This World and the Other-Worlds

This World and the Other-Worlds January 15, 2024

Seen and Unseen Worlds

In a world where magic weaves its thread,

Possibilities dance, dreams widespread.

Shaped by choices, actions bold,

A tale of unity, not division, is told.

Humanity’s heartbeat, a rhythmic song,

Choosing unity, where we all belong.

A tapestry woven, threads interlace,

Binding our fates, a shared embrace.

Beyond the veil of what’s seen,

Otherworlds dwell, realms between.

Unseen beings in the cosmic dance,

Our actions ripple, a shared circumstance.

In this space where realms entwine,

A harmonious dance, a design divine.

Choices echo in the unseen domain,

As the Otherworlds whisper, their secrets gain.

Together we stand, a collective force,

Our world intertwined with mystical source.

A shared destiny, woven and spun,

This world is magic, and we are one.

– Story from Divine

In this story, She was showing the interconnections between our physical world and the Other-worlds. In this article I am going to dive deeper into the words Divine spoke and the visions that accompanied it.

What is the Other-worlds?

Although most here will probably understand the concept of the Other-world, for those that do not, here is a quick synopsis. The Other-worlds, or Unseen worlds, include places such as the lands of the Fae, Little People, Summers Lands, Dwarves, Elves, Mythical creatures and so forth. In what She showed, it also includes things such as cryptids, the Well, and other places of “spirits.” In short they are places we believe exist or existed but that are not part of our physical/ material world.

There are many theories as to these places that you can explore, but I am only sticking with this specific conversation and experience I had with Divine.

There are many Other-worlds – worlds/ planes that exist alongside ours but that we can not perceive or normally see with our eyes – thus why I call them the “Unseen.” Each one existing in the same space as our world, yet their own independent plane, layered together. So if you think of a collection of images on clear transparency paper being layered to form one larger picture – Each world/ plane being represented by one sheet, and all the sheets being layered together. Each one, their own individual world, yet all inhabiting the same “space.”

clear transparencies layered to create one picture
Layered Image

When we think about perceivable light waves vs the full spectrum that we can not see and perceive, this could actually make sense. We can see differences when it comes to different types of lens we use (UV, thermal, and so forth). We can see things in these lenses that we can not see with our eyes, and these still are just a fraction of the full spectrum.

I personally feel there are places and times where the vibrations (light and/ or energetic vibrations) resonate in different ways, allowing for “windows” or glimpses into some of these Other-worlds. This could explain so many various stories throughout history and even to our current times about seeing different creatures, people, and places – cryptids, Fae, and gnomes just for a few examples. I also think it is possible, that as our own vibration changes, through our own personal growth, perhaps we become more sensitive and interactive in places where these things occur.

In the end though, this is how that physical shared space was presented.

Sensing and Feeling

Most people I would say have sensed, felt, or experienced some sort of spirit or entity like the ones above – especially those of us who seek it out in the magical/ spiritual community. We may not see them with our physical eyes, but we feel their presence. We sense their energy. We may even hear them or catch other senses like a smell.

Ghosts and poltergeists are probably the most commonly talked about ones in our current society and ones non-magical people are more likely to believe that they experienced.

Just as we can sense, hear, smell, or see them at certain points, they can also perceive us. I need to dive a little more deeper with Her on this aspect because I get the sense they reprieve us on a larger scale then we do them. None the less, we cross or our vibration divide thins and thus we experience that, because we are all inhabiting the same “space” but in and on different levels.

interconnected neurons in the body looks like a web
The Web


Because we inhabit the same “space” but not the same experience or vibration of that space, it makes sense as She talks about the interaction between us. What we do here has some ripple effect onto their planes – Just as what they do can ripple back onto our perceived physical plane.

This is a point She really wanted to be understood. I can think of a lot of reasons why. For one, we as a society (in general) see this world as ours. To do with as we please. To pollute, mine, and drain as we see fit. In this context, we are not just affecting our own sandbox but it is spilling into and damaging other sandboxes as well.

Understanding the interconnection between all the worlds does bring different perspectives and considerations when it comes to how we treat and manage our own – both individually, and as a whole. If we truly understood these types of ripple effects, that go both ways, would we be more conscious about our actions and treatment of this plane?

It is not just the land/ planes though, it is all the life living on them. The interconnections are not just between the lands, but also between us. Again, I need to dig more and ask more to get deeper understanding on this point, but there is interconnection there, even if only thought about in the same sense of interconnectedness we (humans) share energetically between each other. We are all sitting on the same Web of energy – connected to each other through small threads of energy – interconnecting all of us in a manner of collective consciousness.

