Josh Duggar Says He’s Moving to DC to Work in Politics (Updated!)

Josh Duggar Says He’s Moving to DC to Work in Politics (Updated!) March 14, 2013

Josh Duggar, the oldest of the Duggar kids, is finally leaving the nest. Gossip blog Naughty But Nice Rob reports that Josh, pregnant wife Anna Duggar, and their two kids will be moving to Washington, DC, so Josh can pursue a career in politics. Though Josh isn’t naming his new workplace just yet, he says it’s a Christian organization that promotes “family values and right to life.”

Josh, like the rest of the Duggar kids who are over 18, has a GED but no college education. (The Duggars frown on mainstream education and all the kids were homeschooled.) I guess you don’t need a college degree to work in politics now? My guess is that Josh will be involved with a group like Focus On the Family, not working on the Hill. It must be nice to get a job you’re not qualified for because your mom and dad have a reality show.

So, what does this mean for 19 Kids and Counting? The Duggars love to drag the entire family (including Josh’s kids, Grandma, and their aspiring country singer cousin Amy) along with them whenever they go on a trip, so losing Josh and his family means losing four – and soon to be five – extra bodies to drag along every time they go somewhere. And what about that used car lot that Josh is “running”? I’m guessing that it’ll get handed off to a younger brother so that he can establish his own income and then begin the courtship process. And considering how much focus Josh and Anna have gotten this season, they might be in line for a spinoff. Man, I need to go take some deep breaths now.

Update: Josh will reportedly be working at the Family Research Council as a senior (sigh) executive (double sigh).

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  • anjealka

    Thanks for writing such an honest Duggar article (so sick of reading the sugar coated ones). I wonder how he will afford to live in DC? Do these Christain non-profits pay that well? I am not looking forward to JimBob’s bragging about his son and Josh’s instagram photos of how important he is.

    • Lynnie59

      I sense a bit of jealousy here maybe? He will earn a salary working in DC most likely, and has profits from his two car dealerships last I knew.

      • anjealka

        He doesnt own any car delaerships? His dad still owned the both delaerships, he just managed them (if you call it that since the lots had a manager RD & Josh is rarely there). His grandma owned his house so he has never had to pay rent. His main money is TLC but reguardless after researching the non profit he wants to work for they pay 150k a year to these lobbyists so he will be fine and most only work 20-30 hours a week. Not jealous, I have lived in NY and several other big cities, not for me. I do know people that are upset (jealous or whatever you want to call it) that have gone to college and grad school and have studied so hard there whole lives for a job in DC and if they are lucky get one that pays 25k a year in a mailroom & have to work for years to make 150k and pay their dues that these lobbyists get from the start. Not a job I would want. I wish him luck if this is what he wants and Anna wants. Just was commenting more that right now he lives rent free, drives any car he wants off the lot to his work 15 minutes from his house. In DC if they want a home it will mean a 2 hour commute, high rent or mortgage and less family time and a much higher cost of living. It is a big lifestyle change for him and his family. I again hope it works out for him the way he wants.

        • ruth brown

          i am not jealous i live in very house

    • LexiconD1

      Wow, thanks for giving all of us on the internet the perfect example of those who love the Duggars. Name calling, and for Lynnie59, tossing out he ‘jealousy’ card. If you bothered to learn ANYTHING about the cult this family is part of, Google Bill Gothard and ATI, you might find their standing on their pedestals with feet of clay. One GED, no real jobs for anyone, relying on a TV show to pay for their cash cow as well as their myopic and misogynist lifestyle they all wallow in. No thanks, I’ll take my heathen, godless, career women, book reading, single parent, owns own home lifestyle over theirs any day of the week.

      I’m a lot of things, jealous is certainly not one of them.

      • M

        Actually, I think the Duggars are raising their girls to have more self respect then many of the women being raised today by single parents. These fathers demand that the men who come into their daughters lives be respectful of them, their families and their daughters. The boys don’t pull up by the front door, honk their horn and take off with a girl. They come into the home, interact with the family and know that they are expected to act like gentleman and are being held accountable to certain standards. When they encourage courting, they encourage their daughters to look at the values these men have and if they have enough good qualities to be good husbands and fathers. These parents teach their daughters to have more respect for themselves then to be someone’s booty call and be taken advantage of by men just for their bodies. They value not only a womens’ reproductive rights, but the important role a women plays as a mother and wife. I worked in an urban area, where there were many singles mothers. Many of these women had multiple children with multiple men. These children lived such unstable lives. You know that the age at which you have your child also correlates with where you live above and below the poverty line. A lot of these women became pregnant at teenagers. They have no standards for themselves as far as what a husband and father should look like, because many didn’t have fathers. In fact, many of these women were so desperate for a mans love, they allowed themselves to be exploited and prostituted and were enrolled in their GED program on parole. They actually called their pimps “daddy.” It’s a sad statement on todays family. They missed a large part of their children s’ lives. The fathers of these children were often in jail, unemployed, or with another “baby mama.” In a lot of situations these children were the result of a one night stand or “booty call.” How does a child feel, knowing they are not result of two people who loved each other and were committed to each other, but two people that just needed sex. Maybe if these women had better standards set for themselves, they would have graduated from high school and got an education or some kind of job training ( and not just allowed themselves to be a booty call or a baby mama by some man who had nothing to offer them). Maybe these women would have been able to demand more of these men by demanding they be treated as a person instead of a sexual object, and that these men have education or job training instead of a commitment to chronic unemployment or a life of crime. In this community it’s not uncommon for men to think nothing of being with a women a short period of time, getting them pregnant and then quickly moving on to another women. A lot of times these men can’t take care of the children they have and are still creating children with other women. Is this respect for women? Has fatherhood been reduced to little more then being a sperm donor? The boys in the Duggar family know what it takes to not only create a baby, but father a child. They know the hard work and responsibility it takes to raise a family. Both the Duggar boys and girls, think of sex, in a healthy way. They see that sex involved responsibility. Men realize women are giving something special of themselves, when they are giving something so personal with sex. The women know that they have a right to demand respect and commitment. If we had more families like the Duggars, we have a lot less problems.

