Marcus and Carey Married By His Vicar Father

Marcus and Carey Married By His Vicar Father May 21, 2012

Recently, actress Carey Mulligan and musician Marcus Mumford got married. Unlike lots of other celebrities, though, they did so without any paparazzi or without the press even finding out until after it happened. Carey reportedly wore a Prada dress and pink Wellington boots, because they got married in the English countryside and it is muddy out there.

Although Carey and Marcus both have careers that make them famous, they have actually known each other quite some time. As kids, they were paired up as pen pals through their respective churches. Though they fell out of touch, it must be the craziest mindfuck ever to meet someone at a party and then find out you’re both celebrities now. Both were raised in the Church of England, and Marcus’ dad, a vicar, reportedly performed the ceremony. Congrats, guys!

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