Election 2012: It’s the End of America As We Know It

Election 2012: It’s the End of America As We Know It November 7, 2012

“It’s a tragedy.”  So said Dennis Prager upon first hearing the news that Ohio had gone to Obama, thus deciding the Election 2012 outcome in these United States, November 6, 2012. I would add my own thought as a lifelong Buckeye: It is embarrassing.

By reelecting Barack Obama, we have made a choice as a nation that is so egregiously bad that I feel I must distance myself from the decision or risk being associated with the disastrous consequences of it. Even though I’m not sure that such separation is possible. How we as a nation of intelligent, somewhat God-fearing people could re-elect someone with such a dismal record, someone who has proven to be one of the most inept leaders of the modern era, someone who blatantly lies to us to cover his political disasters, and who openly advocates theft through redistribution as the new American way of life is beyond my feeble comprehension. Especially when we had such an admirable alternative.

Although I didn’t agree with Romney on everything, he is easily one of the most competent and virtuous leaders for whom our nation has has ever had the privilege of casting a vote. It is natural in the aftermath that so many of us would feel disillusioned by our nation rejecting such a leader while embracing another who champions becoming a victim as the new norm. (It’s Bush’s fault, remember?)

This is not the America I have known. But that is, apparently, the point.

I sat last night thinking, “How is this possible?” If America is the nation I think it is — and then it hit me — it’s obviously not, not anymore.  Frankly, I didn’t like any of the answers I gave myself.  I’ll get into more of them in the coming days. And I know many will think my thoughts are just sour grapes.

When I left for Guam a little over a week ago, Romney seemed to have this thing wrapped up. Then came the storm, the photo-ops in the situation room, and the praise from Chris Christie and — presto! Obama thrives while disaster continues on the dark streets of New York and New Jersey. In the words of Vizzini from The Princess Bride — Inconceivable! Unless…

It’s the end of America as we know it.

Far too many of us thought that Obama’s election in 2008 was an anomaly. I confess I thought that too many people had simply been caught up in panic of the economic collapse caused by liberal victimization policies. They had been fooled into thinking it was all Bush’s fault by a biased media. That was then. As the old adage goes, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice — well, that’s where we find ourselves today.

Let’s just say we are now fully and unquestionably responsible for the President we have chosen. The chickens are about to come home to roost. (Where have I heard that before? Oh, that’s right. Obama’s openly Marxist spiritual mentor for twenty years gleefully celebrating the tragedy of 9/11 from the pulpit. Where was the IRS then? But I digress.)

The whole thing reminds me of Jotham’s prophecy in Judges 9. After Abimelech seized power after Gideon’s death, he hunted down and decapitated about 70 of his half-brothers. Jotham alone escaped to prophesy the judgment to come upon Abimilech and those who foolishly followed him. He paints the vivid picture of the trees, mighty and strong, turning to the bramble, the briars and scraggly bushes of little substance, to rule over them. And that is what has happened here.

We, the mightiest of nations in the history of the world, have once again chosen the bramble to lead us.

We will have to pay the consequences for that decision. There’s no getting around it now. And the payment will come quicker now as a result of this election.

It’s going to hurt. Inflation is coming. There’s no way around it. Every single American will be “taxed” by the theft that is about to occur as our currency is devalued. Stagflation is about to reenter our vocabulary. Freedom is fading. There’s no way around it. The HHS Mandate is only the beginning. The church should brace for impact by getting on its knees. The Supreme Court will now likely tilt left for at least a generation. Marriage will disintegrate even further than it has. The government will be lifted even more prominently into a father-figure role reminiscent of the Roman Republic’s transition into tyranny disguised as compassion. And people of faith will come under greater attack in the name of tolerance.

It’s the end of America as we know it.

I say that the results of this election signal the end of America as we know it, because I grew up in the Cold War era where America was clearly the great hope of freedom in the world. And it was generally agreed that freedom was good thing. It was generally assumed that what people wanted was a chance to succeed. Now we have re-elected a President who, at best, sympathizes with the very communistic ideas our nation risked everything to crush, ideas which themselves crushed 100 million souls beneath their iron boots.

Many, and I do mean many, conservatives will now be faced with some choices about how to move forward. Of all the options before them, one that will get a lot of serious private consideration is whether to move forward at all. What I mean is that many will conclude that we have passed the infamous tipping point. They will conclude that hope is gone, that we have become a nation of takers and victims. Many will conclude that it’s time to seriously consider Plan B. You know, reach out to those “right-wing zealots” who are preparing for life after the coming economic collapse. Many of them seemed extreme before. Now they may seem prescient to some, the only hope going forward.

I don’t agree with that course, but I understand it.

I’ll share more thoughts on how America has been fundamentally transformed in the coming days. They might not be pleasant to all, but clarity is vital to getting to solutions. As Hugh Hewitt put it, we are heading into “uncharted waters” that our Founders never envisioned. There is no certainty that our Republic will survive. But great uncertainty has a way of producing tremendous clarity. Let’s pray the price for that clarity is not as high as I suspect it must be.

One thing is sure. America has indeed been fundamentally transformed. This election will prove to be the end of America as we know it. The sooner we get our minds around what that means, the better.