        • LexiconD1

          They are grown women who have a homeschool education (which means no education. College plus is not college, neither is that crap Jill’s trying pass off nowadays. She will never be a Certified Nursing Midwife (CNM). You have to be a RN first, and she’ll never be that as long as they refuse to allow her to be with a male patient..I’m a nurse, so yes, I know.), never held a job and earned their own money (Bet you Jill’s ‘training’ doesn’t come with a paycheck, if it does it goes straight into the Duggars coffers. She never sees a dime), never dated, never been out in the real world alone, EVER ( they ALWAYS go out in pairs, which is why Jana is suddenly eager to become a doula, I’ll bet.) Who’s parents also throw their real world exposure in their face, each and every second they can…”We can Kiss”, “I was a cheerleader”, “We met through Grandma when she and I (Michelle) WORKED together”…

          The Duggars version of parenthood disgusts me. I can’t wait to buy the book from the first kid who flees the cult of personalities known as the Duggar ‘Family’…It will make for a fascinating read, chalk full of misspellings and gross grammar errors… 🙂

          I am a single parent to a child who was unwanted by his father…he is a very happy, healthy, well adjusted young man who thrives and will achieve good things in life. He’s wanted and loved by me and my family. I ask him every September, “Do you want to know anything about your father. I will answer honestly, to the best of my knowledge, and ability”. His reply is always, “Why? He didn’t care about me, so why should I care anything about him”. It is very possible to raise a child alone and succeed with your career, too. I’ve done it, and so have others I’ve known. You are referencing the opposite extreme of the Duggars, there is a middle ground…

          • Amber

            Before you criticize someone else’s education, get your grammar right. You have no credibility with that horrible grammar and sentence structure. Where in the world did you get YOUR education?

          • Dawn

            At least she is happy not mean and bitter the way you are coming across.

          • Suzeeq

            Lexicon, I too am a RN and you are partially correct in what you say, they can’t be CNM’s. However they are training with CNM’s and I don’t think women who can’t afford to have their babies in a hospital or simply choose to have a home birth will care if the Midwife is certified or not. To the Duggars I say continue to teach your daughters to have respect for themselves as well as others and God will blessyou.


    How can a person with a GED and no college qualify as an executive with the Family Research Council?

    • tpkyteroo luebeck

      Easy – He has owned a Car business for how long? He was successful, and had two locations, and even hired an employee.

  • lulu

    if this is true, then good for him. i sense that he is a person of character, super-smart, and thinks on his feet. he obviously needs worldly experience and a chance. not having a degree never swayed me when being the interviewer. initials after a name doesn’t prove whether you can do the job or not.
    good luck, josh!

  • dessertgirl

    I think that this is a healthy step for the young family. I hope that some of the older children John David and the girls will also get a chance to experience life off the compound. It’s obvious that they are not finding significant others to begin their own lives with at the big church conferences. It must be hard for them to watch Josh and Anna build their family and not have the same opportunities. How many years can they all live at home?

    • Lynn

      As a Mom of homeschooled kids, I can say our family is VERY close, and live just fine being together, we are all happy, our kids are grown, working, and being out in the dog eat dog world doesn’t always make for a positive life or future either. This family is unique, “old fashioned” family values, so some attack or ridicule them, but, their children are very responsible, happy, and there is plenty of time for being out in the “real world”…Maybe some will not marry, etc.

  • JTN

    As someone who actually has experience with DC, if he does real work (read: not just for show or some fluffy crap to exploit his name) and doesn’t take it seriously, he will be eaten alive. I’m talking tartare and at best, black and blue. In full time policy positions, his job should be extremely demanding and I feel for his wife with young kids.

  • Lynnie59

    You don’t always need a college degree to succeed, perform, work! Our ancestors did just fine without it! duh..With all the cheating going on, constant drinking binges/parties going on in the college atmosphere, how well educated are these students anyway?? It’s way too worshipped in our country and to a fault…I’m sure using his life experience as the oldest of a huge family has much merit. Homeschooled kids are very independent, more creative, have a wider scope of learning, rather than sitting at a desk for 7-8hrs a day, courses are more varied along with the “general” education required to earn a GED. So, don’t think college educated people are any more intelligent or better than those without degrees! I think many envy this family just because they are successful, down to earth and Christians…

    • ruth brown

      my son goes go to state school and he has very high grades in all subjects

    • jkld

      “Our ancestors did just fine without it”
      Uh, that was then; this is NOW.
      If you’re going to play in the big leagues, you’ve GOT to have the credentials to do so. He doesn’t.

      btw – I find it a bit ironic (hypocritical, definitely) that 2 job positions with Family Research Council SPECIFY required degrees!

      Events Manager- Minimum Requirements: The Events Manager position requires a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and at least 2 years of experience in meeting and event planning, or an equivalent combination of training and experience; professional events certification preferred.

      Associate Editor – This position requires a Bachelors degree in the Social Sciences, Philosophy, English, or related field from an accredited college or university; and two years of college writing or editorial experience

  • STFU

    So? Leave them alone loser! (Double sigh) they do not frown on mainstream education or drag anyone along! They chose to homeschool which people from all walks of life all over the world are doing and they chose to spend time together as a family. Why is that so hard to believe? I guess in your opinion it would be better if the girls acted like Lindsay Lohan right? Like your average whore showing the world their boobs and crotch, and the boys could be lazy, disrespectful drunks? Now that would be better! (Sigh) They could call it “Duggar Shore” what a bunch of garbage. Think before you post bullshit here!

