Pete The Cat Goes To Church

Pete The Cat Goes To Church April 2, 2024

Gregory Hayes/Unsplash

Here comes Addy, running across the front of the church and almost takes out the deacon in front of the whole congregation. 

She barely misses him on her way back to the pew.  

Yep, that is my kid. 

The one who usually draws attention to herself in some way. 

No church service is complete without little Adaline Grace embarrassing her mother.  

I often wonder “are they getting it?”

Do my kids understand God’s love for them and how important it is to share with others?

Embarrassment in the Pew

Church with Addy has been an adventure pretty much her whole life. My other kids learned how to behave so much earlier. 

Addy is five and some days are still rough. I swear I have trauma from hearing her screaming so loud that she blocked out the sermon, even outside of the double doors of church. 

This child keeps me on my toes. 

So, when the words “Mommy, can we take Pete to church with us? He doesn’t know anything about God, because he is always stuck in that bag” came out her mouth I cringed.  

What horrific experience is before us? 

Is Pete going to get a bath in the baptismal? 

End up on the alter? 

Catch fire in the candles? 

But even in my nervous horror I said, “Sure, sweetie. That’s a nice idea.”

She wanted to teach him about God. How can I say no to my child wanting to teach about God? Even if it is to a stuffed animal.  

Adventures With Pete the Cat

Addy’s teacher has a Pete the Cat you can earn to take home for the weekend for good behavior. 

To say that she was excited for this opportunity is an understatement. 

It was the second time she has earned him this school year and she couldn’t wait to do everything with him.  

If you are unfamiliar with Pete the Cat, he is the star of a series of books written by James Dean, Eric Litwin and Kimberly Dean about the adventures of a blue cat named Pete.

Her teacher loves him and has dedicated the classroom theme to him. Her preK teacher is pretty much the epitome of what you would want a teacher who works with this age group to be.

Addy just adores her in every way, as do all of her students; past and present.

So, this is an even more exciting honor for Miss Addy to have her teacher’s favorite stuffed cat.

Planning a Weekend of Fun for Pete

We got him a snack at the Juice Jar, a family favorite. 

He had a front row seat for gymnastics class. 

And even the movie theater for a movie with Addy and Mommy. Her first movie in the theater ever!

She took such good care of him, making sure that he had snuggles every night, even remembering to bring him with her when she crawled in my bed each night. 

And she brushed his teeth. Dental hygiene is important for stuffed cats.

Stuffed animals are her thing and this is the best possible reward for her. 

I am not ashamed to say I have used them as bribery in the past.

I always say that my oldest child gave me the false sense that I was an amazing parent. 

My second, made me humble. 

And my third makes me feel clueless.  

Time for Church

Since it was snowing and cold outside, she was afraid he would be cold. So, we had to put her doll’s coat on him so he was dressed for the weather. 

She held him tightly the whole way to church. 

Once we got into church I assumed that she would be a disaster playing with Pete. 

But, she was actually excited to show him church. She showed him the hymnal. Turned the pages for him. 

He even got to take turns sitting on my lap and her sister’s lap.  

Reflections on the Weekend

We often wonder if our children are getting it. If they are paying attention.

Do they feel the love we try to show them? Do they understand God’s love for them?

Through watching her over the weekend I realized many things. 

She cared for him so sweetly and gently. Making sure his needs were met. 

I feel like she has learned that from her parents.

The way she showed him around the church and explained different aspects of it to him told me she is paying attention to what we are trying to instill in her. 

She knew church was important and she wanted to show that to Pete.  

Not only is church important but, she realized that showing God’s love and explaining who God is was the most important. We want to raise our children to spread the Gospel and she is already starting.

I almost said no. 

I almost immediately let my worries of being embarrassed in church prevent this from happening. 

Ultimately this was a wonderful experience. 

I got to see everything through a different light.  

Sure she almost took out the deacon. 

But, she did worship our Lord and made me feel good about my parenting efforts. 

Therefore, I am going to call it a win.  

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