A Kardashian Kult Is More Realistic Than You Think

A Kardashian Kult Is More Realistic Than You Think September 3, 2012

The Kardashian family (and, well, most of the Jenner family) will put their name on just about anything they can think of. There are Kardashian clothes, perfumes, nail polishes, weight-loss pills, and even female sexual lubricants. But could a Church of Kardashian be the next big move? Nope – they already have one, and it’s possibly the only family venture they’re secretive about.

Mom Kris Jenner has talked a lot about being a Christian and taking her kids to church. Talk show host Kathie Lee Gifford, once of Kris’ best friends and the godmother of Kylie and Kendall Jenner, says that the two of them often talk about their faith. Whenever Kim needs an image boost or some good PR, she makes sure to get photographed coming out of a church (including that one time with LeAnn Rimes). The church in question is Life Change Community Church in Agoura Hills, CA. The church has two founders – a public one (Pastor Brad Johnson, who leads services there) and a private-ish one (Kris Jenner). Kris often shouts out Brad on social media, including linking to the Amazon page for his book on her blog for Celebuzz.com.

Lately, Kim is in a new relationship with Kanye West and is trying to give herself an image makeover. On a recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kanye threw out all of Kim’s clothes and bought her new ones that better reflected the style he likes. But those clothes didn’t go into the trash or Goodwill donation box. Instead, they’re being auctioned off on eBay, with a portion of proceeds going to a charity. And that charity is none other than Life Change Community Church. In other words, it’s pretty likely that Kris Jenner – and, by extension, Kim Kardashian – will be “donating” that money right back into their own coffers. I wonder what Pastor Brad thinks about the Prosperity Gospel.

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  • I must be missing something in this article. Why is this church being called a cult? (Or Kult?) Is it just clever alliteration for a headline? Is there evidence of cult-like behaviour, or does this simply reflect our general suspicion/envy of the rich and famous? (Which is what fuels the cult of celebrity.)

  • vis

    Life Change Community Church has changed it’s name and is now California Community Church. Why would they change the name? Could it be they wanted get ahead of this story, which is not only disturbing, but a revelation to many people?


    • Who cares! Church people are creepy.

  • The Kardashians are hypocrites, just like the rest of their fellow Christian morons. The only reason they are famous is because Kim made a sex tape and sold her soul to the devil. Kris Jenner is a horrible human being who is only interested in fame and money. She will do ANYTHING to stay in the spotlight, just like her fat daughter Kim. I would hate to be them– I am much happier knowing that at least I am a professional woman living an honest life. I did not have to go make a sex tape. These people have no morals,values, and class! Christians in general are closed minded selfish people who can take their religion and shove it up their fat asses.

    • Sophia, You are right when the kardashians lifestyle is not acceptable but let me share with you that there are many wonderful TRUE Christians out there. Those who are living their lives as Bible believers and really love other people and want to help and serve them as I do are the real children of God. The kardashians are a counterfeit and give God a bad name. If you read my post it will explain what I’ m sharing here! I hope that God will show you some of us who love The Lord and are there to help those in need. Blessings to you. Please don’t judge us all by one bad example.

  • Any one can open a church. All it takes in money and the desire to control people . She has started a business to earn more money! She doesn’t even know that the people are the church and NOT A BUILDING! Which god is she promoting? It is certainly NOT the truth or the god of the Bible! Her example is without values and morals…just look at her and her kids. Do they really believe that God is a promoter of sin? Their t.v.rogram needs to,be removed from the air. God has me praying for the entire family …they all need salvation and to be delivered from such evil spirits. There is fornication, adultery, lying, gossiping, stealing, incest, vulgarity, vileness, pride, self centeredness, selfishness, narcissism , falseness, voyeurism, alcoholism, enabling, co-dependency, dis-functionalism, secularism, humanism, greed, cheating, shopaholics, gluttonyism( They’re always filling their faces or snacking), complaining, judging, dishononing their mother and each other, etc. Thê Bible tells us to JUDGE what people are DOING that is not honoring Gods instructions to us so that they can be healed from such sins! I have never heard such potty mouths and blasphemy from women. I am ashamed for them. And cringe when they start talking like that! Chloe is the worst one….it makes a sailor blush! Thê girls totally degrade their men. I just don’t understand why the men put up with it..It has to be for the money! Chris Humphries called it right on. He often discerned Kim and her problems but when he confronted her she wouldn’t listen. Those poor illegitimate children. I feel so bad for them. They will have everything the world has to offer but not the most important things! No morals or values or Godly instruction. They can NOT ever be successful in life without these things.Its almost laughable but yet not because it is degrading to our Lord and Savior to let people believe that this family is how a church should be! And…the worst thing is that there are many great people out there being deceived into the counterfeit picture of God . Well, their blood will be on the kardashians hands Even Courtney doesn’t have any knowledge concerning the Bible. She called the Old Testament. , “. The first testament” . Apparently even the editors missed the error which means that there are few Christians on the program including Ryan Seacrest ; otherwise they would have discerned it and corrected it! That church can not ever prosper with so much error. God won’t allow it! He wants his people following him…..not the kardashians and their counterfeit life style.Truth must prevail. You can’t earn favor with God by trying to buy Him or by doing good works. God doesn’t need corrupt money either! Kris can’t buy God or salvation with her money! Thats the one thing she can’t buy!

    • hmmm

      i can see you meant well but please dont forget you are Christian. i agree yes the kardashians arent exemplary Christians, but lets not pretend that we dont all have our own sin. just because theirs are publicized for millions doesnt make ours any less serious. God did say all sins are the same to him. at the same time im not disagreeing with your statement cause God did say to judge when they are not in accordance with scriptures. but i do believe it could be done in a more loving manner. Jesus always says we are to love, and i dont mean sugarcoat, but love. all of what you said is true but imagine they fall upon your post and read it? do you really think theyd take heed with all your accusations and name calling? honestly that whole middle part when you degrade them, i dont believe it was necessary. there are always better ways to get the point across. from what i took from your post is that you hate them. maybe you dont idk, but it came off that way. and people are always complaining that we are hypocrites. im sure most people dont mean to be. but sometimes our approach/execution of Gods word isnt always the best. ive always believed ones relationship with God is between them and Him, but he also said to take care to not have the appearance of sin either. so like i said im sure you didnt mean the post to be as condescending as i took it to be, but people are constantly watching so you must have care how you showcase your Christianity. and always remember, Jesus wants us to love!
      God bless!!!