Life Balance: How to Keep it Together

Life Balance: How to Keep it Together November 10, 2014


In this ever-changing world in which we live, all of us feel a little “un-balanced “ at times in our lives. What can we do to help us recognize what is causing that unbalanced feeling and how should we go about fixing it?

Let’s first identify some of the areas in our lives that we must keep in balance. There are home responsibilities, work responsibilities, community responsibilities, religious responsibilities, educational responsibilities, and social responsibilities – to name just a few.


In your home responsibilities you need to find a balance between all of the many things that you have to do there. For example, who are you at home? Are you a parent, spouse, teacher, cook, seamstress, gardener, doctor, vet, cheerleader, lover, and friend? All of these many responsibilities can wear you down and cause you to feel off-center.

It is important that you “job share” these responsibilities. The more you can communicate and share as a family the more understanding and help you will have and will also be able to give. Sometimes when things are stressing you out in another area, it is nice to feel like you have a back-up team that can help maintain the balance.


The same holds true to some degree with employment responsibilities. The more you can communicate your needs and expectations, the more you will be able to help those around you be able to better balance their loads. If you are “stuck in a rut”, maybe it’s time to take some classes on new, exciting things; or maybe it is time to enroll in continued education so that you can get a (better) job doing something that you will really love.


Everyone has community responsibilities. We might not sit on the city council, but we still have a responsibility to those who are our neighbors and those who provide services to us. We can keep our citizen skills sharp by voting in the elections. We can keep our homes and properties in good condition. We can thank the emergency people who protect us.


Religious responsibilities are a personal choice. Some may have many and some may have none. It is important for you to figure out what it is you believe and just how much religion is appropriate for you and your lifestyle. Once you’d determined that religion will be a part of your life, it is important to align your other responsibilities and choices with your religious ideals. This does not necessarily mean you can’t have one or the other, but for example, surrounding yourself with like-minded people strengthens the bond and balance between each set of responsibilities.


When we talk about educational responsibilities, “book learning” is not the only important thing. It’s important to satisfy and cultivate your other curiosities and interests. For some that need might be taking a class at the local recreation center on ballroom dancing; for others it might be learning a foreign language. Whatever it is that will keep your mind learning and being used – those are the things you need to do.


Lastly are social responsibilities. These vary by the person. Some are content with their family being their social outlet; others need outside interaction and relationships to help maintain a balanced lifestyle. Whatever your social needs are, make sure that you dedicate time to it and do things that you enjoy. While it’s important to stay on the ball regarding the other responsibilities, we all need time outs from everyday life.

It is easier to keep your life balanced when you are able to identify what is out of balance and how to bring it back into balance. If you like writing, I recommend keeping a daily journal. If that’s just not your thing, or your schedule doesn’t allow for it, technology today makes it so easy to just write yourself a little “sticky” note about various responsibilities. Even a small reminder to take the garbage out can take loads of stress off. And, with time, these basic habits will develop and lead to a fuller, more balanced life.

Adam Jacob is a guest writer for FrugalDad. is a personal finance blog specializing in frugal living and how to use coupons.  If you want to write for Faith and Finance, find out more here.

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