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  • Ian

    I am more upset today than the day after 911. 911 reflected the loss of thousands of lives together with the pain of their loved ones and the anguish of violation. This election represents the loss of our nation as we know it. There can be no greater pain than the loss of one’s country, save the loss of one’s soul – and in this case, they are one in the same.

    • I share your sense of loss Ian, becasue I know the pain that must know come. But every crisis represents an opportunity — I’ve heard that somewhere before. As a man of faith, I must be ready to apply my faith to culture to lead the way to a brighter tomorrow. Let’s set the pace together.

  • Ehsan

    Reelection of Obama as president was predicted before and now Obama will come out of his socks and will do much for his black community. There will be three causes of fall of America
    !: Economy losses
    2: Fight among Black and White and
    3: Natural disasters

    • Interesting perspective. Your prediction of his “coming out of his socks” may be the most disturbing, along the lines of “Wait till he get his Hanes on you!” Sorry. Couldn’t resist. Thanks for the comment.

    • Samuel PG

      I don’t understand this comment. Why will there certainly be a race war? Why are you expecting increasing natural disasters?

  • Craig

    So what are you going to do about it?

    • More to come…. Thanks for stopping by. Ideas always welcome.

  • Noah Katzenburg

    It is a sad day for America. I agree that Obama has destroyed the American way of life and we will now become a communist dictatorship. It was facilitated by a brainwashing media that fixed this election. I am also angry with God for allowing this to happen in what was once the greatest nation in the history of the world. What kind of God would allow this to happen? I believe that Americans should prepare for a bloodbath. I believe Obama will dissolve the soveirnty of our nation and unleash UN troops that will committ mass murder in the coming months. It is too late to pray….maybe we are being punished for our godless ways.

    • Noah,

      “What kind of God would allow this to happen?” Perhaps the better question would be what kind of God would allow 70 million children to be murdered without holding such a nation accountable? While I don’t agre with your UN troops assessment, the Bible does demonstrate that poor leadership can be a form of judgment upon a nation. The fact that we would willingly ask for it seems the ironic twist.

    • Toby Evans

      Noah, when mass murdering UN troops fail to be unleashed and we have a normal election in four years – i.e., we are not a communist dictatorship – then, then, will you take your antipsychotic medication? Because the tinfoil hat is not doing the trick, let me tell you.

  • Sundown

    At first I thought this was a satirical article, from the headline. If it actually is, you’ve fooled me well. But if it’s not, it’s quite sad that you’d actually believe this.

    • Thanks for the comment. The title simply reflects what is obvious to many now. A paradigm shift has taken place in America. She has shifted dramatically in her ideologically.

  • G.Heeley

    Hi Bill,
    I am not from your country,but thank for your words of wisdom.I do not know why but I feel it to my bones the anguish and heartache of the Founding Fathers of your great nation.I hope the constitution can be reclaim and put back on track.At present it is being eroded more and more with each passing day.IMy concern for your great nation is absolute.You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

  • John-Luc

    I am glad someone else, such as you Bill, shared this same disheartening realization of what our nation has become. All I could think about after B.O was elected was Israel. Iran will have a nuclear weapon soon, what will become of Israel with this president who said he would “…Stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” I am concerned our leader will abandon Israel in a nuclear crisis. I understand God the father would never let his People be eradicated, but will His judgment come upon U.S for our error?

    • I share your concern for Israel although I don’t think Obama desires their destruction. I think he thinks he can “thread the needle” to satisfy all sides and right what he sees as a wrong against Palestine.

  • I am confused. Where in this post and its comments is the “abundant faith” mentioned in your profile? We have just re-elected a Christian President–not your flavor of Christian, but a Christian nonetheless–yet I see in your writing no recognition of that fact, and no grace in suggesting that we will get farther by Christian love and working together than by demonizing those we struggle to understand. I am confused and saddened by this very dark hostility. Where is “Christian” in all this?

    • Thanks for the comment, Nan. Abundant faith must be built on an abundantly clear picture of reality as we step from where we are to where we should be. Taking the time to drill down into understanding our present position is vital to taking the next steps by faith. I’d also add that there’s nothing Christian about pretending elections don’t have consequences — this one in particular.

      • Jeremy Forbing

        Do you believe Barack Obama is a Christian?

    • Nancy

      Thank you, Nan. Wow. This doom and gloom from the moral right is really scary to me. I am hearing talk of ammunition stock piling and the like…”Obama needs a bullet” I read in one post. Like you I ask, where is the Christ in all of this hate? America is a thought form compared to the reality of the undying love of God, who loves us ALL by the way. Sheesh!

      • Nancy, Thanks for leaving the comment to Nan. Could you point out a specific reference from my post that you are interpreting as hate? I wasn’t intending to demonstrate that, of course.

    • momhusfam


      Just because someone claims to be a Christian, does not mean I have to agree with their politics.
      My hope is that is that the coming economic difficulties will encourage many to draw close to Christ and stop making idols out of our money and material possessions.

