Meet the Kellers: The Duggars’ In-Laws

Meet the Kellers: The Duggars’ In-Laws August 30, 2012

On this week’s new episode of 19 Kids and Counting, the Duggars headed to Florida to attend the wedding of Priscilla Keller. Priscilla is Anna Duggar (wife of oldest kid Josh Duggar)’s sister, and several family members were included in the wedding party. The Kellers have eight kids, five girls and three boys, and all of them were shown at least once on camera during the episode.

While most of the attention was on the bride and groom and the Duggars, let’s just say that the Kellers would make a way more interesting show. Quite a few of them have chosen to pursue other Christian denominations and been estranged from their family as a result. Here’s a breakdown:

David Waller: Priscilla’s now-husband. The two reportedly met while both working for Bill Gothard, the religious leader whose teachings are followed by the Duggar and Keller families. Gothard spoke at the wedding, but he was edited out of the broadcast. David and Priscilla have a very annoying blog. They also wear matching outfits.

Mike and Suzette Keller: The parents. They’ve been on several times before and I like them, especially Suzette. Unlike Jim Bob and Michelle, they seem to be hands-on parents who raise their kids instead of making the kids raise each other.

Daniel and Candice Keller: Daniel is the oldest Keller son, and Candice is his wife. She is a beautician, which is why her hair is so awesome. They reportedly adopted a child recently because they were unable to conceive. Many of Gothard’s followers do not believe in adoption because the “sins of the parents” are permanently associated with the kid. It could be because of the adoption or the fact that Daniel and Candice practice a more liberal form of Christianity, but they’re reportedly estranged from the rest of the Keller family.

Susanna and Rebekah Keller: Though they’re all smiles here, not everything is smiley offscreen. Rebekah’s husband reportedly posted on the Television Without Pity message board about the Duggar family and their show. He claimed that he was edited out of wedding footage because the Keller family doesn’t like him. They are also less religious Christians. However, according to the rules of Gothardism, it’s okay for Rebekah to be less religious because she’s obeying her husband.

As for Susanna Keller, she appears to be the rebel of the family. Until recently, she had a public Facebook page and posted pictures of herself wearing shorts and makeup and doing other non-Gothard-approved activities. She reportedly moved to Atlanta to be with her boyfriend and got pregnant outside of marriage, causing her to be ostracized from her family.

There are several other siblings, who you can see in the episode, but these are the noteworthy ones. Can you imagine the blowback if one of the Duggar daughters pulled a Susanna and ran off to live with a guy and have a kid out of wedlock? It would definitely wind up in Star magazine, that’s for sure.

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  • kim

    I’m worried about the young bride. David seems very gay.

  • Donna

    Mike Keller gives me the creeps. The first time I saw way back on 19 kids he made the hair on my arms stand up. I just can’t figure out why. Didn’t you love the way Josh kept getting on camera and saying stupid stuff? He is my least favorite Dugger.

    • Sus

      I know the Kellers and Mike is really a very nice guy. He is totally in love with his wife and supports her 100%.

  • Enaira Fontaine

    I think it’s great that 19 Kids and Counting chose to add
    some of the other family into an episode. You get to see the similarities and
    differences between them and also get to know some new people. I’ve got my Hopper
    set up to record this new season of the show and since I’m at work at Dish when
    the episodes air, they’ll be available for me whenever I get home. I think it’s
    sad that Daniel and Candice Keller are estranged from the family just because they
    adopted a child. I understand that this goes again the Gothard doctrine but
    they can’t conceive and by choosing to adopt, they gave a child a home and a
    loving family.

    • turn2gray

      Moses was adopted. Look what God did through him. How dare they disown them for such a thing. Who is Gothard to say it’s wrong? He thinks he knows better than God?

    • WTF. They go on about ‘Dont have abortions, place your baby for adoption’ then they follow a religion that doesn’t allow adoptions. Crazy people

    • brbr2424

      I think it is a good thing that the Gothardites discourage adoption. Too many adopted children have ended up with PTSD, and some have died from the “training” in these fundamentalist homes. There is a shortage of children to be adopted. This cult takes themselves out of the running,and the children dodge a bullet.

