DNC Chair: Lybia Terror Attack Statements Wrong, Not False

DNC Chair: Lybia Terror Attack Statements Wrong, Not False October 11, 2012

More evidence mounts that the attack on the US embassy in Lybia on Sept. 11, 2012, and assassination of the US ambassador and three other Americans was a deliberate terrorist attack. In response,  Democratic National Committee Chair claimed on CNN with Piers Morgan yesterday that initial Obama administration statements citing a YouTube video as the cause of the violence were wrong, but not intentionally so, which means they were not technically false.

Even CNN’s Piers Morgan disagreed.

Watch or read Charles Krauthammer’s take here. Key graph: “They’re trying to sell extremism and they’re trying to sell all of this at a time when they know it isn’t true.” Via ABC News:  “There was no mob….This is significantly different than what we were told.”

These revelations will  change the face of an already-shifting US Presidential election, especially with the Vice-Presidential debate taking place tonight. If it doesn’t come up on it’s own, Paul Ryan would be negligent not to raise it. Either US intelligence was so discombobulated that the President really didn’t know that the event was a coordinated terrorist attack, or the Administration, including the President himself, knowingly misled the American people.

Words have meaning because God gave them meaning — and power. Wrong means false. I am wrong when I speak something that is false. Whether I intend to make wrong/false statements is a separate matter. The DNC — and President Obama — should just admit what seems now an obvious error and move forward. Otherwise, he’ll almost certainly hear those most dreaded words, “What did the President know and when did he know it?” repeatedly between now and Election Day.

If it turns out the President knew before jetting off to his Hollywood fundraiser that night or when he addressed the UN, he has more than a small problem. Maybe that’s what distracted him during the previous debate.

The Biblical call is to let our yes be yes and our no be no. When mistakes are made, the Biblical paradigm is confession and repentance (1 John 1:9), not cover-up and wordplay. Remember how deception worked out for Samson? Not good. A lot of people ended up hurt or worse. God rewards leaders who speak the truth in love (Eph. 4:15). For the good of the country, let’s hear the truth.

Truth matters. With people of low integrity, words are always the first things to go, but, unfortunately, never the last. Here’s hoping the DNC chair recognizes that and all involved speak truthfully going forward.

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  • Jay Saldana

    Bill, congratulations I did not know that you had advanced to an expert in the contingencies of International Relations and foreign diplomacy. After all ANY reasonable person should know what is going on in one of our smallest diplomatic missions especially in a country as well developed with extensive communications as Libya.
    I mean you would think that Libya just had a major revolution there and and a complete break down in culture the way these liberals are running around “investigating”. What a cover up! You got’em Bill! You broke through to the truth!
    And now you have God on your side too! I am sure that people will just run into the arms of Jesus after you have demonstrated the epitome of Christian justice with your comments. Good thing we don’t have similar things going on the other side, like rolling over the poor with budget cuts, or misusing the elderly on medicare, or lying about tax reform, or complete about face on abortion, or even proof quoting scripture for political gain. Cause like you said, then there would have to be “confession and repentance”.
    Of course, in that case they might have to own up to being a Republican Christian. That is a Political activist for the Republicans, who is a Christian. Unfortunately, this often means that they jump to conclusions about situations becasue their world view is a Republican World View rather than a Christian World View. But I know some one who is advanced in International Relations and Diplomacy as you are Bill would never fall into such an obvious trap.
    Keep up the good work!
    Have a God filled Day,

    • Jay, No need to be an expert in anything to know that when you have no credible evidence for making claims, you should keep your mouth shut. I think the President would be better served by admitting error rather than incompetence which is what Biden claimed last night. “We didn’t know.”

    • John I.

      Nice snark Jay. Your screed loses credibility when you start off with a logical fallacy. Whether a statement is true does not depend on credentials or authority but on the evidence. Hence Bill’s credentials are irrelevant to the truth of his statement about Libya and the President. Furthermore, Bill did not claim that we should believe him because of any cred that he has. He was looking at the facts and drawing what he believed were reasonable conclusions. Why not try dealing with those instead of a character assault?