Can We Talk About Harry Styles’ Hebrew Tattoo For a Sec?

Can We Talk About Harry Styles’ Hebrew Tattoo For a Sec? December 19, 2012

One Direction‘s most popular pinup is probably Harry Styles, who is all over the tabloids these days for his relationship with Taylor Swift. But I’m much more interested in something else – his tattoos. Specifically, the Hebrew one.

According to The Sun, the tat spells out “Gemma,” Harry’s sister’s name. (I would have pronounced it “Gimah,” but according to my resident fluent ivrit-speaker that second symbol is an apostrophe and not a yud.) While it’s sweet of him to get his big sis’ name tattooed on him, I have absolutely no idea why he’d choose to do so in Hebrew. He doesn’t appear to be Jewish or a Hebrew speaker (a la Adam Pally), so what significance does the language have for him? My guess is that it’s like why a lot non-Chinese speakers get tattoos in Chinese – they just think it looks cool. And hey, at least the tat doesn’t spell out “Taylor.”

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  • jo

    He isn’t Jewish, that’s right. I think none of the One Direction members are Jewish… I wish Liam Payne was, though, very beautiful guy.

  • Esther

    Modern Hebrew created the apostrophe to change the letter ‘gimmel’ from the sound guh as in gullible to the g in gym or in this case Gemma because originally their was no letter with that sound. Well actually some minute Sephardi Jews pronounce their gimmel’s like that but that’s a minority.

  • V+H

    Aahh…thanks to Esther:) I´m wondering about the new twitpic on his page. but now I understand:)

  • Jasmine

    HE IS JEWISH (his dad is) duhhhhh

    • lilly

      Orthodox Jews don’t consider the person Jewish if only the dad is, but it’s all good.

    • Sapir Mizrahi

      Judaism goes according to the mother! If his mother isn’t Jewish then he isn’t either!

  • if he’s jewish and another is muslim and they like each other like it showe on the videos then it’s somehow strange

    • i don’t think so. it isn’t strange if you aren’t prejudiced.

    • it’s not strange, in the end of the day we are humans and it really doesn’t matter if you’re jewish or muslim or christian or i don’t know what, we all have fillings, our own oppinions and our personalities and we shouldn’t even think about people’s religion because it really doesn’t mean a thing about them.

  • Nikki

    Harry’s dad is Jewish, but according to Jewish religion you are Jewish if your mum is. He may be part Jewish, but I heard he chose his mums religion which is Roman Catholic. It’s really sweet that he tweets about Jewish holidays and such 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Came across this posting while looking for some information on the subject at hand; thought I’d chime in.

      Judaism is indeed matrilineal, with membership in the tribe coming from the mother’s side and specific identity (regarding what specific portion of K’lel Yisrael the child hails from) coming from the father’s side.

      Mazel tov to Harry for being so open and positive towards his Hebraic roots in this day and age of popular anti-Semitism!! A very brave stance to take, especially nowadays. Hopefully this will help open the mind of some youngsters with regards to Israel and Judaism alike.

  • this is the best font he could find?

    • ME

      LOL i thought that too XD

  • me

    even if he’s jewish, whats the problam !? -,-

    • One Direction

      He’s a prount jew . and i’m cristian and i don’t have problen with that

  • kat

    Harry is half Jewish.

  • Ashley

    he is Jewish

  • Matsol

    Is this not about the tattoo? The apostrophe is called a Geresh which in modern Hebrew softens the g or gimmel into a j sound which doesn’t exist in traditional Hebrew. Hence, Gemma.

  • lara

    não consigo conversar com vc harry por que