    • ruth brown

      my son is not lazy he always do school work what why he has very high grades

    • Rabbit in a hat

      My wife and I do some homeschooling but we encourage our kids to get out and to see and touch things, and to experience viewpoints that are not ours, and to learn from them. Homeschooling is a great option for us, but we have integrated it with making sure that our children learn about all of the cultures of the world, and the contributions that all cultures and religions have made in the workd. We’ve noticed that we are not welcome with some of the other homeschooling groups in our area because of these beliefs. We’ve taken the homeschooling curriculum and added to it with ensuring that our kids are inquisitive, ask questions, critically think, and are prepared for college if they choose to go.

  • jmdel

    Why do I get the impression that whomever writes these articles really hates this family and what they represent. Do you know them personally and have any of them done anything to hurt you personally for you to write so sarcastically. Our country needs more upstanding citizens and more true Americans.

    • Julie

      I really respect the Duggars and what they stand for! I would love to be more like them! They are a huge contribution to society! Josh… car dealer. Jana and Jill midwives, John David enterpeneur… the kids are all learning to serve/volunteer. Michelle and Jim bob have a great relationship together and with their children! I would love to meet them one day!

  • No thanks

    How can you be so judgmental? I’ll never come to this sight again. If you’d like to legitimately report news, try not being so one-sided and biased. Anyone with any kind of journalism degree (which is obvious you don’t have, make you a hypocrite), knows a true reporter relays information. Nice try though. Ha!

  • ksharp7

    He finished his GED at 16, got an online degree in political science while working the dealership.

    The older kids do online school, the girls are doing midwifery and dula stuff. Some go on missions. Some do volunteer fire department.

    • jkld

      Which means none of them live in the real world, right?

      • Suzzq

        jKid i feel sorry for you, you or so it seems to me are the one not living in the real world

        • jkld

          Again, not one of that bunch lives in the real world. Don’t feel sorry for me; I live In the real world as do most of us. It’s people like them that you need to feel sorry for, especially the girls. What a shame for their minds to go to total waste. Why don’t they get a real education and go to medical school ?

  • tpkyteroo luebeck

    This author is definitiely 100% AGAINST Christians so vehemently that author does even give a rat arse about accuracy. Patheos must mean pathetic pathological liars.

    1) Duggars are not opposed to their children going on to College or university to further their education.
    2) MANY people work in the political arena and do NOT have a College degree. Just as many have college and university degrees who have proven to have NO intelligence! See any law that got passed that you disagree with for proof.
    3) Joshua Duggar has an employee who helps out a lot at the business and could very easily run the business.

    • Rhina

      So why haven’t any of them attended a mainstream university? Wouldn’t their parents be encouraging of that if they weren’t opposed?

      • heldbyHishand

        If the children do not have a specific dream or desire to study in an area that requires a college degree, why should they? The financial and lifestyle patterns that follow many years of college certainly have greater potential to waste time, rather than the way the Duggar family choose to gain practical skills for life by small business ownership, community involvement and family life.

      • PPD

        Not everyone sees a college degree as necessary. It depends on what one wants to do with their life.

        • jkld

          Very true. However, some sort of advanced education, whether vocational or academic is pretty much a must these days. And for what he’s going to do, a higher academic education, min. of Bachelor’s and a Master’s is a must have, is the standard. Otherwise, you’ll not be taken seriously, particularly with who he is and where he’s from.

  • KRW

    He is A LOT more qualified for this job than Obama is for his!

    • pc

      ding ding ding! we haaave a winner! the racist who would declare a ged
      holder – as long as he is white – more qualified than a Harvard Law
      graduate and constitutional law professort… KRW HEEEERE is your Sheet!
      Don’t forget to cut eye holes in it….i’d HATE to see you trip over
      anything and bang what little brain you have….

      • dal

        wow, it is so easy to call anyone a racist who is critical of our president, yet it is so hard to defend him with actual facts and arguments. You are the real racist here pc…sad but true.

        • Justin Wayne Jones

          Actually saying that this neolithic waste could be president pretty well describes your intellect. And to make a point about education i highly doubt a man with no knowledge of world economy and a used car salesman who might I add has no real knowledge of how a country works other than what he is told is not qualified. Obama may not have done what he said he would and to be perfectly honest do some things i don’t approve of in the beginning he at least had knowledge going into and keeping his seat as president with everyone fighting to get him out. SO that being said I don’t think someone who doesn’t have higher education should ever be considered for president. I think economy, philosophy, Ethics, sociology, etc. should be a requirement.

          • Camille Cormier

            Couldn’t have said it better, Justin. Bravo!

      • KRW

        I’m Racist??? Exactly why no one takes hypocrites like you seriously… I am far from it UNLIKE YOU “First Obama is mix race” He could be purple with pink polka dots for all I would care if he would be an honest USA leader. He may have a college degree but, a college degree does NOT make him qualified to be president! His degree in Law- taught him to twist the truth for the outcome he wants. Yet you think a man that has lived his life completely faithfully to GOD & FAMILY… not qualified to work at a religious family research council??? It is quite obvious you only see Black & White – Your way of hate & bigotry is VERY SAD and CALAMITOUS. “By the way my sheets are black”.

        • cheatara

          You seem to be confusing actual qualifications with having parents who happened to have sex enough times to land them a reality show. Saying Obama is less qualified than a used car salesman with nothing more than a GED really does make most people jump to the conclusion of racism…I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt though and just assume that you are an idiot and not actually a racist idiot.

          • Camille Cormier

            Right on, cheatara well said.

      • kitty

        I worked diligently in the civil rights movement. I am as far from being a racist as one can get. I was delighted to see Obama become our president. I need to say how disappointed I am now in him as president!! One should be more careful of throwing a racist slur in the world today!! People need to agree and disagree w/o this silly slur coming up at every turn.

      • Mary

        The only racist here is you. KRW said nothing about race and I sure didn’t take it that way either. If you take a moment to look at the news, and I don’t mean MSNBC, you will quickly see that Obama has proven to be UNqualified to serve as this countries President.

