6 Ways to Make New Year Resolutions That Work

6 Ways to Make New Year Resolutions That Work December 31, 2013

Every year resolutions are made for the New Year and start strong for the month of January. In the swing of things, you coast into February but then comes March. With tax season approaching, the resolutions take a back seat and it’s all down hill from there.

How can you make resolutions that last?

It starts before you even begin the newfound habits. Before you make your resolutions, start with the following in mind:


Your resolution must have meaning for YOUR life or it’ll never stick. Making a resolution because someone else is doing it, or you’re feeling the pressure from others will be difficult to keep up. If you make a goal to write a blog just because someone else is doing it…you’ll fail miserable. It needs to be something that has a purpose and that purpose must be meaningful for your life.

2. Measurable

“I want to get in shape” is a measurable goal, but needs more specifics attached to it. “I want to lose 10 pounds by March” is a  great goal that you can measure. Be sure to always add the specifics to your goal or else it’s incomplete.

3. Achievable

“I want to run a marathon by February” is not achievable for me (it’s not measurable either). Be reasonable with your goals and set yourself up to win. Smaller goals that keep you on track are much better than a lofty goal that will bring discouragement if  you miss it.

4. Timely

Instead of making a resolution for the whole year, try breaking it down for the month. Every month, start with a new goal and  work to meet it. You can even extend it to quarterly, but three months can even be a little long to sustain a brand new goal.

5. Accountable

If there isn’t any accountability attached to your resolution, how can you expect to be disciplined enough to complete them? I  know my motivation is much stronger when someone else knows I am working on a goal. Try announcing your goal to your friends or using an accountability site like stickk.com (very interesting site by the way).

6. Lasting

If your goal is to lose weight and you meet your goal in the first six months, finish your resolution by keeping it off. If you don’t  make it lasting, you’ll just be making the same goals for next year.

I’d be interested in knowing your resolutions for this next year! I’ll be sharing the goals I have for Faith and Finance within the next few posts, so stay tuned!

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  • Tim,

    I have some resolutions but I am not going to tell anyone because I don’t want to be accountable (hint 5)… just joking!

    Seriously, I would like to double my blog readership by July. One thing that would help is to become more organized and focused. I guess that is about it, other than lose those pesky holiday pounds that make my belt too tight.

    • Tim

      I hear you with maintaining exercise – making time for it is my toughest battle.

      Doubling your readership would be awesome! Have you ever considered writing an ebook? (I just finished my first one and will ‘officially’ announce it in a week or so…)

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