Does this start to take on a deeper meaning for the spirits/ entities we work with, communicate with, and have experiences with? Is there a deeper connection that bonds the specific ones, individuals, that we build bonds and relationships with? It does leave much to consider.

two people with energy fields around them and the fields interacting
Energy Ripple and Connection

Human to Human

It is not just interconnection to Other-worlds that She is speaking about though – it is also our connections to each other and within ourselves.

Every living thing has a soul. To animate a body, to make it living, requires energy – moving, electric like, energy – This is the soul. Each soul equates to a pattern or point on the large web of energy that makes up our world/ worlds/ universe, etc. Every soul has various other energetic connections or ties to other patterns, or souls. People, animals, plants, elements – all have their own patterns.

The thread between us are what I call bonds – the tethers we create or is created through our choices and actions – positive and negative. The more we feed those bonds, in positive or negative fashions, the larger and more prominent they become. The less attention and interactions the thinner. I don’t think we are connected to everything directly, but through the web and our various connections and their connection – we are. What we do, what we put out there, our energy ripples out and affects others.

The Duality Within

This last piece I will be going into more depth later on because it needs its own space and more depth but we will start to touch on it here… Every person holds a triplicity within you, and although we might not agree on how that looks, the components are fairly universal – Soul, Body, and Mind. Soul – the energetic self. Body, the Physical Self. Mind, where we process everything.

She presents this triplicity as a Duality in other deeper stories. It is a Duality of the Soul and the Body. The Mind is the middle ground of both, where both exist, both work, and both come together in.

The Soul holds knowledge, memory, wisdom, skills, experiences and more that has been accumulated over all its lives – all its connections – all the interconnections on the web. It is the intuition, it feels though psychic senses, it can travel and traverse different realms in spirit walking. It knows more, sees more, feels more, understands more than we do on a conscious level. Ii brings all this into our mind in order for us, in a conscious way, to see, feel, and understand.

The Body is collecting all the physical data. It is sensing with the physical senses. Learning in the physical world and through the physical world. Its knowing comes from a place of physically knowing and experiencing.

The Mind is the playground of both. It is where both sides of the duality come together, interact, share, and reconcile all the information/ input. To bring both sides to a cohesive partnership and harmony – the Whole-Self.

Due to current societal views, moving more and more into a scientific hard-line of physical proof by their standards – people are moving further and further away from that harmony – acknowledging and accepting the Soul’s role and what it is giving us, and standing heavy into the body side. The more that unbalanced relationship within grows, the more disconnected we become and the easier it is to divide people or control them. Shutting the soul and its wisdom out, and focusing on only what can be seen and touched is leading us down a dangerous path and we see it with the events in our world.

person sitting on the floor, surrounded by candles, praying
Seasons of the Witch

In the End

The story Divine tells is not new. This particular perspective and understanding may be new to you, or hit in a new way due to how She presents it – but knowledge of this nature resonates through many other spiritual lenses. Divine has been trying to get us to see this for so long. As more people have started to awaken spiritually (not religiously but to something more, beyond just them) the more they are starting to experience these concepts and ideas for themselves.

We are at some critical junctions in our world – and as many are only focused on our physical world and their own physical life – what is happening here, what we do, is rippling out onto all the others too. Not in the narrow view of “If we bomb this place here, it is bombed in all of them” but ripples that are being felt and affecting them none the less.

The more people dig into the body and science, pushing down the soul and the spiritual experiences they have – brushing them off, ignoring them, justifying their way out of them – the more imbalanced and “sick” we are becoming as a whole/ aligned person. The worse we are feeling physically and mentally.

There is science behind all of this – but the science only goes so far. It gives some foundation and starting points but we do not currently have science that allows us to show “proof” for the deeper, the spiritual parts. My training in science and the human body gave me some understandings and foundations – my spiritual experiences and understandings got me the rest of the way. I see all of this, I understand all of this – the question really becomes – What do we do with all of this? How does this change our actions, our words, our perspectives – towards ourselves – towards each other – towards our world – towards the other-worlds?

What I do, I am doing to myself, to those I am connected to, to those I am interacting with, and every other plane I am interacting with. This statement hits deeply and changes everything – at least it did for me.

It started with a question: What is this World? This is a start to all the stories She is telling and showing, going deeper and deeper into the answer.

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