      • mon_a

        I don’t agree with KRW’s statement (reasons listed in responding comment), but I don’t think it’s reasonable or logical to make the jump as his/her comment reflecting any racism.

      • travis

        WOW!!! really? racist? ewww Harvard law must mean the prez is smart! thanks for the good laugh!!!

      • MayaAyala

        Ridiculous. A person can be perfectly qualified for public service WITHOUT a degree.

        Although I am educated (three degrees), I feel that I am just as capable now in terms of politics and life as I was as an undergraduate student.

        My father has a 5th grade education from Mexico. However, he is one of the most intelligent men that I have known. He is successful at whatever he attempts. He is a “lifetime learner” by the fact that he spends time reading, learning and finding a way to do things. He encouraged all of his children to earn an education.

        As a result, I and all nine of the siblings in my family have earned at least a bachelor’s degree. Five of us already earned post-graduate degrees. Four are teachers. Two are educational administrators. One recently graduated as an Architect. One is attending Harvard. One recently graduated from Stanford.

        The author of this article obviously doesn’t know Mr. Duggar, how intelligent he might be or the job requirements for the position. However, it is pompous to declare that Mr. Duggar is somehow unworthy of a position simply because he was home-schooled earned a GED or opted to not attend college.

        In fact, the exploding cost of college with an ever-shrinking job market has led many people to realize the diminished return for such a lofty investment. Instead of spending $250K on a four-year education, they are choosing other ways to “educate” themselves — including online research or free opt-in courses from websites like Coursera that offer “certificates” for completed coursework.

        I suggest that the author issue an apology for the negative tone that he/she took in this article. If it was an attempt to ridicule this young man (who is slightly younger than I am), then one must wonder why. If the Duggars teach us anything, it is that a family can grow up in the United States without depending upon the government, committing crime or being famous for “leaked” sex videos.

        I think that Josh Duggar deserves credit for striving to work for something that he believes in. It certainly beats the alternative.

      • starryskye

        what a terrible thing to say! I am really sick and tired of anyone who dares to criticize the president being labelled racist. That in itself is racist! And people like you who only call names and spew hatred are worse than any racists. Grow up!

      • Suzeeq

        I don’t think the color of either man in question has anything to do with this discussion. You are probably Hispanic,or black or you wouldn’t say anything like what you just said. I am a 61 year old registered nurse who married young dropped out of school got my GED and went on to graduate from college. So does that make me unqualified to treat you if you or a loved one is sick? I think you would beg to have me give you the care you need. Since we have no idea of what job Josh will be doing how can you say he’s unqualified. Furthermore we can look at the state of the US economy and see that Obama isn’t doing his.

    • mon_a

      Really? A B.A. in political science from Columbia, a J.D. from Harvard Law, a visiting Law and Government Fellow at University of Chicago Law are subpar qualifications vs online degree, reality show star, and used car lot owner? You can scoff at Obama’s role as a community organizer, (director of Project Vote and director of the Developing Communities Project). But, at best, it’s not anymore impressive than Josh Duggar’s only political involvement role as an on-the-road speaker for Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign.

      Granted, the Family Research Council is a conservative lobbying organization. Seeing as though Obama is on the opposing party with opposing view points, yes, Josh Duggar is a better fit for this job. And yes, one can argue that despite Obama’s CV he still did not make a good president. But if you’re speaking on credentials alone, objectively speaking any employer would view someone with Obama’s credentials as more qualified for politics than someone of Josh Duggar’s.

    • Grotoff

      Wow, it’s been awhile since ran across anything so explicitly racist. I tend avoid the seedier parts of the internet though, so perhaps that’s just selection bias.

  • HAUS

    For those of you who are “flipping out” because Joshua Duggar doesn’t have a college degree in DC, you may want to do some research. Some of the most successful Americans in our history didn’t finish college.

    Here are examples of other superstars who did not complete college on their rise to the top:
    — We all know the story of Steve Jobs, who dropped out of Reed College. Since the days of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, many business leaders got their starts without the benefit of degrees, including Larry Ellison of Oracle, Bill Gates and Paul Allen of Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg and Dustin Moskovitz of Facebook, Michael Dell of Dell Computers, Brian Dunn of Best Buy, Anna Wintour of Vogue, Barry Diller of IAC, John Mackey of Whole Foods, David Geffen, Ralph Lauren and Ted Turner.
    — David Plouffe, senior advisor to President Barack Obama and architect of his innovative and historically unprecedented campaign, dropped out of the University of Delaware to work in politics (returning to complete his degree in 2010). President George W. Bush’s top adviser, Karl Rove, and John McCain’s 2008 campaign manager, Steve Schmidt, also lacked degrees.
    — Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, dropped out of Marquette University. He is joined by Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona, Gov. Gary Herbert of Utah, U.S. Sen. Mark Begich of Alaska and 33 members of the U.S. House of Representatives.
    — Maya Angelou has received many honorary doctorates but never attended college to learn her craft. She’s in good company with many other great American writers, such as Gore Vidal, August Wilson, Mark Twain, William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Robert Frost, Joseph Brodsky and Harper Lee.
    — Woody Allen is loved by intellectuals for his philosophical films, but he did not gain his style on a campus, having flunked out of City College of New York. Other Oscar winners without degrees include Clint Eastwood, James Cameron, Robert Redford, Michael Moore, Sidney Pollack, George Clooney, Hillary Swank, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and Steven Spielberg (who completed a degree in 2002).
    — Oprah Winfrey left Tennessee State University in 1976 to begin her career in media (completing her degree in 1986). Top talkers without degrees include Larry King, Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Kimmel, Joy Behar, Rosie O’Donnell and conservative talkers Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity.
    — Brian Williams attended three schools and completed 18 undergraduate credits before working his way to NBC News anchor. Peter Jennings, Walter Cronkite and John Chancellor were also anchors without degrees. And many reporters and columnists never completed college, including Nina Totenberg of NPR, Carl Bernstein of The Washington Post and former New York Times columnist and wordsmith William Safire.
    — Alicia Keys has made a name for herself as a singer, songwriter and political activist. She joins an exclusive club of singer/activists without degrees that includes Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Steve Earle and Jon Bon Jovi.

