What’s the Big Deal About Connor Cruise Wearing a Jesus Necklace?

What’s the Big Deal About Connor Cruise Wearing a Jesus Necklace? November 15, 2011

Connor Cruise–son of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman–wore a Jesus necklace to a recent event. While it’s not at all unusual for starts to sport religious jewelry (hi, Justin Bieber), Connor’s necklace is a much bigger deal. Why? Because Connor, like his dad, is a Scientologist. Although Scientology often stresses that you can belong to any religion you want and still practice Scientology, wearing obvious Christian jewelry is a pretty big “don’t,” especially when your dad is the most well-known member of the religion.

In Touch magazine (via Crazy Days and Nights) claims that Connor’s necklace was a symbol that he is rebelling against Tom and against Scientology. In April, The Daily reported that Connor’s older sister Isabella Cruise was leaving the Church, but shortly after that story circulated Isabella took a job working for stepmom Katie Holmes‘ clothing line, Holmes & Yang. Scientology’s “disconnection” policy states that Church members need to cut non-Scientologists out of their lives, and when someone tries to leave the Church it’s common to bribe them or offer them something in exchange for remaining in the fold, which could have been what happened with Isabella’s new job. Connor, unlike his sister, has followed Tom into the entertainment industry and has a lead role in the upcoming Red Dawn reboot. It’s possible that Connor’s necklace was some kind of sign of rebellion, but it’s also possible that he’s just a dude wearing a necklace. Right now, it’s too soon to tell – although it’s sure interesting to speculate.

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  • It’s also possible that like many other things in life, the rules don’t apply to celebrities. From what I read Nicole Kidman never embraced Scientology and pretty much just tolerated it going back to Catholicism full time once the marriage ended. She very well could have hated it but because Tom is famous…

    • Eileen Nguyen

      Yeah, that’s exactly what I was going to say…Connor is Nicole Kidman’s son as much as he is Tom Cruise’s, and Nicole is Roman Catholic.

  • So. . . Scientologists don’t like Jesus? I think religious jewelry is just really en vogue right now. I see a lot of people wearing rosary beads these days and I’m pretty sure they are not catholic.