Mayim Bialik Gives Kosher Sex Advice

Mayim Bialik Gives Kosher Sex Advice October 25, 2011

Actress Mayim Bialik has successfully escaped the ex-child-star curse. The star of Blossom took her TV money and went to UCLA, where she earned a PhD in Neuroscience. Now a wife, mother, and observant Orthodox Jew, Mayim also appears on shows like The Big Bang Theory and Secret Life of the American Teenager. Now, she’s blogging for the Jewish website (via The Frisky). Her most recent post is about sex. She writes:

“Sex really can be for fun and for free; thank you Judaism. And when you are not cycling, such as during pregnancy and after menopause, have as much sex as you want. Have it upside down and sideways and from the chandeliers. It’s all good, it’s all kosher, and it’s a wonderful reminder that Judaism is pleasantly focused on how we live, rather than what happens after we die.”

Mayim has said in interviews that she and her husband practice “family purity,” which is the Jewish practice of abstaining from sex or physical contact during a woman’s period and for seven days afterward. Luckily, she didn’t feel compelled to add any more personal details afterward.

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