As I welcomed Easter parishioners, I noted the normalcy of the morning. A typical Seattle April day with high clouds and a slight chill, families arrived in three generational clusters. Teens looked as if they should have stayed in bed. Singles approached shyly. The day, however, was anything but ordinary for me. After a year of isolation following a bone marrow transplant, I was serving as a greeter. For far too long, I had not been allowed to touch anyone… Read more

“When we define, we seem in danger of circumscribing nature within the bounds of our own notions…” –Edmund Burke “Poetry is the mother-tongue of the human race.” –Johann Georg Hamann Given in explanation of the above title is the illustration of two football players recalling with boisterous self-congratulation the events of a recent win. While speaking the players make exaggerated gestures, describing the size of one’s would-be tackler as “big as a gorilla” and the other’s stretching the ball over… Read more

He was the same person in private as he was in public. Read more

Watching the Winter Olympics from South Korea brought to mind someone I met at a book exposition several decades ago.  Read more

If God has given His metaphoric thumbs up to sexual relations for purposes other than populating the planet, it is nonetheless true that the Bible is replete with admonitions against sex. Read more

“I don’t read it because it scares me. All that stuff about life being meaningless,” said a student of mine recently. Read more

How can a God of love permit such suffering in the world? Read more

If we were to lean more fully into the concept of bonus time, how would it impact the way we live? Our priorities? Our attitudes? Read more

There are 3 kinds of people in the world; those who haven’t persevered, those who lose perseverance, and those who persevere. Read more

Some have gone so far as to claim that, as a penal substitute, Christ became the object of the Father’s ‘perfect hatred.’ Read more

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