Round Up for the Week of 11.15.10

Round Up for the Week of 11.15.10 November 19, 2010

Here’s my roundup for this week.

Interesting articles I read this week:

My Pay Stub Deductions @ Budgeting in the Fun Stuff

Why I Said “Yes” … and then “No” to My Cell Phone Protection Plan @ Personal Finance By The Book

3 Tips to Find / Create a Side Job @ Christian PF

Check out my guest posts!

Reaching Your Goals: A Lesson from Joseph on Christian PF

Overcoming Financial Stress on Bible Money Matters

Highlight of Personal Finance Blog Facebook Fan Pages

Invest With Passion

Bible Money Matters

Wise Bread

Faith and Finance

A few changes…

I’ve been posting 5 times a week to Faith and Finance and have really enjoyed building the content.  I know lots of posts can be great to build an audience, but as a reader I also know that a post every day can be a chore to read.  I don’t want to make it a chore to read my posts – I’d rather create 3 awesome articles each week than 5 mediocre articles just for the sake of having a post each day.  I really appreciate all of you who read Faith and Finance, so I don’t want to waste your time.  I want to give the best content I can so that you look forward to reading Faith and Finance. The last thing I want to do is spam your Google Reader or email with boring ‘filler’ posts.

What do you think?  It it blog suicide?  Or have you had similar thoughts with blogs that post every day?

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  • I think less is more in this case. It is great to post 5 times per week if you can but it eventually caught up with me. I would rather read a well thought out post once per week instead of 5 short posts that have no value.

    I stick with a 3 post schedule and 1 roundup post each week now which seems to work well.

  • Tim,

    I agree with John. Less is definitely more, not only to maintain quality posts, but also to prevent burnout. I never tried five a week because I knew I wasn’t up to it. But three posts each week with a roundup has worked for me for some time now.

    One other thought: backing off to three a week might free you up to write some guest posts (hint, hint). :)

    Thanks for including me in your roundup.

  • I agree with John, Tim. It’s better to have higher quality content. I just went to a 3 times a week schedule for the same reason. Now I just need to deliver on the higher quality!

  • Tim

    @John – Thanks for your input! I think I am going to try 3 posts and a round up.

    @Joe – Yes! I would love to spend more time making guest posts. Not sure if Bob mentioned anything, but I’ll be writing an article a month for Christian PF! Maybe this newfounded free time will let me shoot some guest posts your way!

    @Paul – Higher quality is the key for sure. I don’t want to become noise to readers.

    I really appreciate all of your input – it definitely has helped boost my confidence with my decision.

  • I say start posting 10 times a week! all high quality! :) JK.

    I’ve been posting 5 days a week for a couple of years now and it has been pretty successful for me. the more content you can create, the more that will get indexed by google and show up in searches. Can’t lose there.

    On the other hand, i understand the risk of burnout. I’ve been there -which is why I hired staff writers on my site to help carry the load.

    p.s. i’ll be happy to host a guest post from you – anytime. :)

  • I was just reading something on, great blog should check it out, and they were talking about how posting less can increase your traffic because it gives you more time to write quality material as well as more time to promote the article.

    So I don’t think it is a bad thing. Everyone and every blog is different, so just be sure to do what is right for you and customers/readers.

    Thanks for the link as well!

  • Tim

    @Pete – 10 a week huh :) I’ll definitely put BMM in the mix for guest posts!

    @Freddie – is an awesome resource! That’s what spurred my idea to focus on fewer but higher quality posts.

    Thanks for commenting you guys!

  • Tim,

    Thanks for including my article.

    As for the posting less is not more and more is not more. It all depends on your goals and how you use your time. I think you can be successful doing it either way as long as you find a rhythm and stick with it.