Chaos Before Coffee

Chaos Before Coffee April 2, 2024

I trip over the stool in the bathroom, half asleep, after being kicked half the night by a pint size dictator and notice the lid is off the toothpaste, again.  

Why?  Why is it so hard to put the lid back on the toothpaste?  

I replace the lid and leave the bathroom, quickly realizing that I had completely forgotten the original reason I went into the bathroom, which is pretty typical.

This is what happens before I have my morning coffee. I am just this uncaffeinated zombie, stumbling through the house as I clean up messes my daughters, my giant, oversized dog and yes, my husband too, has left in their wake. 

The Children Awaken

The girls are barely out of bed and they are already arguing.  

The dog is running around the house and stealing whatever he can get his paws on. The kids start chasing the dog and screaming.  

It is loud. So loud.  

All this causes me to have to stop everything and go get the mystery item from Max before he destroys it or ingests it. The amount of strange things this dog has eaten is horrific.

This is the moment every day when I get to set the tone for my day.  

Am I going to be irritated by all the little things and start my day frustrated and irritable with my family?  

Or am I going to look for the blessings? 

Decisions to Make

I regretfully say that most mornings, I let these little frustrations build until I blow. I am less than friendly in the morning. 

However, I have come to realize that my mood sets the tone for the entire house. It is a lot of weight on the shoulders of this non-morning person.

Recently, I am mindfully attempting to do it differently. I have so much to be thankful for.

Blessings are all around me.    

I am blessed to have a warm bed to sleep in, even if I am being kicked. 

Blessed to get to have three kids and a dog to clean up after. Extremely blessed to have a godly husband who loves our family so much. They truly bring my life so much joy. 


Counting Blessings Instead of Frustrations

That first cup of coffee stimulates my mind, body and soul; my husband sets the coffee pot every night before he goes to bed so when my alarm goes off, my coffee starts brewing.  

One of many ways he shows me he loves me.  

What a blessing my husband is.  

How quiet and lonely would my life be without my three loud children? Being able to raise them with my husband is a gift that God has given us. 

A calling. A vocation. An honor.  

Research shows that one main component to happiness is gratitude. I have a choice to be grateful, count my blessings and handle situations with love and grace or let the negatives destroy my day, and that of others.

My children are learning from me. They study me. They see how I handle each situation. 

I know this because I have seen them mimic me at my best and unfortunately at my worst. They are learning how to navigate the world as a woman through my example.   

An Attitude of Gratitude

If you can relate, how do we change our focus from the negative and our blessings? How do we have an attitude of gratitude? 

It is a process. Believe me, I know it doesn’t happen overnight. It requires diligence and practice, but is well worth the effort.  

God is the Bookends of My Day

I get up before my kids for quiet time while I make the lunches and drink my coffee. That first warm sip of heavenly goodness eases me into my morning.  

I am making God the bookends of my day and the chapters in between.

The day starts and ends it with prayer.  

What a difference it makes when I spend that time with God every morning.  I find that it carries me through my day and puts me in a completely different mindset. 

Focus on My Blessings

Counting my blessings first thing in the morning also changes the direction of my morning.  

A gratitude journal is an easy way to get started focusing on your blessings.  Simply write down three things that you are thankful for each morning when you get up.

Meditate on it. 

Thank God for it.  

It will start to change your outlook on the ahead day.

What a way to start your day, prayer and gratitude. 


Morning Rides with Jesus

My ride to work has changed as well. Instead of listening to Taylor Swift or the country station, I made the decision to spend my 20 minute commute with Jesus.  

Some mornings that is prayer. 

Others it is a Christian podcast or audiobook. 

On mornings when I just need music, I put on the Christian station.  

This prepares me for whatever is about to happen at work.   

Keeping God at the Center of it All

Throughout the day, I thank God every time something good happens, every prayer answered.  

I promise you that my mornings are still loud and chaotic. 

My days are busy and often stressful. 

And sometimes, I don’t stop moving from 5am to 9pm, but now I handle it differently. 

The stress isn’t debilitating when I keep my focus on the blessings God has given me and ask for his help to get through the tough moments. 

I am not perfect at this.

Sometimes I still am irritable and yell over the loud screeching and dog barks, but most days are better. 

Even in the swirling chaos around me, with practice and prayer, I will find my peace in Christ. 

About Teri Sinnott
Teri Sinnott is a busy Christian wife, mother and educator. She has been teaching for over 15 years. Teri holds two masters degrees in education and is also a certified Life Coach. When she is not driving kids to and from practice, she is writing or graphic designing. Teri is passionate about helping others and showing them the love of Jesus. You can read more about the author here.

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