    • JAK928

      People just don’t realize just how difficult it is to find a job without any college, and who is to say that even with a degree you will find what you are lokking for???? DC is a hard place to start “looking” for a new career!! What he has going for him is his name, and the tv show…Good Luck!

    • jkld

      And just how many of them work in DC in the 21st Century in POLITICS?
      And I’m not talking about tv personalities.

  • Totally unqualified. It’s not like Josh has any executive experience running his own business or anything. What could he possibly know about conservative families? He’s probably won’t even be able to handle being in the public’s eyes since he had no experience there either.

    Sometimes actually experiencing things makes you more qualified than just learning about them in a university from some other puppy who’s never had real world experience either.

    • I Escaped From DC

      Washington DC is light years away from Tontitown, Arkansas. These two kids have no college whatsoever. Josh Duggar has a GED, thanks to his home schooling. Just trying to find a place to live is going to put them into shock. Why don’t they just move to one of Jupiter’s moons? It’d be a lot easier. The minimum you need for a real job in DC is a master’s degree. They are going to be overwhelmed very quickly, between the traffic, the prices, the competition for everything, and their own total lack of academic credentials, even the barest minimum. He’s from a hamlet in Arkansas, she’s from rural Florida, for gosh sake. Where on earth do they think they are going to live when a 3 bdrm/2 ba rancher costs hundreds of thousands of dollars?

  • Since when does not having a college degree mean he’s not qualified to work in politics, much less on the hill? At age 25 he’s accomplished a whole lot more career wise than most college graduates have by age 30. He’s run a successful small business which pretty much puts him a step above the rest of the 25 year-olds who currently owe 70k in loans to Sallie Mae but are making 45k a year in a job they absolutely hate. You might not care for the Duggar way of life, but I’m sorry, you sound like a bitter hater.

    • jkld

      You obviously know nothing of the education needed to work in upper level politics, do you? The miminum education is a Bachelors Degree, with the vast majority having a master’s and/or above + internships that give needed experience. Even low level legislative aides on the Hill have degrees.
      He’s going to be eaten alive and deserves to be.
      He won’t last a year because NO ONE will take him seriously? Why? Because he doesn’t have the formal education

      • And you obviously have been drinking the kool aid if you really think that somehow many of these clowns in congress working on the hill with college degrees are somehow better qualified in politics. Time to wake up sir, the era of college = smarter is long gone. Much of higher education in America is a joke right now as evidenced by the high unemployment rate among college graduates.

        But let’s talk about what you’re really doing which is projecting your disappointment in your own shortcomings. Did that illustrious political career you hoped for not pan out as well as you’d hoped? I know plenty about upper level politics, more than I care to know and it’s not education that puts people in high places; it’s connections. You and I know it, and that’s probably why you’re so bitter today.

        So he’ll be eaten alive in a year. I’ll set a reminder on my calendar and check back again on this thread in a year. We’ll see who’s right.

        • jkld

          Honey, the boy will be eaten alive because NO ONE, and I do mean that NO ONE, is going to take him seriously without that sheepskin. This IS DC, not Podunk Arkansas. If you want to play ball with the big boys, you’d better have the credentials to back up that you DO have the ability. Again, this is NOT Podunk Arkansas. It’s DC.
          BTW, the vast majority of corporations want the sheepskin too. You will NOT be promoted without it. I personally knew a kid who worked with CapitalOne who was a fantastic supervisor. However, they wanted to promote him into management but would not. Why? NO DEGREE. He is currently in school to earn a Bachelors in Marketing Management before he can earn any type of promotion.

          BTW – it’s a bit hypocritical, don’t you think, that the Family Research Council has 2 job openings and BOTH specify REQUIRED DEGREES.

          And I know about upper level politics and analysis as well. He will NEVER be taken seriously until he has the formal education.

          This is NOW, not 50 years ago. The old days of learning by the seat of your pants are LONG GONE. Even I know that and I’m 58 and have a Masters as well. Oh, and btw, I didn’t get into that rat race. Didn’t and don’t want to. I do my analysis from 100 miles south, in my office. After all, state political analysis is just as fun.

  • Deb

    They are too boring to have their own show. Wish them luck in DC.

    • cheatara

      I think for now they will just continue on their parents show, with camera crews in both places, till they have 10 or so more kids, then they can get their own show.

  • I wish them the best and look forward to hearing about their successes and struggles just like the rest of us. I commend Josh & Anna for going forward and trying a new job in a new city! They have chosen to step out of a comfort area and go in a new direction. Good Luck and God Bless!

  • Sara

    sure, so much better to fake your way through harvard and have a college diploma with zero understanding about anything.

    • BillyBobx

      a hugh debt and a college diploma that won’t get you a job.

    • cheatara

      It isn’t even remotely possible to “fake your way through harvard”. I’ve never understood these claims. It is obvious that obama is extremely intelligent. It was also obvious that george w bush was (is) extremely intelligent. I did find it fun that I had a higher SAT score than bush, but, that isn’t any sort of proof of intelligence, and it’s not like his scores were bad. It takes a lot to be president, I highly doubt you, or I, could do a better job than either of these two men have done.

  • callingoutfools

    Hmmm yes because a college degree has made our sitting president and congress such upstanding, and “qualified” individuals. Perhaps you should have been home schooled too. A piece of paper from a for-profit university means nothing – as proven by this article here. Can’t buy common sense and a value system.

    • Independent Thinker

      College isn’t about the “piece of paper” as much as networking. If you look at successful college drop outs they usually drag some of the talent from the schools they attended into their business later on. College also teaches an individual how to deal with opposing cultures and viewpoints in a productive manner. For many people it can be the first time in life that another person doesn’t just smile and nod when you give your viewpoint. The Duggars can not be compared to those in politics in a realistic manner. Politicians like it or not win their way to the top and rely on those around them to do it.