  • Jennifer

    I feel like I should be sending you a sympathy card, Bill. I AM sorry that you, and so many other American citizens, are feeling this loss so deeply. Judging by the popular vote and by commentary I have been reading here and elsewhere it truly seems as though you are a nation divided. I will be sending my prayers for strength and courage both to you and to your country.

  • Gail

    You are absolutely right…there has been a fundamental paradigm shift. That’s the loss many of us are mourning, not the fact that the guy we voted for lost the election. I would hope that as Christians we never fall into the trap of pinning our hopes (or failures) on any one man.

    Israel’s future concerns me greatly, too, much more so than any domestic issue.

    • Gail,

      i agree. Too many seem to think our concern was that “our guy” didn’t win. It’s more our awareness of the pain that is likely to come next that is troubling.

      • momhusfam

        Well said Bill. I am sad, not so much for myself, but for my daughter, who I fear will have a very difficult life. My hope, as I expressed in my reply to Nan, is that when all the material possessions are stripped away, is that my daughter will find that Jesus is sufficient to meet all her needs.

        • Thanks. Although I am quick to recognize that my parents expressed the same thing when I was child. Some of it may be chalked up to the typical generational look back on the golden era that never was. I admit that.

  • We, the mightiest of nations in the history of the world, have once again chosen the bramble to lead us.

    You may be right, but you chose a bumbler to represent you as a challenger.

    • We’ll disagree on that. But thanks for the comment.

    • Jennifer

      I almost choked on my lunch at the image of a bumbling Mitt Romney wobbling into a prickly President Obama. I think that Mitt Romney failed to convince enough Americans that a) He represented Joe and Jane Average rather than Mr. Fat Cat. It was telling that the people who chose/were invited to gather in Boston on election night were primarily white and rich looking in their suits and dresses. This in contrast to the people gathering for Obama who seemed (at least to this particular TV viewer) to represent a full range of ethnic groups, incomes, clothing choices and ages. I suspect that a lot of people weighed his words against his actions and concluded that Mitt Romney cared most about the needs of the wealthy. He might be a nice enough family guy, for example, but his company outsourced jobs to maximize profit and invested in sweatshops in China where young women worked for a pittance. I don’t believe I’ve read anything about Romney trying to improve work conditions in the sweatshop where – according to his own words on video – he personally toured and where conditions were grim. And b) regardless again of what kind of “virtuous” person it is claimed he is, he didn’t project that image convincingly during his campaign. One most recent example of this was his attempt to scare voters in Ohio with claims that Jeep was moving jobs to China. To do this after the recent recession and massive job loss was reprehensible in my view. And to continue after denials by Jeep that any such thing was happening was blatent and deliberate lying. And finally (for now), c) He didn’t back his President and his country during a “terrorist attack”. Regardless of whether President Obama and all of the other people and agencies acted and reacted perfectly during the short but tragic assassination in Benghazi I believe that it was detrimental to your country’s image to have Mitt Romney publicly blasting President Obama immediately following the incident and before all of the facts were released. I was, quite frankly, shocked. And when it was later revealed that he was attributing a statement made by the Embassy in Cairo (before the attacks even took place) to President Obama I think that this raised doubts in many minds about whether Romney had the prudence needed to run a country.

      • It’s a shame that you equate wealth with a lack of ethics and morals; do you really believe the rich only got that way by taking from those less fortunate than them? Romney was left a fortune by his father, and give every cent of it to charity. He is a completely self made man, which just a few years ago in this country was an example that was lauded and emulated. Romney didn’t own or run those “sweatshops” in China. If you have an issue with China’s abuse of it’s citizens, fine – tell your President to stop borrowing money from them to support his ceaseless programs of dependency. Obama was the one who maintained that Benghazi wasn’t a terrorist attack – Romney just called him on it, but fortunately, didn’t do it vehemently or frequently enough. You who voted for Obama will now get the United States you asked for – yes, the government will take care of you – apparently that’s what you want – but they will also have control over what you eat, what you read, your healthcare, the amount of electricity you are permitted to use each day. I’m glad I’m in the back half of my life; all this will only effect me when I’m old and need heart surgery but they tell me I’m not a good fiancial risk, and they tell me to “take a pill” instead, and wait to die. But please make sure everyone can smoke marijuana, and same sex couples can get married. , The decline and fall of the United States began November 6, 2012 – may God have mercy on us all.

        • Now see, for all of you who think I’ve gone off the deep end, this comment should make me look far more centered. “We will not fear….”

        • Jennifer

          I think that Mitt Romney is a good man with human flaws. I have a great deal of respect for much, but not all, of what he has accomplished in his life.
          I don’t respect any business or government who profits from sweatshops. And I walk my talk by not doing business with any company I know is involved in this type of labour. I didn’t vote for Romney OR for Obama because although I have dual citizenship, I have lived in Canada virtually all of my life and don’t think that it is right to vote in a country where the results of the election won’t affect me directly. My apologies if you took my words to express a generalized viewpoint of wealth equaling a lack of values. I don’t think the reverse is true, either – or that poor people are out for all they can get without working for it. But Romney seemed unable to get past his projected image as a wealthy man unable to understand the life of the average citizen and I think that was one of the reasons he didn’t get elected. As for Romney’s statements on Benghazi, I was questioning his timing given that there was not way he could have known the complete situation at the time of his original statements. I maintain that rushing in before knowing the facts is a dangerous quality in a leader.
          I’m going to say this next part tongue in cheek. I am probably living the life you are afraid of. My son’s school is not allowed to sell junk food (though we can still buy all we want at the grocery stores and send it with him – should we want to), we pay extra for using electricity during peak hours, and I have lovely, kind married friends who happen to be gay. From a Canadian viewpoint, Obama is far further “right” than most of our politicians.

