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a good quote December 15, 2008

Every once awhile a good quote comes your way that you must share.  Today is that day.

The one thing that hurts me the most about racism is other’s ignorance of it.  Certain aspects of racism cause anger, disbelief.  Also, rage.  But then there are some aspects which take the wind out of me.  Causing me to fall to the ground in pain.

I have been doing more research for my final paper in which I am making an argument that for enough money, resources and  privileges America -could it choose- would trade away all African-Americans.  (It’s actually a fascinating assignment that I will write more on later).

Research for a paper like this -as you can imagine- reveals so much hatred, indifference and just plain old ignorance that exists today.  The internet has become a breeding ground for cowardly, anonymous, bigots to spread their racist thoughts & ideas revealing nothing of value, leaving only their ignorance & evil. (and who needs more of that?)

Today, I came across a quote that helped me breath easier.  Not that I agree with everything said in this quote, nor the tone in which it is voiced, but today someone understood me.  And that has more value to me than just about anything else when it comes to racism in America.

The one good thing about pernicious and subversive racism that is invisible to the privileged and dominant is that it reminds me of the debt I owe to my ancestors and the only way I will be paying them back is with a degree & dedicating my life to the betterment of my people…

Don’t you worry about reparations cause we’ll do it on our own.

-Shane Lloyd

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