Labor of Love in Texas, Continued

Labor of Love in Texas, Continued September 8, 2017

IHF Hurricane Harvey logo
IHF Hurricane Harvey logo

On September 7 I wrote about the tireless rescuers saving lives during Hurricane (A.K.A. Tropical Storm) Harvey. In particular, I introduced you to International Harbor Foundation (IHF), the organization led by U.S. Special Operations veterans. IHF was created to rescue victims of sex trafficking and abduction, but since Hurricane Harvey made its appearance IHF has devoted its time to helping rescue families trapped by the rising flood waters.

Last night the local Fox News television station in Houston did their own story on International Harbor Foundation. The IHF team was returning to the scene of the rescues. They had focused on the small towns in the greater Houston and Beaumont area that did not receive as much attention as Houston itself. This time, IHF had come to help families be able to return to their homes, if possible.

One of the IHF team, “John,” told Fox 26’s John Donnelly that things were very different from the first time they entered that neighborhood. Last week they pulled 35 people out of the treacherous waters that had overtaken their community. According to “John,” at that time the water had been “belly button height” and “on the back side of the neighborhood it was 12 feet at street level.” Photos taken by IHF during those rescues show the floods had risen up to the storm gutters of the houses.

International Harbor Foundation’s team returned yesterday to help people rebuild their homes and lives, and to navigate through government red tape to receive FEMA funds.

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear soon of IHF heading to Florida for a Hurricane Irma labor of love.

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