        • Toby Evans

          I’m very thankful we still have the freedom to made decisions about our bodies. Conservatives talk about freedom in one sentence and then vow to take women’s freedom away. Making choices about one’s own body is the most basic freedom there is.

          • I agree with you. I am alos pro-chocie. Which is why I oppose taking away an unborn’s child’s choice to live.

  • mik

    This election has demonstrated a fundamental transformation from the time honored ideals and traditions that made America the greatest nation in the world. Romney and Ryan are the essence of decency and class. They are among the most honest and good-hearted candidates to ever run for office. Romney presented a picture of the traditional way things work in this country and unfortunately, it has …
    been rejected.

    The America my family and millions of others came to is a place where an individual through his own will and hard work can achieve the American Dream. Their fundamental goal was to rise above their oppressive circumstances and give their children an opportunity to achieve things they could have never imagined. They left everything they had ever known and sold whatever few possessions they had in pursuit of a better life. They left in fear and anxiousness. They had no idea of what to expect or what would become of their families. All they had was hope and faith in the greatness of America. Through their own hard work and determination they succeeded in achieving those goals and their children are much better off because of it. And, they did it all without any government assistance or a handout. My family is an example of the great achievements that can be made in this country if you are willing to do the right things, but unfortunately, the circumstances which presented my family with this great opportunity are being subdued.

    The fundamental pillar of capitalism is that by an individual pursuing his own interests, he indirectly improves the common good for everyone. By giving a country’s citizens the freedom and liberty to pursue their own goals, an individual’s will and drive to do big things and create a better life for himself will indirectly improve the lives of those around him. For example, if someone is willing to take a risk and has the drive to create a successful business, the wealth created by the business provides the owner an opportunity to create jobs for others, create wealth for his suppliers, and provide a good or service that is needed by their customers.

    The paradigm of what made America great has shifted. More and more people are looking to the government to solve their problems and improve their lot in life rather than accepting responsibility for their own actions and their circumstances in life. Instead of pursuing their own American Dream, we have a growing dependent class who feel no shame in taking from the producers in our society. In fact, many feel that they are entitled to it, which is even more worrisome. We have created a society of victims who believe the deck stacked against them. They do not see America for the land of opportunity that it is. They do not understand capitalism, free enterprise, or the basis of the America’s greatness. Nowhere else in the world do you have comforts and privileges that we simply take for granted. I have been overseas. It isn’t even close.

    We have an ever growing number of elected politicians who are promoting class warfare and pandering to this entitlement class. They will take from the producers in the society in the form of taxes and provide their dependents with just enough to keep them satisfied and earn their votes. This is fundamentally how socialism works. It sounds wonderful to provide all of the basic needs and comforts for the poor, but eventually the producers in society will no longer allow their hard income to be confiscated to support the non-producers who did nothing to earn it other than being alive. There will come a point where the producers will stop producing and the government will run out of money. In the words of Ronald Reagan, “The government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them.” There are many examples of this. Just look at what is happening in Europe. The economies of Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Italy are on the verge of collapse. Others soon will follow.

    I fear that we are losing our American way of life. Due to the lack of a strong education system under the growing control of the federal government, our citizens are not being taught the underlying principles that founded this country. The average person does not realize that America is not an accident. America is exemplary and exceptional because there are significant differences in our Constitution from the governing documents that control the rest of the world. Unfortunately, those differences are becoming increasing blurred by this administration and their willing accomplices in the media. Many people do not understand or value the principles of freedom and liberty, nor do they know what is required to preserve it. Millions have fought and spilled blood to preserve the American way of life and spread freedom throughout the world, but with a weakened military and an increased relinquishment of our authority and sovereignty to the UN, American dominance and might will eventually cease to exist. American prosperity has given our citizens the highest standard of living in the history of the world, but that prosperity cannot be achieved through the transfer of wealth from the producers of society to its dependents.

    I believe that the majority of voters do not realize what is happening to our country. I have faith in the American people and I know that they are not looking for a fundamental transformation of our ideals and principles. They simply do not want to believe that their elected leaders would be capable of doing something so horrific. I forgive them because they do not fully comprehend what they have done, or have the foresight to know of what is coming. I pray to God that this can be stopped before it is too late.

    • Well said. I’ll let it speak for itself. Thanks for investing the time to comment, Mike.

    • Concerned citizen

      You are all living under the false paradigm of right vs left when both have contributed to the demize of our great country, only now it is so broken it will be almost impossible to fix, left and right all work together to keep us fighting each other instead of them. As I have asked many people, name one MAJOR policy that the next President of the other side has come in and changed, and I don’t mean things like gay marriage or other social issues, the only thing that changes is WHERE the money is spent and who gets it. Our rights have been being chiped away at for decades and neither side stops it.

