Josh Duggar’s LinkedIn Page Shows Exactly How ‘Qualified’ He Is for His ‘Job’

Josh Duggar’s LinkedIn Page Shows Exactly How ‘Qualified’ He Is for His ‘Job’ May 29, 2013

Recently, we reported on the news that Josh Duggar, oldest kid of the 19 Kids and Counting clan, was moving his young family to DC to take a job working in politics. The news was confirmed on the TLC reality show recently, and it looks like Josh is spiffing up his online presence as he gets ready to take a job he’s completely unqualified for. First up: a LinkedIn page. I’ve always wondered how you write a resume when you’ve never had a real job (is “being on reality TV” a job?), so thanks to Josh for answering that question.

Here are a few reasons why his LinkedIn page is totally embarrassing:

  • His profile picture is a cheesy wedding pic of him and Anna Duggar. Look, the picture is cute. But it belongs on a personal Facebook page, not on a career profile page.
  • His only education is “High School.” I get that he was homeschooled so his high school doesn’t have a name, but can’t he at least come up with something to write in that section?
  • One of his past ‘jobs’ is as the president and founder of a political consulting company. He supposedly ran said company for seven years, but there’s almost no record of it online, and he doesn’t actually explain what the hell the company was or what he did there. No, that doesn’t sound fake at all.
  • He has zero connections so far. Aw, poor Josh. I’m sure that number will go up soon. Just make all your siblings create profiles and connect to them, Josh!
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