Hello Rumi Tuesday! A Children’s Game…

Hello Rumi Tuesday! A Children’s Game… November 1, 2016

Hello Rumi Tuesday


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Listen to the poet Sanai


who lived secluded: “Don’t wander out in the road


in your ecstasy. Sleep in the tavern.”


When a drunk strays out onto the street,


children make fun of him.


He falls down in the mud.


He takes any and every road.


The children follow


not knowing the taste of wine, or how


his drunkenness feels. All the people on the planet


are children, except for a very few.


No one is grown up except those free of desire.


God said,


“The world is a play, a children’s game,


and you are the children.”


God speaks the truth.


If you haven’t left the child’s play,


how can you be an adult?


Without purity of spirit,


if you’re still in the middle of lust and greed


and other wantings,


you’re like children


playing at sexual intercourse.


They wrestle and rub together,


but it’s not sex!


The same with the fightings of mankind.


It’s a squabble with play-swords.


No purpose. Totally futile.


Like kids on hobby horses, soldiers claim to be riding


Boraq, Muhammad’s night-horse, or Duldul, his mule.


Your actions mean nothing, the sex and war that you do.


You’re holding part of your pants and prancing around,


Dun-da-dun, dun-da-dun.


Don’t wait till you die to see this.


Recognize that your imagination and your thinking


and your sense perception are reed canes


that children cut and pretend are horsies.


The knowing of mystic lovers is different.


The empirical, sensory, sciences


are like a donkey loaded with books,


or like makeup woman’s makeup.


It washes off.


But if you lift your baggage rightly, it will give joy.


Don’t carry your knowledge-load for some selfish reason.


Deny your desires and willfulness,


and a real mount may appear under you.


Don’t be satisfied with the name of HU,


with just words about it.


Experience that breathing.


From books and words come fantasy,


and sometimes, from fantasy comes union.


~ Jalal id-din Rumi

translated by Coleman Barks, The Essential Rumi



This is a longer poem, but worth the time

to read and contemplate.

Rumi lived in the 1200’s,

yet his poetry is timeless.

This one is particularly relevant today.

Look at our world, our crazy world.

We are all children, and this is a game.

We take the illusion so seriously.

We follow the drunk without knowing

the taste of wine.

We fight each other for power and control.

Who is right and who is wrong?

No one! This isn’t real.

Do not follow blindly.

Drink the wine of Truth for yourself.

Drink now. Do not wait until you die.

Ask for help from The One

to extract you from this play.

Forget the stories you tell yourself.

Let go of what your mind believes.

Experience the breathing of the name of HU.

Ya Allah, Ya Haqq!

Oh Beloved God, Oh Truth!

Please help me to know Your Truth,

to be a witness to Your Reality,

to be in the world, but not of the world.

Please release me from the struggles

of my mind and heart.

Please return me to subsist in Your Essence alone,

the Essence of Your Truth

the Essence of The One.


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Hello Rumi Tuesday! A Children’s Game…
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