Josh and Anna Duggar Are Having Another Boy

Josh and Anna Duggar Are Having Another Boy April 1, 2013

Josh and Anna Duggar recently announced that a) they’re expecting another kid this summer and b) they’re moving to DC so Josh can take a job in politics. Now, we can update you on item A: the baby is going to be a boy. That will bring their total to one girl and two boys, and it also probably means that poor Mackynzie will be in charge of raising her two kid brothers buddy-system-style once the family starts to get bigger.

As for the little guy, who is due at the beginning of June, his name will start with the letter M as per family tradition (his big bro is Michael). How about Mitt, since the family stumped for Mitt Romney? Or maybe Matthew? Marvin? Malarkey? Michelob Light? I feel so sorry for whichever Duggar sibling is stuck with a less-desirable letter of the alphabet and is stuck choosing Q names for their kids.

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