      • Perhaps one of the most significant shifts has been the one that looks to the President of either party as the key to political change, rather than to the Congress as the voice of the people.

        And I agree that both paties have been guilty though to varying degrees. Are not the people ultimately the guilty parties as it is up to us to know and defend our liberties?

  • Rick

    Jon Stewart to Fox:

    “What an incredible story to tell yourselves. We would’ve won if it weren’t for the moral failings of the non-real America. Fox lost because last night, minorities, who feel entitled to things, came and took the country away from the self-sufficient, white, Medicare retirees and upper class tax avoidance experts — or, as they’re also known, your audience.”

  • Rick

    From now on, everyone who says America is going to become a communist dictatorship needs to provide some proof behind the assertion. The president can’t even get the Speaker to return his calls. If he’s a dictator in the making, he’s not doing a great job of it; he seems to have little desire to shut down criticism of his party, his policies, or his administration.

    It’s funny that the blog owner didn’t even challenge the assertion. Hard to take the blog seriously.

    • Ummm. Sorry. Don’t know what blog you’re reading that said America is going to become a communist dictatorship. I was citing the known ideologies of Rev. Wright and other Obama associations. Although I’m pretty sure most people really couldn’t explain what communist means anymore.

      • Jennifer

        One of the unchallenged comments on this blog referred to America becoming a communist dictatorship. Others talk of socialism and of this election bringing an end to our choice of what to eat. You point to Obama’s Marxist ties and of the end of America as you know it. The overall impression is one of America abandoning individuality and capitalism.

        As quoted by John McCain in regards to Rev. Wright in 2008, “I don’t believe that Senator Obama shares his views in any way”. Or is it your belief that just because Paul Ryan “grew up on Ayn Rand” (his words) and stated in 2005 that “The reason I got involved in public service, by and large, if I had to credit one thinker, one person, it would be Ayn Rand ” means that he fully supports her objectivist philosophy and views on religion? I don’t. And I don’t believe that Obama shares 100% of the views of everyone he has associated closely with, either. Or that just because I’ve told several people how much I’ve been influenced and learned from your writings (believe it or not) and suggested that they take a peek at your blog that I agree with your every viewpoint (obviously LOL).

        • Good point, Jen. And I greatly appreciate your patience when we disagree. I have learned from you, as well, and look forward to actually meeting some day. However, Obama described Wright as his mentor. His own words make it clear that the influence has been significant. As Obama said in one of his numerous autobiographies, he chose his friends carefully.

          And John McCain — well, I’d have to censor myself if I spoke to freely about my opinion of his judgment.

          And I missed the communist dictatorship remark — thanks for the pointer — although I’m obviously open to a free discussion.

  • Lisa

    I am genuinely sorry that you are so distressed by the results of this election. I would have been terribly discouraged had Mr Romney been elected, perhaps to the degree which you are expressing. I will pray for you, I mean that.

    However, having been involved at the grass roots level of a political campaign has given me a new perspective
    America isn’t going away , at least not the things that make it great.

    Do you know what makes America great? Everybody gets to participate, even people we don’t agree with.

    • Thanks for your prayers, Lisa. I would genuinely like to hear from you as to why you would have been discouraged with a Romney win. Sincerely, I would like to understand.

      I would disagree with you that what makes America great is that everyone gets to participate. That may be one facet of jewel, but I would argue that it is simply the by-product of the ideals that make it great.

  • Nancy

    Here’s an idea- why not pay attention to your own hearts and your own families and create the vision of this “America” you are longing for and feeling nostalgic about…why not concentrate on creating that and living those values in your own family and immediate community? See, that’s the cool thing about America…you have the freedom to live and worship and believe as you choose. And so does everyone else. What makes me sad is that if you don’t choose the life or share the values that I hold dear, I become some kind of country -hating demon to you. And the America you seem to be grieving …I wonder if it ever existed outside of your longing?
    We have not always been the upstanding geo-political actors we like to think we have been, but that’s another conversation…for now I would say live and let live and let love guild your way. Here is my way of trying to build understanding: I understand that you feel abortion is a sin, and you do not want your tax money supporting that. I can understand that because war is abhorrent to me, and I don’t want my tax money going for that! So I can feel your pain in that way. I would vote to outlaw war if I had the opportunity. I would outlaw the death penalty as well. I voted for Obama for more reasons that I can mention here, and he is way too war mongering for my taste, though less so than Romney as far as I can tell. But he includes so many more of us in his vision of who America is – and I believe God wants us all, loves us all, gay straight black white legal illegal, sick or well rich or poor. I don’t hear inclusion from the right. I hear people wanting to obliterate me and those I love and the planet I believe we have been gifted by God to love and care for, not rape for profit. Liberals are as loving, caring hardworking smart and curious and friendly as any of the people you might call your friends. I ‘d like to believe that about the majority of those on the right….but the stuff I am hearing toward the majority who voted Obama is just hateful and frankly incorrect…and a lot of it from people who identify as Christian! So, if America has changed, it’s us lefties who changed it? Really? If we changed it, we would all be living on organic farms and dancing around with flowers in our hair! I kid, but if you think we have gotten anything close to or vision for our country, think again. A lot of us are as bitterly disappointed as some of you sound, even WITH our win. We want peace, health, freedom and prosperity for as many as possible. We are always having to vote for the lesser of two evils because there never really is a truly progressive candidate. Just don’t get so bummed out and start blaming us for it….where is your faith? Let’s try and understand one another in brotherhood. Ok?

