20 Beautiful Homemade Christmas Gifts

20 Beautiful Homemade Christmas Gifts December 9, 2013

The holidays are great, but buying gifts can get expensive.  Real expensive.

But if you’re like me, you enjoy giving gifts to people and watching them open it on Christmas day.  Even better is giving someone a homemade gift that you invested your own time and energy creating.  Making a homemade Christmas gift can be economical and thoughtful at the same time.  If you’re the DIY type of person, consider one of these 20 homemade Christmas gift ideas to make this holiday season memorable.

20 Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

1. Clay Figurines – You can use clay to make any number of fun figurines for children. Try to follow a theme, such as pirates, to make an entire collection of fun toys.

2. Handmade Purse – If you have good sewing skills, you can make a fun purse for a Christmas gift. Choose wild patterns or bold colors to make an unusual purse.

3. Calendar – Your loved ones will appreciate and use your homemade calendar throughout the year. Use your computer to print the calendar pages or design your own and print it on Apple.com or vistaprint.com.

4. Clothes – With advanced sewing skills, you can create clothes to give your friends and relatives. Make a shiny dress for your best friend or a cozy robe for your mother.

5. Jam – If you have a favorite jam recipe, make a big batch to share for Christmas. You can give it away in a cute jar you decorate yourself.

6. Candles – Candles add warmth and light to a cold night, making them a delightful gift for Christmas. You can make candles in stunning colors and in a variety of pleasant smells.

7. Scarves – Knitting a scarf is a great way to increase your knitting skills and create a Christmas gift your loved ones will use frequently. Craft stores offer plenty of fun yarn styles.homemade christmas gift

8. Cookies in a Jar – Most families receive plenty of baked goods during the holiday season. Place the dry ingredients of your favorite cookie recipe in a festive jar to give your friends something to bake after the season.

9. Costumes – For the young children in your life, create a series of amusing costumes for them to play with. You can sew new pieces out of fabric or use boxes to create entertaining items, such as armor and spacesuits.

10. Snow Globe – Using a jar, some accessories and water, you can create a festive snow globe for your favorite friends. You can make a holiday-themed snow globe or opt for something more unusual.

11. Electronics Pouch – If you have an excess of fabric scraps, consider making small pouches for electronics. Your gadget-loving friends will enjoy having a place to store their devices.

12. Jewelry – Handmade jewelry is fun to make and give away. You can use wire, clay, fabric and other materials to make bracelets and necklaces.

13. Stuffed Animals – Some basic stuffed animals are very easy to create with a sewing machine, including teddy bears. You can use a pattern or invent your own.

14. Bookmarks – Make your own custom bookmarks for your friends who love to read. You can use fabric or paper to easily craft a useful bookmark.

15. Holiday Dish – Using clay, create a holiday dish as a gift. Your relatives can display their favorite Christmas candy on your beautiful dish.

16. Key Chains – Key chains are easy to make with fabric and a metal ring. You can personalize each key chain by using different colors, shapes or patterns.

17. Quiet Book – A quiet book is an excellent gift for babies and toddlers. You can make this book extra special by personalizing it for the child you intend to give it to.

18. Tile Coasters – You can use tiles from a home improvement store to create beautiful coasters. Make a whole set for your relatives and friends.

19. Bottle Cap Magnets – If you have a large collection of bottle caps, reuse them to make magnets. You can use pictures or other art to give each bottle cap a unique look.

20. Pet Toys – If you have pets, don’t forget to make them a few toys for Christmas. Using fabric, you can make a series of sturdy toys to entertain your pets.

What homemade Christmas gift ideas would you add to this list?


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