  • D in TN

    I think it is obscene to put down a person for their education and their values. Who needs mainstream education with all the liberal/one-sided views on everything. That is what is wrong with this country now. I do not believe for one minute Josh is riding the coat-tails of his parents. He is an honest guy and extremely intelligent. We should be encouraging more people like him to go to Washington. Obviously, the ones there have no moral compass or ability to define right and wrong.

    • Rabbit in a hat

      So those of us who homeschool but with a more liberal outlook are ok, right? I mean, my wife and I homeschool, but with a classically oriented education that teaches our kids to think for themselves and to question everything, and to see all sides of every issue, and what each culture and religion can offer society, but you wouldn’t have a problem with that homeschool curriculum, right?

    • D in TN

      I have no problem with discussing different opinions but to force feed our children socialism or atheism is not right. I have a lot of friends who homeschool. I applaud you. I could not do it. I admire teachers so much who have the patience to do it. My problem is government telling teachers what can be taught and what cannot. Cannot say a prayer but can teach about abortion and pass out condoms. Our country will be lost if it does not turn back to God. I disagree with dumbing down our kids. If some cannot keep up, or will not keep up, lower the standards so they can !!! That is unfair to all. No one has accountability anymore. In the 1960s Khrushchev, then Russia leader, said our country would be taken over without a shot fired and to do that all anyone had to do was get to our children and their school books. Well, look around. It is happening.

      • Guest

        I don’t like government telling me that I can’t have an abortion or that I have to pray everywhere I go or that friends of different faiths are not free to practice their own religions without interference.

        How about government just stay out of everyone’s business, period?

        • D in TN

          I have no problem with discussing different opinions but to force feed our children socialism or atheism is not right. I have a lot of friends who homeschool. I applaud you. I could not do it. I admire teachers so much who have the patience to do it. My problem is government telling teachers what can be taught and what cannot. Cannot say a prayer but can teach about abortion and pass out condoms. Our country will be lost if it does not turn back to God. I disagree with dumbing down our kids. If some cannot keep up, or will not keep up, lower the standards so they can !!! That is unfair to all. No one has accountability anymore. In the 1960s Khrushchev, then Russia leader, said our country would be taken over without a shot fired and to do that all anyone had to do was get to our children and their school books. Well, look around. It is happening.

          • LexiconD1

            Yes, because of illegal immigration, which as nothing to do with religion. Keep YOUR religion to yourself. I’m an atheist, I don’t care about your ‘God’, nor do I want to hear about it. And no, I am anything BUT a liberal.

            What you’re pontificating is force feeding your made up BS known as ‘God’, and trying to shove it down the throats of the masses because that’s what YOU want. The United States does not operate that way. Proselytize anywhere you want, but no where near government institutions, especially schools. Apparently you didn’t bother to pay attention in History and Government class. We have freedom of religion, sure…but that also means we have freedom FROM religion, as well. Guess the Separation of Church and State means nothing to you too, but I’m thankful for it each and every single day!

          • D in TN

            Yes, you have the right of freedom FROM religion but that does not mean I have to cease and desist. It is my right to have positive beliefs. I hope you have reconsidered by the day you meet your maker. You are in my prayers.

          • LexiconD1

            I didn’t say you have to ‘cease and desist’. What I was inferring is that you don’t have the right to force feed me, or anyone else, your religion in any public way on government property. I pay taxes too, I am an American born citizen, that is my Constitutional right. It is not going to change…

            I’ve had the pleasure of already meeting my maker…I call them Mom and Dad. I’m sure your prayers would be better served elsewhere, I don’t need them…but, thank you for the offer.

          • D in TN

            I too am American born and pay taxes, and have the same constitutional rights. You would not be here had God not created man and woman. Your parents are sent from God. You will meet God one day. I hope by then, you understand what an amazing world we live in, divinely inspired. Inspired means breathed life into. God did that, into this world, there was no big bang. Open your heart and gain peace.

          • LexiconD1

            I wish you really understood your ‘rights’…Maybe then you’d stop trying to shove your God down everyone else’s throat. I have an open heart, and peace in my life, for my patients (I am a nurse), for my friends, my family and especially my son, they are real, God is not.

          • D in TN

            THEN, as a nurse, how can you see new life and when life leaves a body and not KNOW there is a God. I am not shoving anything down your throat. You asked? I am answering. Grace and Peace.

          • jkld

            Your beliefs are YOUR beliefs. They may or may NOT be the beliefs of others. What you DO NOT have the right to do is impose YOUR religion/beliefs on me or anyone else.
            This country is not, never has been, and never will be a theoracy.
            Read the 1st 10 words of the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution. Regardless of what YOU want or believe, you do NOT have the right to impose YOUR beliefs on anyone else. EVER.

          • jkld

            Prehaps you need to read and comprehend the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution.

      • Emma

        Sorry, so it’s not right to ‘force feed our children socialism or atheism’ but it’s ok to force feed them Christianity or fundamentalism? What’s with that logic?

      • cheatara

        The last thing our country needs is more christians.

        By your logic, is raising your kids to be christian not right either? Or is it only atheists who shouldn’t pass down their views to their children? How about capitalism? Is that ok to pass down to your kids? Or is socialism the only view point that is wrong? Your views are great for kids to learn, but only yours. What if the teacher wants to lead your kids in muslim prayer in public schools, is that ok? Or is only christian prayer alright? How do you decide which form of christianity you are ok with? Are you good with mormonism? Young earth fundamentalism? Catholicism? Allegorical christianity? I mean, who picks what is and isn’t the right god and the right way to talk to that god? You know, there is a solution for that…if you want your kids to have their teacher lead them in prayers there are a plethora of christian schools in multiple denominations for you to choose from. I don’t send my kids to a typical public school. It’s not that hard to find a school that fits your values or your learning philosophy, you just have to spend a few extra minutes on choosing instead of just going with the default assigned school.

