Not Just Men, Evangelical Women Guard Our Marriages Too

Down with the patriarchy! The driving force behind Vice President Mike Pence’s refusal to dine with a woman alone must be his desire to oppress women! Or so much of my Twitter feed tells me.Like this one:They don't think men and women have business dinners. Men conduct business, women are wives. — Rhea Butcher (@RheaButcher) March 30, 2017However, something is missing among much of the outrage and praise of Christians who set what’s being dubbed, “The Bil … [Read more...]

Czech Heroes and a Fight for Freedom

Petr Jasek is free.The Czech missionary and humanitarian had been sentenced to life in prison in Sudan. He was charged with "spying against the state," an eerie echo of the charge once used against Czechs and other Eastern Europeans behind the Iron Curtain.But an international outcry coupled with the determination of the government of Jasek's own Czech Republic persuaded the Khartoum regime to "pardon" him. After spending 446 days in a Sudanese cell, the 52 year old European Christian w … [Read more...]

A Christian Woman’s Take on A Day Without A Woman

March 8 could see fewer women in the office and market places, if the “Day Without A Woman” campaign is any success. It’s a one-day strike organized by the Women’s March calling on ladies to step away from our responsibilities and let society struggle without us.The purpose of the strike claims to “recognize the enormous value of women” and “highlight the economic power and significance” we have in our communities. Sounds great. And might be a positive act if these weren’t the same radical fe … [Read more...]

Jesus Feminists & Forbidden Discourse

There is much commotion in America (mostly using a Twitter megaphone) following the Trump Administration’s action to rescind President Obama’s transgender guidance affecting public schools. Essentially, the transgender directives expanded the definition of Title IX allowing students to use whatever bathrooms, dorm rooms, or overnight hotel rooms during field trips they say align with their gender identity.Despite the spin accusing conservatives of bigotry, women and girls’ safety concerns and … [Read more...]

Leaving the Ox in the Well, Pakistan Edition

 Then he asked them, "If one of you has a child or an ox that falls into a well on the Sabbath day, will you not immediately pull it out?" And they had nothing to say. Luke 14: 5 & 6 Last fall a sixteen year-old boy "liked" and "shared" a photo on Facebook. The photo in question was of the Kaaba in Mecca, the structure at the center of Islam's most sacred mosque. The boy was a Pakistani Christian, Nabeel Masih, and he is now in prison, accused of blasphemy for this … [Read more...]

Abortion’s Unintended Survivors

The abortion debate draws on several points of view. Expectant mothers, expectant fathers, people of faith, members of the medical and legal communities, and the protesters and the supporters all chime in. They can all arguably testify as victims of abortion—women, men, and society at large—but we rarely have the opportunity to hear from the eye witnesses in the womb. It’s not their fault. Abortion’s purpose is to dismantle and destroy their lives along with their testimonies. But what of childr … [Read more...]

The Unseen Image of God: An Expectant Mommy at the March for Life

Five 3-D sonogram photos of my unborn daughter hang on my refrigerator door. Five incredibly clear images of a 19-week-old life in utero. If you took a glance, then you’d see her tiny fingers, teeny toes, ears, eyes, and a fuzzy patch of hair growing on top of her head. If you looked closer and know my husband, then you’d notice she already bears a striking resemblance to her expectant daddy. But I don’t have to look at those pictures at all to know she also bears the image of her Heavenly Fathe … [Read more...]

The Women’s March on Washington, Faith, & “It’s a Girl!”

By now you’ve probably heard about the Women’s March on Washington and its organizers’ decision to remove a pro-life woman’s group from partnership status. While the march’s purpose claims to spotlight gender inequality and unjust societal structures, a loud message was sent: Pro-life women are not welcome.The march’s pro-abortion identity shouldn’t come as a surprise. Planned Parenthood is a premier sponsor of the rally. Wedged between principles advocating gay rights and protesting police b … [Read more...]

Dear Younger Me, Don’t Abandon Orthodoxy

A song came on the radio about retrospection that caught my attention yesterday. It’s called “Dear Younger Me” by Mercy Me, a popular contemporary Christian band. The intriguing hook is the songwriter addresses himself with counsels of “if I knew then what I know now” and “what I would’ve changed if I had heard…” Before the song even ended I was thinking about what I would say in a letter to my wishy-washy younger self. The answer came quickly: don’t abandon orthodoxy.An interesting thought e … [Read more...]

New Heaven, New War; God’s Search & Destroy Mission; and a Fairytale of New York

"I'm not one to namedrop," (she protested) but...I did receive my annual e-Christmas card from a British Lord and Parliamentarian today! David Lord Alton of Liverpool and I are both board members of Jubilee Campaign, USA, and he is another member of my Heroes Hall of Fame: The Defenders of Persecuted Christians.Lord Alton sent a charming "Jacquie Lawson" card. It features a winsomely beautiful country church evening Christmas service with choir singing. Choral music for the young singers in t … [Read more...]