Here Are Some Names for the 20th Duggar Baby

Here Are Some Names for the 20th Duggar Baby November 14, 2011

After the Duggar family announced that they were expecting their 20th child next spring, my first thought was “What will they name it?” (And before the angry don’t-call-a-fetus-it hate mail starts, I remind you that the English language does not have a lovely French-style on to refer to persons of unknown gender, and I find constant use of “he or she” clunky.)

Each of the Duggars’ 19 kids has a name beginning with the letter J, including twins named Jeremiah and Jedidiah (who, because of their twinness, both have the same middle name, Robert). girls named Jana, Joy-Anna, and Johannah, and a girl named Jinger. So what names are left for the latest Duggar infant? Here are a few of my own suggestions, but please leave your own recommendations in the comments.


  • Jonas
  • Judas
  • Jeremy
  • Jermajesty


  • Judith
  • Jezebel
  • Jocelyn
  • Julie/Julia


  • Jerusalem

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