Your Opinion on the NY Times Cartoon?

Your Opinion on the NY Times Cartoon? February 20, 2009

delonas What is your opinion on the NY Times cartoon causing such a stir?

Many have protested about the racism of the cartoon, while the NY Times & the cartoonist, Delonas say the dead chimp is a mere cross reference to the popular news story last week of the chimp who went pyscho & was shot to death by cops AND those who advocate the stimulus bill.

This morning the NY Times released what I think is a mis-guided apology.

You don’t have to have a couple of screws up in your head loose to know that a picture of white police officers shooting a monkey has obvious racial implications.  In addition to that, Obama just passed his stimulus bill.

The first thing I thought when I saw this was, “wow, not only do some white people want to refer to Obama as a monkey but they want to kill him too… and draw up a cartoon, make fun of it & throw it a popular National newspaper.”  I think it is horrible, offensive and not even slightly funny.

That said, I’m willing to believe Delonas if he says that wasn’t his intent.  In race issues I’ve found the best policy is to believe what others say their intent is -whether or not it seems truthful or not- because at the end of the day we are all so stupid when it comes to relating with others different than ourselves that we are bound to say & do stupid things without malicious intent.

And if Delonas & the NY Times is telling the truth about what this cartoon symbolized to them they are guilty -not of racism- but of one thing only: stupidity.  And that is what I would expect an apology for.

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