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Podcasts Over Breakfast April 2, 2024

“Don’t let anyone ever make you feel bad, you are doing what is best for our family” read the text my husband sent me at work.

Curious to what this was about, the next text popped through with a podcast link and encouragement to listen when I could.

So, of course, being the extremely patient person I am, I immediately turned on the podcast while eating my breakfast at my desk because, multi-tasking mom here. 

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Working Mom Judgment

Since I found out I was pregnant with my first child, over 10 years ago, I have gotten bombarded with messages from family, friends, media, etc. that being a working mom is selfish and not good for my children. 

“Someone else is raising your children.”

“Good Christian moms are home with their children.”

“Motherhood is the most important job.”

“Children are neglected when their mom works.”

“Women who work are just selfish and won’t sacrifice what they want to have for their children’s best interest.”

I felt like I couldn’t defend myself against these thoughts and had to internalize the pain that I felt. I didn’t think anyone understood my personal reasons for working.


Being a mother is exhausting and it is even more exhausting when you are battling messages that you are doing it wrong…all…the…time!

Uplifting Words

As I listened to Father Josh’s words it was like a wave of relief from the Holy Spirit was flooding over me. 

His stated that all moms are working mom; some just get paid.  He addressed the fact that there is no biblical rule that says you have to be a stay at home mom. 

Instead, he focused in on prayerfully asking God what is best for your family. 

Did you hear that?  What is best for YOUR family!

Father Josh continued to focus in on the importance of prayer and that this is not something you pray about once, but throughout the years of raising your children.  

Your situation could change and God has the answers to what is right for your family.

I absolutely could relate to every word that he was saying.

My Working Mom Status

I am a working mom. 

I am a teacher.

I am a writer.

I am a Christian Life Coach.

And a few side businesses on Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers. 

This allows me to help provide for my family. 

My income is important to running our home. 

My chosen career of teaching also allows me more time at home with my children over breaks and in the summer. 

The high school day ends before their elementary day and it is a perfect balance for our family right now.  

For the Love of the Kids

I truly love my career and I truly believe God has put me here for a reason. 

I connect with my students.  Many of them have reached out later to tell me how important I was in their lives. 

Every day, I look at the plaque on my desk that says “To the world you may be a teacher but to your students you’re a hero.”

I know that God has placed me in this role to make an impact and though it is very hard at times, I believe I should be here.  

Not everyone can connect with teens and I can.

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Raising Strong Girls

Raising three girls, I want them to know that if God is calling them to be a doctor, be the best doctor you can be serving God’s people. 

If He is calling you to be a stay at home mom, you be the best stay at home mom you can be as you raise those children for our Lord. 

Neither job is more valuable. 

Neither is more important. 

Both are essential. 

And if God calls you to be a working mom in a field, do that with an open heart for God and His guidance.    

All people are created differently and God calls us all to fill different roles. 

Sometimes those roles change. 

The point is, in whatever we are doing, we should do it for the glory of God. We should see our challenges as a way to grow closer to God. 

Working full time and raising three very energetic and active girls is challenging, however is worth every second.  

Stay at Home Moms are Valuable too

My sister in law is a stay at home and homeschooling mom to seven beautiful children.  She recently wrote an article about her vocation of motherhood. 

It was beautiful and sincere. 

You can easily see how God has placed her in this role for a reason. 

This is how she is serving God; her mission field.

This is how she is serving her family. 

It is what is right for her family, but not every family and that is okay.  

Always Prayerful Discerning

As Christians, we should always be prayerfully discerning what we should be doing in our lives. 

All big decisions, and many small, should be taken to our Lord. I trust that God leads, He listens, and He provides. 

As Christians, we should not be judging other moms on their vocation of motherhood. Our vocation of motherhood is based on the individual dynamics of each mother, father, child and God. 

It is not for us to discern how someone else should be “doing it right.” 

Frankly, are any of us really always “doing it right?”

Whether you are a working mom or a stay at home mom, focus on the path that God has put your family on. Prayerfully discern with your spouse what path God has chosen for your family in this season.

Don’t be afraid to re-evaluate often, and always devote your path to God. 

If you would like some extra motivation, consider listening to Father Josh’s Podcast at https://share.fireside.fm/episode/qexCKqxI+FKzlXvQx



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