Jenny McCarthy: From Prospective Nun to Playboy Playmate

Jenny McCarthy: From Prospective Nun to Playboy Playmate October 16, 2012

Jenny McCarthy is an actress, model, author, and once-and-again Playboy centerfold. But if things had worked out differently, she might be Sister Jennifer. (Okay, more like Sister Mary or something, but still.)

In her latest book, Bad Habits: Confessions of a Recovering Catholic, Jenny talks about her faith journey in her usual offbeat, funny way. “I was taught to believe that my goal in life was to do good things so that I could ensure my place in heaven,” she writes. “So, it was only logical in my young innocent mind that I should become a nun – and guarantee my spot to hang out with Jesus and his buddies.” However, one thing stopped her from pledging her life to the Church: her desire to become a mother. Since pregnancy isn’t super compatible with the whole vow of chastity thing, she opted not to become a nun. Her son, Evan Asher, was born in 2002.


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  • peicurmudgeon

    Whatever else she has done, her anti-vaccination activities place her as a dangerous women.

  • TheodoreSeeber

    Apparently, in addition to being an “Indigo Mom” and her outright lies about her son, she doesn’t know the meaning of the word Chastity.

  • Jaime

    “Recovering Catholic” — how precious. Does she get her material from Bill Maher? That is just another way of saying “I have rejected the faith my parents tried to instill in me” without giving up the cache of being a “Catholic” when it suits your cultural or political purposes — “catholics for Choice” comes to mind.
    Perhaps at some point in her pre-teen years, the idea of being a nun crossed her mind. I doubt that this was more than a passing fancy, and probably no better developed that the other dozen things she might have wanted to grow up to be. She obviously was not well catechized in the Church’s teachings on chastity.

    • Becca C.

      Thus why she isn’t Catholic anymore…judge much?