Form of Fire – Eclipse Magic

A Transformation Comes in the Form of Fire – Eclipse Magic October 9, 2023

Eclipse magic can be some of the most empowered energy for deep transformative magic. We are also in an interesting phase where this month (Oct 14th ) we will experience the ring of fire, and then six months later a total solar eclipse on April 8th. Giving way to an interesting vortex of energy – Beginning with the fire in us and ending in a place of complete balance and harmony between the light and the dark.


Eclipse Magic

It never ceases to amaze me how many times I see people on social media saying to not work with eclipse energy. I hear them say the energy is unbalanced and unpredictable, and I wonder where this idea began. An eclipse, in my perspective, is a powerful energy of balance. Where the sun and moon come together, giving us the ability to harvest the energies of both for massive transformation work.

It is a powerful energy, I will agree with that. It is important to understand the depth of the power you are touching. Whatever spell work you perform should be well thought out, carefully worded and worked. It holds the power of destruction and creation – a necessary destruction in order for the rise of something new or the forward evolution of something.

For a Death worker, or one who thrives in the state of transformation, it is an opportunity to do some big workings. Consider the timing between these eclipses, starting with a ring of fire and ending in a totality.

Two Eclipses, One Path

Think big picture and long term. What kind of transformation in your life do you want to create?

Do you want to go deep into or obtain a specific magical skill? Perhaps you want to bring love and stability into your life? Do you want to elevate yourself in some way? To heal from your past? Or perhaps you want a complete change of the self? The transformation you choose for this cycle should be something big, because the time of brewing is long.

It starts with the fire within. The energy, desire, the drive that will carry the work through to the end. Fueling and growing the spell over the 6 months – brewing and simmering all that you put into it over that time.

The Winter Solstice appears around the half way point. A movement from the darkness to the light – From within us, and moving outward into the world. Step by step, little by little, growing and strengthening through this cycle of transformation.

At the time of the Total Solar Eclipse is the time you will reap all that you have nurtured. Releasing, consuming, and embodying – depending on what it was you were growing – all the stacked energy and work you have been adding to the “pot.”

Ring of Fire

Change Through the Journey

This magic is a journey – over the course of the time. Deep and Long transformation takes time – what the cycle of these two eclipses give you is strong added power behind that journey. Drawing the power from both the moon and sun in equal measure throughout the bridge between one eclipse and the next. Transforming from the inside out.

This kind of transformation should not be taken lightly in my opinion. It will require you to focus and work throughout the six months, blending and building the energies. Staying focused and committing to the magic you are crafting.

Language and the energies you build this with need to be well thought out. Think carefully on your desire/ goal. Be as specific as possible about the words you speak – Do they detail out what you truly wish to transform? Can they be manipulated or twisted to change their meaning?

Take some time to write it out and reflect on all the details. Details matter, and it will be something you keep coming back to – perhaps even tweaking a bit along the journey.

Ending Thoughts

I know my plan for this eclipse cycle. My transformation will be on a more spiritual level and concerning a movement in power.

You can just use the eclipse on Saturday and not incorporate the long journey. The time of the year, and that the first deals in fire (the soul – inner power) would be a great time to build something with spirit, ancestors, or the ancestral soul. To harness a deeper power or advance psychic abilities.

You can also think beyond yourself, to create transformation on a larger scale. I do add a caution with this though – know all the perspectives of what you are dealing with, even some things that seem bad can also be propping up something needed. Go after the right parts.

There are so many options and the only limits really are yourself. The energy of the eclipse will not do all the work for you – but it is a powerhouse of energy that you can tap into and harness for the greatest result.

So think big – What is your true desire? What do you really need transformed in your life or in your practice?

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