What I’m Into – August 2013

What I’m Into – August 2013 September 2, 2013


I have loved reading this month. I thoroughly enjoyed each & every on of these books!


Netflixing, Amazon Instant Video’ing or Hulu +’ing

::: Frasier, Season 5

::: Breaking Bad, Season 1 & 2

Gave up my Hulu account because money.  Also, time being TOSSED TO THE WIND by Scandal & Grey’s Anatomy.


:::: Healthy {Natural} Hair Regimen + Fave Products from a fave hair blogger’o’mine, Hey Fran Hey.

:::: Bizarre Borders between the U.S. & Canada


::: This American Life


:::: Voxer!  So. Super. Fun. Come find me at, Grace Sandra.

:::: The First 90 Days – An app that you read (or watch) a small amount each day which helps you walk through the 1st 90 days at a new job or in a new position.


:::: I have no money for new music.  I’ve been sampling a lot on Spotify.  I love that you can adopt others’ playlists for a no fuss, enjoyable music experience.


:::: 0 for 0 on adult movies with people over 18.  With the kiddo’s – Turbo, Planes & Despicable Me 2.


:::: Saturdays.  I really enjoy my new job.  I really, really do.  However, working 40 hrs. a week is a wonderful reminder of the gift of a 2-day weekend.

:::: The Deeper Story community of writers.  These people are a riot.

:::: Early morning prayer times.  I just need it.  I need it.


:::: Planning for The Stableness Project which I hoped to start on September 1.  Perhaps Oct. 1?

:::: Working on my agent query lettter & book proposal for the book I’m writing.

:::: Going to bed earlier, reading more, writing less, trying to not to feel guilty about it.

r2 juicing Collages

:::: Juicing.  It’s been all the more enjoyable with my little R2 wanting to be involved in each juicing adventure.  He simply cannot stop helping himself to all the fresh fruits & veggies as we prepare to juice them: kale, carrots, peppers, celery, oranges, grapefruits & more.  He peels, he cuts strawberries, he helps pour them into popsicles.  He loves every step.

As a result, we’ve all increased our daily veggie intake by 3-4 servings per day that I make the time to do it.  I’d love if I can get to the point where I discipline myself to make a BIG batch each day.  We’ll see.

not paying attention

:::: Beach Days!  I’ve taken the boys 3 out of 4 Saturdays.  We are fortunate enough to have a short-ish drive to the gorgeous Lake Michigan.  Super side note: isn’t my green/black/white camo 2-piece SUPA DUPA cute?  I found it on clearance for only $16. BAM!


So. What have YOU been into?

Linking up this week with Leigh and all the other crew sharing what we’ve been into.

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