I’ll Come Speak!

If you like what I have to say, consider bringing me to come say it near you!

What: I mostly talk about Gay Catholic Whatnot. You can get a decent overview of what I think and how I think it here, but I always shape my talks to the audience. I’ve spoken at an LGBT Law conference at Harvard, a Catholic high school, and all kinds of other venues, from seminaries to Ivy League universities to local gay Christian groups.

I also speak on topics like friendship as a form of kinship and finding your vocation. I also-also have a novel, Amends (a satire set during the filming of a reality-tv show about alcohol rehab), which I can read from and yap about.

How: I generally ask for people to pay expenses + $300. I’m flexible about that if it’s an issue for you, so don’t worry about the price tag, but this is actually part of how I pay my rent so I’ve gotta ask. I am happy with bus travel, sleeping in somebody’s guest room or in a dorm, etc. I have no allergies, tolerate dogs, and love cats.

If you’re interested, email me at eve_tushnet@yahoo.com and let’s start planning.