    • Nancy,

      Thanks for your prompt reply. I appreciate your perspective. I would humbly suggest that we disagree about the meaning of words — like love. I suspect our disagreement might stem from diffrent understandings about the nature of words in Scripture and the authority of it. I may be wrong. I’d welcome your continued input going forward. Seriously. If you can stomach me, I’d like to learn from you, as well. Either one of us is right or we’re both a bit or way wrong. But I really don’t think I called you a country-hating demon. I’ll have to go back and check on that. 🙂

      With sincere thanks.

  • Joseph

    Been a reader for a while, just now posting. DC-area evangelical Methodist, conservative voter, economist by trade.
    Your reply to Ms. Nan Bush’s comment reveals something I have been disgruntled by within our ranks (evangelicalism, conservatism, etc). When you ask many – and lets simply say many within the vast and varied perspectives of traditional Christianity – this “clear picture of reality” becomes very diverse and dynamic.

    The ere of your reply – a spirit that is seen throughout your entire article – is the height of presumption; its an abundantly clear picture as YOU know and perceive it, stepping toward a place that YOU know and perceive to be where we should be. As an evangelical and a conservative-minded person, I think this is the kind of problematic braggadocio that comes from inflating our personal sense of rightness theologically and politically, and then combining them.

    I’m inclined to wholeheartedly agree with you that a second term for President Obama is not good for the country, the economy, and the faithful – although I would not have spoken with such prophetic and grandiose language about the ramifications of this. I also would agree with you that the President and his party have expanded the role of government meaning that the America as “we”** have known it is changing, perhaps for the worst in many instances. Truth is, each President is interested in doing such things to accomplish their legislative agenda or do so by default when addressing current events. Examples come to mind such as the role of the Presidency and the Federal government in preserving the Union under Lincoln, the increased role of the Presidency throughout the 20th century to address foreign affairs issues, the expansionary role of the Federal government the safety net and other forms of intervention intended to quell the endogenous and exogenous economic impact of the Great Depression, Reagan’s and H. W. Bush’s Supreme Court appointments, which placed more conservative Constitutional interpretations in the country’s highest Court after a half-century of “liberal” legal sensibilities. I’m just as disappointed as you with the election’s outcome, but methinks you are a bit hyperbolic.

    ** The “we” and “as we knew it” here, of course, means you and those you are in agreement with, those who agree with your or some others’ visions of what America should be, and that vision being the vast and heavily theologized one that grew in popularity and prominence over the last 3 decades in American conservative evangelicalism with the leadership of Dr. James Dobson, Hugh Hewitt, Tony Perkins, Robert Grant, Jay Sekulow, and Ralph Reed. Believe me Bill, we are two peas in the same pod on politics, economics, and the veracity of the Kingdom. However, I have become very disillusioned in the past decade with the kind of heightened sense of personal rightness in these matters that makes waves only within the insular, misunderstood, small kiddie pool we inhabit within wider American society in its enormity, and even Christianity for that matter.

    I covet your response.

    • Joesph, First, many thanks for reading. Your genuinely caring comment caused me to reread what I had written. I thought I was being muted in my response. Pointing out that things have changed and that we’d best figure out what that means just doesn’t seem too extreme to me. But I appreciate your word of caution.

      As to “we,” I am writing as an evangelical — the traditional kind that believes Scripture must be our final authority in all things. So when I say we, that’s who I mean. And since I’m writing at the Evanagelical portal for this great site of Patheos, I am assumming many, though not all, readers are coming from a similar perspective. I can only write from a pespective that I think to be right when expressing my opinion. No one could do otherwise. I recognize some, maybe many, will disagree.

      There is plenty of room on which we can all disgaree and still get stuff done in this or any country. But there are somethings on which there can be no compromise. They are either right or wrong. A relativistic approach in which we embrace contradictory truth statements isn’t possible. We can disgaree in love, but we must disagree.



  • Cynthia

    Maybe I’m wrong but this seems a little doomsay-ish to me. Seems to lean too far. i didn’t vote for Obama and I don’t support him. But I am trying to remain positive that the world isn’t going to end just because Obama is in office. I was reading an article the other day on Patheos Evangelical Portal about how Obama has strengthened his faith as a Christian while he has been in office, this was encouraging. There are many people I know who love and follow The Lord that support Obama. Are they all being led astray? Or do we just have different beliefs about the way things should be?
    Also the house is still run by a majority of republicans. I think this is positive for things not changing drastically. Lastly I do believe the GOP needs to be brutally honest about some of its beliefs and why it was not elected this term.

