Hello Rumi Tuesday! Raise your words…

Hello Rumi Tuesday! Raise your words… March 28, 2017

Hello Rumi Tuesday


raise your words, flowers under rain


Raise your words,


not your voice.


It is rain that grows flowers,


not thunder.

by Jelaluddin Rumi,
translated by Coleman Barks




How do you raise your words without raising your voice?

Perhaps by speaking with love.

Jesus said, “Speak the truth in love.” (Eph. 4:15)

We often think it challenging to speak truth

when we disagree.

Yet a check-in with the inner compass might reveal

that the challenge stems from a judgment

that clogs the heart.

Seeking compassion can wash away the blocks

and transform the judgment to understanding.

The words of compassion can form a bridge that unites

instead of a sharp edge that divides.

Through a clear heart

the rain of love can flow

and give birth to beautiful gardens

filled with the beauty and fragrance

of the Essence of the One.

Photo credits:
Copyright: ID 29149174 © Ivan Mikhaylov | Dreamstime.com
ID 47377906 © Hayati Kayhan | Dreamstime.com
Adobe Stock Photo © Alexey Rumyantsev #107466290

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