Pastoral Solutions Institute and 2 Great Things That Go Great Together

Pastoral Solutions Institute and 2 Great Things That Go Great Together July 9, 2015



I’m excited to announce that that Pastoral Solutions Institute will be working with as part of our shared mission to help Catholics celebrate the life and relationships that God wants them to have.



My wife, Lisa, and I will be hosting a soon-to-be-released video series for the CatholicMatch Institute on different aspects of what it takes to live life to the fullest and cultivate healthy, joyful, passionate, faith-filled marriages.  We’ll  providing other content as well over the next several months.  Additionally, the Pastoral Solutions Institute will be providing opportunities for CatholicMatch clients to access personal coaching and counseling services both to assist them individually and to help get their relationships off to a great start.  Check out this link that explains some of what we’ll be doing!

We’re excited about our new relationships with CatholicMatch and we look forward to helping CatholicMatch clients live God’s plan for life and relationships to the full!

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