    • I agree with the brutally honest part. Trying to parse through that as we move forward. Seeking clarity, wherever that may lead. Perhaps you are reading into a bit of my message. I’ll try to give it much more definition in tomorrow’s post.

      Thanks for your time.

  • It has finally become obvious that talk amongst Christians about “God’s Sovereignty” is a lame duck explanation when things do not go too badly, but when it appears that they go really really badly, suddenly it is not God who is in control but the dumb, lazy, value-less populace. This election should be become the catalyst that exposes the deistic leanings of the majority of churches in America and the lack of absolute and true trust in God who, contrary to all our protestations is only useful when He answers our prayers and works according to our desires. My tears are for the church, because it has become exposed and stands naked for all to see. My prayer is that the true and blameless and spotless bride of Christ will visibly replace this impostor

    • Not sure I completely follow your thgouht here, but God is still in control. Just as he was in control when 6 million Jews were slaughtered while most stood by and did nothing. And while Wilberforce fought to end slavery for two decades. God is sovereign. We are responsible. His being in control doesn’t change our responsibility to speak the truth in love and apply the gospel throughout His world.

      Maybe I misunderstood….

  • John

    I too am afraid that the America that I was born into (a mere 24 years ago) is gone. It is possible to bring it back, but it will be exceedingly difficult. Perhaps the biggest challenge we face is convincing enough of the people who have voted for Obama that Conservative ideals are not the equivalent of racism, sexism, and greed. I do not know if we are up to the task. What is clear to me is that the nation, as a whole, deserves Obama. As a nation we asked for Obama twice and we will get Obama twice. So if this is as disastrous as I fear, it is only our fault. As Ben Franklin warned the nation following the Constitutional Convention the Founding Fathers gave us a republic, it is our responsibility to keep it. Later Ronald Reagan warned the nation that “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” We may well be living in that fatal generation. On Tuesday night as Ohio swung into the Obama column, I came to the startling conclusion that history may one day place the blame for freedom’s fall on my generation. Afterall, the youth vote is an essential part of the coalition that has elected Obama twice. As a grandson of the “Greatest Generation”, that is a very sobering thought. I love reading about American History, Tuesday night I had the terrible feeling that the America I love to study was being buried in the pages of history. Only time will tell for sure.
    As a Christian, I can only pray that this is not so and that God will continue to bless this nation with peace and prosperity. However, if these blessings do not continue, embitterment is not an option for America’s Christians. If we truly believe in the Bible, we must come to terms with the fact that America will die one day. Whether it will see the day of Christ’s return only the Father knows. Perhaps, as some end times prophesy experts contend, the U.S. will not live to see that great day. If this is so, we should not gnash our teeth at the fall of America. Instead, American Christians must remember that God is still on His throne. His commission for us to make disciples of the world still stands and will stand until Christ’s return. So that is the key to moving forward.
    America’s Christians must realize that our mission is not to save the U.S. Constitution. Our mission is to live for God and show God’s love to a world that is perishing. When we vote, we should ask ourselves which choice best honors God. Whether or not that choice is adopted by the nation does not change what God would have us do. We are still commanded to love God and our neighbors. This command stands even if our neighbors help elect politicians who will systematically strip away our freedoms. If greater government intrusions come, or even government persecution of our beliefs, America’s Christians must remember that God has not and will never abandon the faithful.
    As the Apostle Paul told the Philippian church “to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” (Philippians 1:21) Paul understood that God’s primary mission for Christians is to serve God and that the reward for a faithful life is eternal life with God. While I hope that America will survive as “the land of the free and home of the brave” for generations to come… I cannot let its fall discourage me if I truly believe that I have hope for eternal life in Christ.

    • I share your hope, John. Thanks for the comment. I am not proposing an embittered approach at all. I think some mistake speaking truth with clarity for hate speech.

  • Ronny

    Right on on every point! It is a cultural thing. Now that we have lost our white majority things will go downhill!

    • It is indeed a cultural thing although I refuse to believe that the color of any of our skins has anything to do with the success of ideas — unless, of course, the fires of racist thinking are fanned. Let’s be the first to extinguish any hope of them here.

  • Janet Rader

    Christians have become apathetic. Suddenly it has become politically incorrect to even lovingly back our moral convictions with biblical truth out of fear we may offend someone. I met very few “Christians” as I was out volunteering during the campaign. Apathy and laziness.

    • Janet, Is it apathy? Ignorance? A disconnect of faith and life? My post today asks some pointed questions for Christians.

  • Samuel PG

    Bill, could you please explain why you believe President Obama “at best, sympathizes with the very communistic ideas our nation risked everything to crush, ideas which themselves crushed 100 million souls beneath their iron boots”?

    • Samuel, Not ignoring you. Considering a more lengthy response based on this question.

  • CF

    I wonder if you don’t see how that paradigm shift, which you attribute to “politics of victimization,” is neatly accompanied by women, minorities, and the marginalized finally coming into their own; remember that it has *not* been long since segregation and suffrage– less than a century, in fact, a drop in the bucket compared to history! — and although anyone who claims that racism and sexism is over are categorically kidding themselves, things are better in our country for those groups than they have ever been. That puts your so-called “paradigm shift” in a predictable, suspicious light.

