Why Shifting Evangelical Support Away from Israel is Disastrous for Women

Evangelicals’ failure to support the nation-state of Israel could have disastrous implications for democracy, women’s rights, and religious minorities in the Middle East. Read more

An Open Letter to Ambassador Haley: A Different View of South Sudan

Dear Ambassador Haley: My view of South Sudan and the conflict is not at all popular right now. I have lost friends and garnered much hostility for speaking out. I have had colleagues roll their eyes and some South Sudanese call me “pro-Dinka” and “government collaborator.” But I am not. I am pro-truth, and truth has been replaced by a false narrative with convenient sound bites.  I cannot stay silent. After 24 years of experience with Sudan and South Sudan,… Read more

What Can We Learn From the Evangelical Left?

By examining the Evangelical Left, there are a few lessons we can apply to better our own Christian witness. Read more

Remembering Angie

No matter how many years pass after 9/11, we’ll never forget those we loved and lost. Read more

Labor of Love in Texas, Continued

On September 7 I wrote about the tireless rescuers saving lives during Hurricane (A.K.A. Tropical Storm) Harvey. In particular, I introduced you to International Harbor Foundation (IHF), the organization led by U.S. Special Operations veterans. IHF was created to rescue victims of sex trafficking and abduction, but since Hurricane Harvey made its appearance IHF has devoted its time to helping rescue families trapped by the rising flood waters. Last night the local Fox News television station in Houston did their… Read more

Labor of Love in Texas

Most of us just enjoyed a long holiday weekend. We said goodbye to summer with a cookout at home or one last trip to the beach. But Labor Day weekend was different on the Texas Gulf Coast. As you know, things have been different since Hurricane Harvey hit Houston. So in that flood-drenched region, Labor Day was just another day to try to become accustomed to the new reality — one that no longer includes a home, a car, belongings, stability. It was another day to wake up in a… Read more

Don’t Ignore Khartoum’s Genocidal Ambitions: We Must Keep Sanctions

In his speech announcing the release of the 2016 Annual Report on International Religious Freedom Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called out the Sudan government. “In Sudan the government arrests, detains and intimidates clergy and church members,” Tillerson said. He added that the government “denies permits for the construction of new churches and is closing or demolishing existing ones.” Secretary Tillerson encouraged Sudan to “engage concretely on the religious freedom action plan provided by the department last year.” But that’s… Read more

Three Hundred Million and the Rally for Freedom in China

What if I told you that almost three HUNDRED million people had renounced the Communist Party in that same amount of time? Read more

An Open Letter to George Clooney

Dear George: May I call you that? I feel close to you because I was mere inches away when the police hustled you off the steps of the Sudan Embassy and arrested you in 2012. At that point I was an 18 year veteran of Sudan/South Sudan advocacy. Then last week, you and I shared top billing (just kidding) in the local Washington, DC area news coverage of the Sudan sanction issue. We did it! All of us — members of Congress,… Read more

What Maternity Leave in Ministry Means

The approaching change and time away invites self-inflicted tension and unrest. Read more

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