Straight Talk for Women When Jesus Isn’t Enough

Straight Talk for Women When Jesus Isn’t Enough January 20, 2017
Privileged to feature this guest post from Monica Matthews is the mother of one amazing daughter, a Grammy-nominated vocal artist, musician, Christian ministry leader, EQ consultant, author, speaker, and host of The Monica Matthews ShowHer new book When Jesus Isn’t Enough releases February 14, 2017! Follow her on Twitter @monicaonairtalk 

DSC_5670 - CopyMany of us don’t really know whose, who, and what we are. Sadly, I’ve found that to be true through doing ministry with Christian women.

Subsequently, we have no living understanding that we are a part of (as in birthed of) something (and Someone) that matters. Someone who supersedes denominations and occupations.

We hear these things, and we say them, but in many cases, our lives are proof that we really don’t believe and know them.

We can look around and see that our world is not in favor of order in a spiritual or physical sense. Consequently, we Christians live as orphaned beggars, adopting and adapting to the world’s ways while claiming victory. God has given us so much more.

We are spiritual, physical, emotional, electrical, psychological, sexual, chemical, and genetically created beings. It is often said that we can become so spiritually minded that we are of no earthly good—and I completely agree.

Instead of nurturing and cultivating ourselves as entire beings from God’s perspective, we sit atop our clouds of religious mantras that we call faith, peering down at the world, while not looking much different from everyone else.

Yes, our spirit man is the beginning of all abundant life and communication, but to dismiss the other parts of our created selves is to scoff at a perfect Creator who took all our humanity into consideration when He crafted us.

He never meant for us to deny one part of ourselves to service another (with the exception of our flesh—the being of sin that serves the lower nature (Rom. 7:17; Gal. 5:17).

When we first pursue, know, believe, and practice living from our authentic self as God proscribes through His Word, only then will we truly be able to serve Him, ourselves, and others.

Only then, as women, will we see ourselves as secure, worthy, and beautiful. Our identity will become more evident and tangible as opposed to waiting for, as my former pastor likes to say, the banjo and white robe in the heavenlies.

What Women Were Created For

Heaven isn’t just an eventual destination; it’s a daily existence.

We were created simply for His pleasure (see Rev. 4:11), not to do back flips in religion or jump from one square to the next to see if we got things right.

We were created for intimacy with Him as we walk through this life. Yet we live as if we are a fraction of Jesus and not in the abundant life He intends for us.

I am curiously inclined to believe that They (the Godhead) never intended for us to be fragmented, scattered beings (see Gen. 1:26). We are whole as our Father is whole, because we are His offspring (see Matt. 5:48).

Quite literally.

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They put us here knowing that those vomited created beings (fallen angels) were not far from us, and They trusted us with all creation in spite of it (see Rev. 12:9).

I see this as the ultimate act of trust and hope. His provision in the cross proves it (see 1 Pet. 1:20).

Did we blow it? Yes. But God. (I use the term “But God” because when we include God in our lives, we can not only count on reparation, but will see it in a big way (see Exod. 20:6).

While we have been regenerated in spirit, which is a work of the Holy Spirit (our Father’s power), it appears that we have some distance to go in the renewing of our minds and the turning of our hearts in this thing called sanctification and moving from glory to glory (see 2 Cor. 3:18).

It requires a rewiring of our magnificent brains that have been trained in the law of sin (see Rom. 7:5–6) to the point that I call “being disfigurement.”

We are spiritually stunted.

We’ve Got Some Growing Up to Do

It reminds me of a guy I met recently who was stuck. Stuck in his youth, which led him to act, think, and feel as if he was still in college. The sad part is, although he was a great guy and tons of fun, he was nearly instantaneously ousted from my dating roster because I’m not in college any longer, and his concept of life abundant and mine made us unequally yoked. He didn’t know who he was as a man, so he existed as a boy.

For too many of us, our lives are proof that we’ve got some growing up to do spiritually.

As women, we gossip, fear, covet, shack, suspect, curse, lie, cheat, compete, steal, neglect, worry, compare, strive, and on and on, just as the world does.

This isn’t an accusation based in hopelessness; it’s an observation worthy of repeal. We can’t change what we won’t face.

Have you asked your Creator what He takes pleasure in when regarding you? You may be surprised and comforted and filled with new hope and dreams.

It’s time, ladies. Our self-worth is valuable. Our identity is valuable.

We are called to more. Because we are more.

Do you struggle as Christian woman to live with a clear understanding of whose, who, and what you are? Share your candid thoughts with a comment below.


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