Anna Duggar Is Pregnant Again, But Michelle Duggar Isn’t

Anna Duggar Is Pregnant Again, But Michelle Duggar Isn’t March 11, 2013

This morning, the entire Duggar family – from mom and dad Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar down to their youngest kids and grandkids – appeared on the Today show. When the family appears on Today it usually means they’re announcing a pregnancy, and today was no exception – Anna Duggar, wife of oldest son Josh Duggar, is expecting her third child. The couple, who are choosing all M names for their kids, already have Mackynzie and Michael.

While it’s great that Anna and Josh are having another kid, it’s also pretty anticlimactic if you follow the Duggar family. If anything, this appearance only highlighted for me how weird it is that Josh is the only married Duggar kid. The four oldest daughters – Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger – have all been of marriageable age in their community for some time, and I can’t help but think that they’re deliberately being kept at home raising their younger siblings and running the house rather than being allowed to live their own lives. Considering how Josh and Anna’s wedding was ratings gold for 19 Kids and Counting, you’d think the family would want a few more televised marriages in order to keep things interesting. But I guess that’s falling by the wayside in favor of a paid-for-by-the-network trip to Asia.

Josh and Anna didn’t mention M3’s due date, but Anna’s sister Priscilla Waller is pregnant with her first and due any day now.

[Update: Thanks to commenter Ocross, who was paying closer attention than I was, we know that Anna’s due date is June 6.]

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  • Eileen

    Michelle Duggar is 46. Pregnancy is probably a lot less likely than menopause these days.

  • Wasn’t one of the Duggar daughters supposedly training to be a midwife? (I want to say Jill, but that could be way off.) Wasn’t this same daughter the one who detected that Jubilee did not have a heartbeat any longer? If she was that far along in training, have to wonder, did she stop? Or will we see her delivering Anna and Josh’s baby? I’m not a Duggar hater, but I just wonder about them sometimes.

    • LilitMarcus

      Yes, that was Jill who was training to be a midwife. I’m not sure what program she was doing, as the Duggars are pretty anti-formal education, so it may have been some kind of lay program. I will have to go back and rewatch the episode, but I believe Jill assisted Anna when she gave birth to Michael. It would make sense to have a midwife in that family.

    • June1111

      The ultrasound technician discovered that Jubilee had passed away. Jill is still training, yes. I think it’s safe to assume she’ll assist with baby #3’s birth. 🙂

      • anjealka

        It has been said that Jill will assist (as a lay midwife) in Anna’s birth of baby #3. It also mentioned it will be at a birthing center. I wonder if after the toilet birth fiasco, and comments about safety since Anna did not have a certified midwife present for Mac or Mike that they are using the birthing center. Jill is training as a lay midwife under a like minded Christian midwife. She is not attending college which is necessary to become a certified midwife. It also seems like Jana is with Jill at all births(I wonder if Jana is training or just a chaperone?). I would love to see Jill attend college but at least unlike her sisters she is getting out in the world a little more then her sisters.

        • chris

          Jana is training to be a doula, which is a mother’s helper during labour. Seems like a better fit for them than being a non-certified midwife.

  • Ocross

    The due date was mentioned on the Today show – June 6th.

    • June 6th is D Day. Also happens to be my birthday.

  • park88

    The oldest kids are not staying home because they have to. If you would watch the show you would know that the kids do not go around and date anyone they are waiting for the one and Jim bob was telling John David maybe it is time to get mrried and the girls are be right and modest.

  • Kashka Waller

    Oh, good for all oh them!! I think the next to get out and find someone to marry is John David and I hope it is one of Annas sisters, can’t think of her name?

    • anjealka

      I think all of Anna’s sisters are taken or are not in the lifestyle. Ester is married with 8 kids under 10, Priscilia is married with baby #1 on the way, Suze just had a baby (out of wedlock, she is no longer ATI/Gothard), and the last sister who I can’t remember her name but she is married with 2 kids and not interested in the quiverfull big family life. The rest of the Kellers are boys! JD will not be next. I guess Jessa is the first girl and Joseph will be the first boy to get married.

  • I have four children and I cringe with fear anytime I feel a sneeze coming (four pregnancies have weakened my bladder). I can’t imagine what Michelle goes thru

  • Roxanne

    Not a very nice article. If you can’t say something nice rather say nothing at all. Time to grow up an practice a little good moral….possibly like the Duggers!

  • TM Gerber

    This family is as messed up as the Manson family.