Oliver Stone’s Son Sean Converts to Islam

Oliver Stone’s Son Sean Converts to Islam February 20, 2012

Sean Stone, the son of director Oliver Stone, converted to Islam last week while on a trip to Iran. Sean, who has done some acting and directing work, says that his Hollywood friends didn’t take the news so well and that he is now experiencing “the reverse of anti-Semitism.” [Is the word you’re looking for “anti-Islamism”? Because the opposite of antisemitism would probably be “hating all people who aren’t Jews,” and there are lots of non-Jews who aren’t Muslim either.]

“I am of a Jewish bloodline, a baptized Christian who accepts Christ’s teachings, the Jewish Old Testament and the Holy Koran,” Sean told the New York Post. “I believe there is one God, whether called Allah or Jehovah or whatever you wish to name him. He creates all peoples and religions. I consider myself a Jewish Christian Muslim. What I am trying to do is open up a dialogue about religion. There is such Islamophobia in the West. Islam is not a religion of violence any more than Judaism or Christianity is.”

Sean says that his father has been accepting of his newfound faith. Sean’s latest project, a horror movie he directed entitled Greystone, comes out next week.

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