Inauguration Day

Inauguration Day January 21, 2009

capitol-building-inauguration-bleachers I thought our new President’s inauguration speech was fantastic!  As a follower of Jesus, I felt that he actually addressed so many of the things that I care about.  (Not only that but also was extremely inclusive to those who follow Islam, Hinduism, Athiesm, etc.)

I love that he addressed all of us as part of the mess we are in.  The government, our greed, the media –no one is innocent.  Which I think is mature given how everyone loves to hate on Bush.

I love that his dreams includes a challenge to all of us to be more self-sacrificial, for us to consider the needs of the poor -the world even- as we think through what we consume.  I love that he brought up the world so much.  I love that he understands the interdependency of the all human beings on the planet.  I love that he challenged Americans -of all people- to think about some one other than ourselves.

I love his confidence & I love that he addressed our enemies and allies alike.  I appreciate how much hope he is coming into the Presidency with.  I love how he genuinely loves the poor, considers the plight of the single mother’s, the down-and-out.  I love that he understands what it’s like to be a minority and desires to make changes to things like affordable health care for the poor.

And in addition to all of that, I love his relationship with Michelle & somehow -though I’ve never met them- little Malia & Sasha have dug their way into my heart.  I love this family so much!  And I will be praying for them more regularly than I’ve ever prayed for a U.S. President.

So, yeah.  I’m pretty geeked about our new President.  All of the ignorant, mean, childish & immature  things I’ve seen on the internet today can’t take my joy.

Obama’s the man of the day.

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