    • So I think you are making my case for me. You’re saying that all the “victims” are rising up now to take revenge at the voting booth? Where have I heard that before…

      If I’m misunderstanding your position, please correct. Thanks.

      • CF

        Calling the way historically disenfranchised groups have voted “revenge” is quite a statement! As if those individual voters don’t have deep rationale and conviction in what they believe; as if their lives revolve around their relationship to rich white men. Even if you consider their stance wrong, you can at least respect the thoughtful among your opponents. I’m sure plenty of people voted for Romney for reasons which amount to racism, but I’d at least own that most of his supporters had more depth than that!

        Thinking about it, perhaps we do agree: though I think America has transformed itself many times over in its history and that in a historically nuanced light, one without the reductivist “freedom-then, government-now” narrative you’re employing, this transformation is a little less extreme than you think. I only wonder at why you say freedom is fading just as freedom is increasing exponentially for a much wider variety of people. It is, as I said, suspicious.

      • Jennifer

        So if I am understanding you correctly you are stating that if people protest discrimination based on the colour of their skin, their ethnicity or their sex they are acting like “victims”???!!? And if they use their votes to change this they are getting “revenge”??? It sounds as though you are making the claim that people don’t have the right to make changes in their lives or to support policies that are in alignment with their beliefs.

        Careful. What about the people who complain that America is ending because their views are not shared by the majority. Are they now “victims”, too? And the people who worry about being victims of Obama’s upcoming “theft” spree – “victims” of theft? The rich could chime in, too, with cries that they and their businesses are victims of high taxation. You believe that christians – if they are worthy of the name – should vote for the President that most closely supports their religious beliefs and then you engage in name calling for others who vote for what they believe in.

  • Steve Ruble

    This all sounds familiar. Your fellow Patheos blogger Libby Anne had a great post on this (http://www.patheos.com/blogs/lovejoyfeminism/2012/10/this-is-the-most-important-election-of-all-time-again.html) in which she took apart a prophetic “Letter from 2012” written in 2008, which turned out to be almost entirely incorrect. Why should anyone suppose that the doleful predictions and descriptions you render here are any more reliable than the nonsense in that letter?

    • I didn’t write that letter.

      • Steve Ruble

        I didn’t mean to suggest that you wrote that letter, as I suspect you understand. The letter simply illustrates that there is a history of people making dire predictions about how bad things will be when Obama is the president, and a history of those predictions failing to come true. Given that history, I think it’s reasonable to expect doomsayers to offer more evidence for their predictions than “I just have a hunch”. Do you have any such evidence?

        The same point applies to your claim that “Inflation is coming.” People (Donald Trump and Paul Ryan, for example) have been claiming that inflation is coming for years and years, and it still fails to come. Of course, someday there will probably be inflation, but of course, a broken clock is right twice a day. But why should anyone give any credence to your prediction about inflation? Why should anyone suppose that you are likely to be right?

  • Tom

    Thanks Bill. As a citizen,veteran, taxpayer, voter, patriot I’m amazed that so many have done so little to truly understand the “historic values” rooted in out Founding Fathers understanding of liberty and justice. The both are circumspect and dependent on the work ethic. It is indeed hard to have witnessed the decline of American capitalisn especially on the heels the failure of soviet socialism. Perhaps the words of Jefferson are in order…Thomas Jefferson 3rd President (1801-1809)
    Periodic revolution, “at least once every 20 years,” was “a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.”


    • Hey, Tom! So I can hear some commentators now –was this recent election a revolution to counter the Reagan revolution? One thing is clear, the founding principles need to be translated into the language of the age.

  • Its becoming more prevalent with mimics of the Roman Empire before it fell. Some of the reason for the collapse. Decline in Ethics and Values, Decline in Morals, Political Corruption and the Praetorian Guard, Unemployment of the Working Classes (The Plebs)

    I see all this most common with America today with current events. If you look at the ungodly mandates of Obamacare. We are fastly approaching the end times where Christians in America will end up persicuted on a mass scale. I once heard comedian George Carlin say America is circling the drain we are only waiting for the end result In a interview. I am begining to the realization that He is right. with the sudden flurry of apocalyptic TV shows and movies over the past several years. I have come to the coclusion that we are in deap trouble. No longer wonder why I now take a sudden interest in Prepping and those Doom and gloom documenteries you see cable

  • Randy Buist

    Either we believe that God reigns or we believe the Republican party reigns. Your post, regardless of what you think of me, is offensive to many people who love Jesus Christ at least as much as you and many who are agnostics because of people such as you. IF I were not so committed to the gospel, the kingdom, and the ways of Jesus, your attitude would convince me to become an agnostic.

    Feel free to argue, but I’m saying it as it is…You are entirely wrong on your post because at the end of the day God still wins.

    • Thanks for the comment, Randy, even if we do disagree on a few things. What specific statement(s) did I make that you disagree with? I assume you agree that the electorate has shifted fundamentally? And are you saying that someone will choose to believe that God is unknowable (agnostic) because of the statements I made? Which ones exactly?