Three Hundred Million and the Rally for Freedom in China

What if I told you that almost three HUNDRED million people had renounced the Communist Party in that same amount of time? Read more

An Open Letter to George Clooney

Dear George: May I call you that? I feel close to you because I was mere inches away when the police hustled you off the steps of the Sudan Embassy and arrested you in 2012. At that point I was an 18 year veteran of Sudan/South Sudan advocacy. Then last week, you and I shared top billing (just kidding) in the local Washington, DC area news coverage of the Sudan sanction issue. We did it! All of us — members of Congress,… Read more

What Maternity Leave in Ministry Means

The approaching change and time away invites self-inflicted tension and unrest. Read more

How Should Christian Schools Respond to Teen Pregnancies?

The cost of Christian schools punishing pregnancies — not so much premarital sex — only perpetuates the shame and secrecy that drives young girls into the alluring arms of abortionists in the first place. Read more

In Her Father’s Footsteps

Last week I attended the Billy Graham Evangelical Association (BGEA) World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians. The summit was the first of its kind in America to my knowledge, and I have been doing advocacy for persecuted Christians for 23 years as Religious Liberty Director at the IRD. There have been many conferences about religious freedom and/or Christian persecution. Some conferences have brought in speakers from other countries, even a few survivors of persecution and imprisonment. But never have we… Read more

Thank God for the Charismatics

It’s been a while since I visited the charismatic roots of my youth. Here’s what I noticed… Read more

Generation Z and the Socially Relevant Church

No matter the generation we’re trying to attract, proclamation of Christ’s goodness and mercy transcends the trends of the times. Read more

Not Just Men, Evangelical Women Guard Our Marriages Too

However those boundaries may look, we should be careful to judge. It’s not about you. It’s about human nature. Read more

Czech Heroes and a Fight for Freedom

Petr Jasek is free. The Czech missionary and humanitarian had been sentenced to life in prison in Sudan. He was charged with “spying against the state,” an eerie echo of the charge once used against Czechs and other Eastern Europeans behind the Iron Curtain. But an international outcry coupled with the determination of the government of Jasek’s own Czech Republic persuaded the Khartoum regime to “pardon” him. After spending 446 days in a Sudanese cell, the 52 year old European Christian was… Read more

A Christian Woman’s Take on A Day Without A Woman

The question is: Can our local communities afford a day without Christian women? Read more