The Real Problem with NFP–A Continuing Conversation..

The Real Problem with NFP–A Continuing Conversation.. July 23, 2014

If you enjoyed my post from yesterday, “There’s No Such Thing as NFP”  you’ll appreciate today’s post from Dr. Pia De Solenni’s post that builds on some of the themes I raised.  Here’s a taste…

For quite some time, I’ve been making the case that NFP is pedagogical….NFP, when a couple learns it together, provides a much needed basis for learning how to communicate about vulnerable and deeply private/sensitive topics. What happens in some cases, unfortunately, is that the wife learns and implements it by herself and then her husband sees her as the gatekeeper. She’s keeping him from having sex. If it weren’t for that d****d NFP, they’d be having sex, right? (I remain convinced that many couples who use fertility monitoring devices are in fact looking for a referee in the bedroom. It’s no longer the wife who’s saying that she’s fertile and that it’s not a good time to conceive a child – she’s worn out with that pressure and responsibility which properly belongs to both of them together; it’s now this device that becomes the arbitrator in the bedroom. I’m not opposed to such devices, but I do think it’s important to look at how and why they are used.) This suggests that the couple has deeper issues than NFP.   READ MORE

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