Josh and Anna Duggar Welcome Son Marcus Anthony

Josh and Anna Duggar Welcome Son Marcus Anthony June 7, 2013

Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar have paid me the ultimate compliment by naming their third kid Marcus. Josh and Anna are following Duggar tradition by giving all their kids names that start with the same letter – Marcus’ older siblings are Mackynzie and Michael. Like his older siblings, Marcus will have his birth featured on television – TLC is airing promos for a Father’s Day-themed episode in which Anna goes into labor. Let’s hope that she didn’t have to give birth on a toilet this time, ok? This also means that the Duggars will be moving to the DC area with a newborn in tow.

People magazine has the exclusive, but they only have one small picture of the baby – most likely, those are being saved for the TLC special. My early spoiler: he looks like a baby.

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  • Joy Horn

    Looks like a baby. LOL!! :”) Very cute!

  • Lynette

    anna, get real why are you trying to follow in Michelle’s footstep like a rabbit. This is 2013 you fool, you just want to lie on your back and have 19 kids so you too can have a reality show. Get real girl, go back to school, do something with your life, three is enough. NOt one of these kids can help themselves. You are all so DISGUSTING. I think I have to stop watching your reality show because you do not know when to stop and smell the roses and say enough is enough. You seem to be in a competition with your inlaws and the bates. You might be the unlucky one. The Bible says to be “fruitful and multiply” but I am sure he did not mean to have children like rabbit.