First, about me:

I am an incoming freshman at Yeshiva University this fall. After graduating high school, I spent the next year and a half studying the Bible and the Talmud in Israel at a yeshiva (a sort of religious Jewish college/seminary). I spent several summers as a research assistant for professors in the field of Jewish studies, and so I have some experience with both the academy and the cathedral, as it were.

Next, about this blog:

This blog is my take on our contemporary culture, taking inspiration from the ancient texts I study and the ancient beliefs I continue to live by. Improving the present without destroying the past seems like an accurate one-line summary of what I’m trying to write about. The wild has not changed so much and man is not so different that we can afford to charge ahead without leaning on the wisdom our traditions provide. I hope to prove the bold claim in that last sentence over the course of this blog. Wish me luck, and add your voice to the discussion, that the wisdom of crowds might make us all a little bit smarter.