        Kids should not be forcefed anything, that includes however that kids shouldn’t be going to church either. Bringing your child to church before they are old enough to naturally question what they are taught by trusted adults, till they are naturally skeptical, is doing exactly that, forcefeeding them your views and your religion.. I do not think anyone should teach their kids about god/religion, at all actually. It should be put off till they are old enough to realize their parents aren’t always right. Children should be allowed to form their own world views on things like believe in god, religion and politics, without those views being influenced by their parents. My kids don’t even know what we believe, or don’t believe, religiously speaking and they have no clue what our political leanings are or who we vote for. they are kids and are not yet old enough to truly comprehend these things and come to their own conclusions yet. If you teach your kid about god when they are still young enough to believe a man in a flying sled brings toys once a year they will believe it…if you wait till their old enough to think that sounds absurd it’s very unlikely they will believe, cause, well, the bible is much less logical and much more ridiculously absurd.

        Ohh, and finally… If you want less abortions you should be all for condom
        distribution, comprehensive sex ed and easy access to free or low cost birth control. I will never understand
        pro-life and anti-condoms, you can’t have it both ways. If you don’t
        teach children realistic (cause expecting kids to be abstinent till
        marriage is not realistic, and it is just as unrealistic for christian kids as it is for atheist ones.) methods of contraception than you need to expect quite a few teen pregnancies, which equals more abortions. If you want less abortions you need less unwanted pregnancies.

        • D in TN

          You have been deeply hurt by something and I am sorry for you. You are in my prayers.

          • cheatara

            ha, that’s actually funny, thanks, I don’t consider being in someone’s prayers an insult, I know it doesn’t do anything, but I’m happy with people thinking about me as much as they want.

            I do think someone saying raising your kids to be atheist is wrong but raising your kids to be christian is right is ridiculously closed minded and rude though.

          • D in TN

            I did not mean it as an insult. I meant it as fact. You have been hurt. I will pray that the hurt abates and you find peace. I do not follow the logic in the last sentence but, I am not arguing. You are free and can make your own choices. I was voicing mine. I have been exposed to all types of religions. It is like eating okra. Some like it some don’t. You do not know until you try it. Everyone has a different opinion. That is your right and mine. Atheism is not for me. Christianity is where my soul and heart live. I will continue to pray for your heart to discern the truth for you as you find it to be.

          • cheatara

            That is not even remotely what you said. In your original comment you said it was wrong to teach children atheism. Now you are saying religion is right for some people and wrong for others, and you have to try it to find out. Those 2 things do not mesh with each other at all. I actually agree with you on this one, I just think that trying should wait till they are older to be exposed, so they are old enough to sort fact from fiction.

            I’ve tried christianity. I actually have degrees in basic theology and world evangelism from a very conservative bible college. I have not been hurt by anyone, seriously, I just became old enough to realize the bible is 100% impossible.

          • D in TN

            I stand by my origininal comment. It is wrong to teach children atheism. They need to have maturity to discern the truth for themselves. I have not changed my opinion, I am not staying religion is right for some and wrong for others. You misunderstand. I said, you have to try to find out where your heart finds the truth. A degree in basic theology and world evangelism is a good start. BUT, you are listening to opinions of instructors. Sitting in a class teaching theology does not make a person a Christian any more than sitting in a garage will make you a Cadillac. You may have had incorrect information. You can TRY Christianity but it is not like a pair of shoes, it is not always instant. There are different denominations of Christianity that could be what you are seeking. It is not a one-size-fits all. You have to be willing to open up and seek the truth through reading the word in the Bible, accepting it as truth. Yes, even the part about a camel passing through the eye of a needle. It is not all easy to comprehend. The Bible is not only 100% possible, but the only thing in this life that is 100% possible and guaranteed. ” Imagine stepping on shore, finding it Heaven; touching a hand, finding it God’s; breathing new air, finding it celestial; waking up in Glory and finding it HOME.” That is your guarantee as a believer.

            D in TN

        • Camille Cormier

          OMG Cheatara. Great opening sentence for this post! I almost fell off my chair.

    • Camille Cormier

      Of course Josh is riding on his parents’ coattails, even if he or they didn’t intend for him to. Their TV show is the ONLY reason FRC offered him a job. A super media-savvy move on their part: some free publicity for FRC through comments/themes/air time on ’19 Kids’ will accrue, for a certainty. Will play well for fundraising purposes, you’d better believe.

      Signed, a DC policy wonk with a moral compass.

  • Eileen

    You know, I try really hard not to be a classicist snob. I do. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not going to college and making your money managing a car dealership. It’s a perfectly worthy career choice and if that’s what suits you, more power to you. BUT. It’s weird to switch careers completely and start out at the senior level. You don’t really know what you’re doing yet. You have to learn all the ropes of a new industry, and it’s really best to be doing that without a bunch of people working under you. If Josh had done even one or two internships and then gotten an executive position, cool. He does have management experience, after all. But he doesn’t have any experience in politics, and experience matters. I know people with political careers who never finished college, and that’s perfectly cool – but they started by volunteering with campaigns.

  • BillyBobx

    lilit marcus would have to stand on it’s mother’s broad shoulders to kiss Josh Duggar’s *ss.

  • Jane Wu

    Big cities are very competitive aren’t they? Usually, the wouldn’t even consider someone for a decent job without at least a college degree. I’m not sure about politics though……..

  • guest

    wow, a lot of hatred for a family that really does not deserve it. While I am not a Duggar and would not wish to be (I mean, have you seen those swim suits?), this family lives their beliefs, they are self sufficient, reach out and help others, their kids seem normal enough and extremely respectful without being zombies, they encourage their kids to explore the world while living their beliefs and they value education but want to be included in the decisions on what their kids learn.