  • eli

    that guy David is soo gay

  • Heather

    David is definitely gay! And yes, Josh is the worst of all the Duggars. He’s so into himself. Just watch interviews with him and Anna, it’s all about him.

    • gina

      he is just like his daddy. anytime the attention is away from jimbob, he starts talking

  • Nadia

    I think David is gay. Just how they showed especially during the Rehersal.

  • Stef

    David’s family was the gawkiest (trying to be nice) family I’ve seen. I wonder if they are inbred!

    • Kel

      That is EXACTLY what I thought!

  • julia La Grua

    David is so clearly gay. When he draped Priscilla’s veil over his head I thought I’d die. This is one of the potential tragedies of a rigid religious lifestyle. With 19 kids you can bet at least 2 of them are going to be gay and the Duggars may not have the tolerance to handle it. If they thought losing a baby to miscarriage was painful, look out for suicide.

  • LeilaM12

    OMG! Please check out David & Priscilla’s engagement announcement:

    He is SOOO clearly gay. Flamboyantly so.

    And if torture is your thing, they also posted an hour of their wedding on youtube:

  • Justin

    I actually know the kellers very well, and David is really nice. He isnt gay, thats for sure!

    • ugh

      Ray Charles has got nothing on you.

    • gina

      just because he hasnt come out of the closet, doesnt mean he isnt gay.

    • Maria

      He is in the closet!! Did anyone see the video when she told him she was Pregnant!

    • brbr2424

      I would expect your name to be Justina if you are making a statement that he is not gay and that’s for sure.

  • Watching David makes me think of that episode of South Park where Butters was sent to a special camp because ‘He was curious’ and the priest at the camp was prancing around and singing. Maybe poor David was sent to a special camp years ago. Train the gay away. What a crock of shit

  • ugh

    David is what one calls “flaming gay”. It’s not even a question. I feel sorry for him that he cannot just live his truth.

    That said, I even think his wife could be a lesbian. She’s hot… and she “pings”,

  • Okiegirl813

    FUNNY!! I made a comment on this David Waller’s YouTube page and I offended him, so he (DAVID “I judge others who are not like me” WALLER) blocked me.
    So by chance he (DAVID “I judge others who are not like me” WALLER) is reading this; 1. You have chosen to put you, your family and you beliefs in the spotlight, there for some may have some not so nice things to say.
    2. As long as they are not threatening you or said family, people have a right to say what they want, and by doing we are exercising our God given right here in Our Great Country, the Freedom of speech.
    3. And lastly, I am sure you know this
    Matthew 7:1-2 ESV
    “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.

    So don’t be a hypocrite, start practicing what you “preach”

  • Minerva

    You know, I kinda like the Duggars..from 30,000 feet, but as you get close you realize how judgemental they really are. The episodes with the black trainer really got me..especially the family the Duggars were “stars”.. Isn’t that vanity frowned on? And they are saying..”we go to these countries to expose our children to other cultures and ideas”.. that why they are either visiting Christian sites in these foreign countries or going past it so fast that 80% of the Duggars couldn’t comprehend? I’ll tell ya what..if they are really bible believing Chrisitains and they know that it’s by mercy and grace that we are saved, not all by actions and that God loves the sinner and hates the sin kinda about a trip to the Castro District of San the kids another facet of real life..and then when they leave, the first two boys to wrap up in a boa…well, ding, ding, ding…then what will the Duggars do..or any other conservative Christian family..I know because I’ve seen the results of these self-loathing often suicidal men and women in what I do for a living. It’s so sad to bring a child into this world and then not give it a chance to grow into his or her authentic self.

  • Bethany

    The matching outfits thing really freaks me out, like, people do that for pictures, but not Candid photos from trips! What’s the deal? so curious.

  • Suzy Doozy

    All The Kellars are in serious need of orthodontic work. They have money from the show. Get braces on your teeth.

  • Maria

    I just left a comment on David Waller’s page!! He is creepy and you can tell something is wrong with his wife like she is slow or something anyway I think it is so offensive that they referee to her friends as “The Mexicans” of course he deleted my comment! Crazy family!!! Poor girl doesn’t even realize what she got into!

  • wutup

    It would make the show much more interesting and I would actually watch it if one of the Duggars ran off, be it boy or girl