November 4, 2022

Hurricane Ian has come and gone from my hometown of Naples, Florida. Yet, cancel culture isn’t going anywhere soon.  Like a hurricane, cancel culture is fueled by heat.  As temperatures rise, cancel culture gets bigger, stronger, and more destructive.  No one escapes its fury.  I recently talked to a tearful mother whose daughter had insisted she affirm her LGBTQ choices or she could no longer be part of her life.  If you haven’t been canceled yet, you probably will be—especially... Read more

April 15, 2022

As Holy Week approaches each year, I turn to my favorite part of the Gospels, John 13-17. Many other passages seem rushed. They leave me longing for more sensory detail and pondering the meaning of Jesus’ cryptic sayings. In these five chapters, the author slows the pace almost cinematically. After all, it’s the group’s last supper together. One by one, the key disciples make an appearance in John’s account. Peter picks an argument with Jesus and then quickly yields. John... Read more

January 4, 2022

The son of a schoolteacher and a domestic servant, Desmond Tutu would grow up to become a prominent figure on the world stage. With Nelson Mandela locked behind bars for almost three decades, the apartheid government in South Africa saw Tutu as their greatest threat. Tutu’s reputation belied his simple charm. Interviewers remember his impish giggle and his corny jokes. Wearing a standard bishop’s uniform—purplish shirt with a white clerical collar—he usually introduced himself as “the Arch,” short for Archbishop.... Read more

December 21, 2021

Author and pastor Greg Laurie recounts how Billy Graham’s experience with his first sermon shows how God can use our small beginnings. Read more

December 7, 2021

How did Christmas become the mother of all Christian celebrations? Read more

November 23, 2021

God’s gifts may take time, but they are tailor-made for you. Read more

November 3, 2021

Which type of worship should you participate in? Read more

October 28, 2021

When does a group of believers become a ‘church’? Read more

October 27, 2021

Toxins work their way into the church seemingly without effort. Read more

October 26, 2021

Look beyond the Book of Revelation to know what is to come in the last days or end times. Read more

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