    Now I feel like I have to admit that I started watching thinking they were a bunch of fanatics and kept watching because I am determined to watch Michelle lose her temper at least once, but truly, they seem to be what they claim to be.

    To say that Josh or any of them are unqualified assumes that you know what their educational path has been. While I do not choose to have 20 kids, home school my kids, and I would die if you took my jeans away, I have respect for a family that has made it possible to make rearing their family their first concern.

    I will continue to watch because I wanna see what Jinger does, she makes me laugh because she is anything but a conformist. She shows her personality and you can tell she is not brainwashed and they celebrate her individuality.

  • travis

    college education does NOT “quality” you for work! his real would experiences as a small business owner make him a better candidate than someone with a piece of paper!

    • bmack

      but, that’s just the point – he has NO real world experiences in politics or Washington – his small town, small business ownership can’t stand up to the kill or be killed style of Washington (or any other large city, for that matter); his country mouse family will be eaten alive.
      The fact that he doesn’t have a higher-level college degree will just be one more item used to magnify his lack of knowledge of the world he’s about to step into – how can he begin to understand the ‘politics’ of office life when he’s never been there…. this is all stuff we learn when we first start out, at minimum wage, as the hourly temp or office staff, and work up from there – he has none of that, and he plans to step right in as a senior executive – what he lacks will be VERY transparent to all those who are trying to WORK their way into this position he was just handed.

      • Cyn2

        You do know that his dad was in Arkansas state politics and he worked on his dad’s campaign as a child? The family has been involved in politics, volunteering for other candidates in whom they believed. So he does have some experience in politics, although certainly not at the DC level.

        • cheatara

          going on a few speaking tours with rick santorum and signing autographs is not “experience in politics”. His experience is of a media personality. That experience will get them publicity, more than they already get, cause of who he is, not because of what he can actually do.

        • jkld

          Arkansas is the backwater redneck area. And without real world experience + an education, he will be eaten alive.
          BTW – Clinton came from Arkansas BUT he had a LAW DEGREE, was a Rhodes Scholar + was governor.
          Without an education, he won’t last a year, if that long.

  • nugget

    I don’t understand how Josh got a job in DC in Politics with no College degree or higher Education. My boyfriend has a 4 year college degree in government and politics, minor in history and has been looking for a job focusing in DC area for the past 6 months! What is wrong with this picture, something is very weird about all of this.

    • ah

      He probably doesn’t want to work for some conservative think tank.

      • nugget

        It doesn’t matter what side of politics you support, it doesn’t dictate your qualifications, that makes no sense. Conservative or Liberal you need an Education to work for either side. The point is he is NOT qualified.

        • jkld

          And without that education, he will NOT EVER be taken seriously. That kind of bs might work in Arkansas, but it doesn’t work in the real world.

      • nugget

        oh wait am I interpreting your response wrong do you mean my boyfriend ?

  • ah

    We barely made it in DC with two junior enlisted military incomes and no debt. I don’t know how they’re going to pull that one off. Good luck.

  • didiboo59

    This move is so smart on his part. I can see the new show now “DUGGARS DO DC”…..the $$$$$ will roll in now no matter what job he takes.

    • jkld

      Actually, he won’t last long without a formal education.

  • cheatara

    well, I think he probably is qualified for this job… It doesn’t take much qualification to make up lies and use them to hurt people. It’s not like anything FRC does is based on fact…just hate.

  • ashlynn

    There are about 10 past presidents who did not have a college degree. I will take someone honest with common sense who will uphold all that this country was founded on over the many self absorbed intellectuals sitting up in their academic ivy towers thinking of more ways to destroy what is left of this country all the while filling the minds of our students with their own distorted belief system. It was bad enough all the liberal BS you had to listen to when I was in college, much worse now.

    • D in TN

      You are so right and it has now trickled down to the lower grades to innocent children who cannot discern truth from not. Our only hope is to turn back to God, as a nation, as our founding fathers intended.

      • jkld

        Prehaps you need to learn that EDUCATON is the key to everything, NOT simply religion.
        BTW – GO READ THE 1ST Amendment and COMPREHEND it.

    • LexiconD1

      Name any of them in the past 100 years that didn’t have college degrees?

    • jkld

      Name the Presidents in the last Century or better that have less than a formal education.
      He’s going to get eaten alive because he has NOTHING to back up his intentions.

  • Judgy1

    Your writer sounds a little disgruntled. Without even confirming the job, you feel Mr. Dugger’s not qualified? Anyone should be qualified to work for a cause for which they believe in. The only conflict I can foresee is this man’s honesty and good intentions. Perhaps a few decades in D.C. or a couple of political night courses will cure him of this. lol

  • Melanie

    There are many types of people, different kinds of intelligence and varying styles of education and they all add to the fabric of a great society. I think maybe we all are to quick to judge others. Josh graduated from high school with his GED at 16. He is also the person that had the idea for the show and had been dabbling in video production as a hobby. Intelligence and education are not the same. There are many educated fouls and may intelligent drop-outs. I wish everyone would just accept people for who they are and what they do with their lives. What a person does with his life is the real test of human character. Live what you believe and don’t judge others for living what they believe. Celebrate it! Life and people are precious!

    • jkld

      To be taken seriously, one has to have the education to back up your claims. This person doesn’t. If this is the kind of attitude of the extreme religious right, I really pity these people. They will NOT be able to exist in the real world.

  • starryskye

    What a nasty tone! Just because he doesnt have a college degree doesnt make him unqualified for some jobs. He has owned his own business for several years and is clearly intelligent and responsible. It may have nothing at all to do with his parents being profiled on TLC. Not every employee at Focus on the Family or the like has a reality show parent. What was the nasty point of this article? Does it just bother you that someone is doing well in his life?

  • Holly

    I’m sorry but ot all home school kids have to get a GED anymore, my daughter has been home schooled, she is now “schooled at home” with an online public school where she will graduate and recieve a diploma.