Standing on the Shoulders of Giants – Isaac Newton

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants – Isaac Newton February 17, 2012

There’s an inspiring quote by Isaac Newton that we can all learn from.

“If I can see further than anyone else, it is only because I am standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Those giants for Isaac Newton were men like Copernicus, Galileo, and Kepler.  Without the findings and research of these mathematical geniuses to follow, Newton may not have ever stated the famous three laws of motion.

You’ve probably heard of them before:

Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion

I. An object at rest tends to stay at rest; an object in motion tends to stay in motion.

II. Calculating Acceleration with respect to force and mass.

III. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

So what’s so special about these?  These three statements have revolutionized physics and technology and spurred the industrial revolution, changing the world forever.

Newton recognized that without the work of scientists in the past, he could never make such significant contributions to mathematics and science.

Who are Your Giants?shoulder of giants

We all have giants who have allowed us to see further when we could barely stand.  For some, it might be a parent or grandparent who encouraged you to chase after your dreams.  Others may have had giants in the classroom that pushed you to learn beyond what was in the textbook and cultivated a love for learning within you.  Still others may be inspired by mentors at work who taught you that character and honesty are the most important aspects of good work ethic.

We all owe gratitude to someone for paving the path for us.

So who is your giant?   Have you acknowledged the impact they made in your life?

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