September 6, 2018

  Have you seen the new Nike commercial with Colin Kaepernick? I didn’t think it was horrible, for what it was. However, I confess to being unclear on what it was, exactly, other than Nike’s ploy to make millions of dollars. I mean, it’s not hard to figure out that Nike is trying to capitalize on the Kaepernick saga. What’s hard to figure out is what Colin Kaepernick is trying to accomplish. His mission has always been fuzzy. What people… Read more

August 30, 2018

  When Shaun and I were newly engaged, we were visiting his Aunt and Uncle’s house. His Uncle was a high school counselor, and so, as we sat around chatting, he took the liberty to ask me whether I had any plans to attend  college once I had finished high school. Without hesitation, I said, “Nope.” “Not even a little bit interested, huh?” “Not really.” I smiled and he smiled and said, “Okay, then.” A little expansion on the “nope”… Read more

August 28, 2018

  Our Pastor makes it a point to read about Christian martyrs of the past and present. Partly because Christians are to pray for the persecuted, and partly to orient his own heart toward thanksgiving. I admit it is difficult for me to read about martyrs. I remember seeing the book Tortured for Christ on my Grandpa’s bookshelf as a young girl. On the front cover was a bony hand and wrist, with an iron chain strapped around the wrist,… Read more

August 21, 2018

Last week, Christopher Watts allegedly killed his wife, two daughters, and unborn son in Frederick, Colorado. First they “disappeared”, and Chris went on camera saying he didn’t know where they were, and many other lies that sent chills down the spines of listeners. A few days after they were reported missing, Christopher then confessed to the killings. People often wonder what goes on in the mind of a father and husband who would commit such heinous crimes. They wonder who… Read more

August 14, 2018

  The day my son got in an accident, we planted a corn “field.” What I mean by “field” is five corn stalks to a row, three rows total. Not long after the accident, when the man cub was still in the hospital, the corn began to spring up, but then a hail storm came and appeared to wipe it all out. Who cares?! I know that’s what you’re asking. But our eldest grandchild planted the corn with his Poppy,… Read more

August 7, 2018

  It’s a long story as to how I came to watch two episodes of The Waltons last night, but I did. I’ve never been much of a Walton watcher. As far as older shows go, I was always more of an Andy Griffith, Little House on The Prairie, and Bonanza type girl. But anyway, first I watched an episode entitled “The Typewriter.” Thought it might have something to do with writing, and I was right. John Boy was trying… Read more

August 2, 2018

The tension in the political climate is due to a longing. Everyone is looking for happiness. For peace. For rest, whether physically, emotionally, or spiritually. And too many expect the government to provide it. Read more

July 31, 2018

Simplicity. It’s what I’ve been thinking about lately. Cotton Tenants: Three Families, by James Agee, is a book I’m reading that depicts the life of three white farmers and their families in the deep south, era 1936. Agee went on assignment for Fortune magazine for the story, but Fortune never published it. After Agee’s death, his daughter found the manuscript in his home, and had it published in 2013. It’s not pleasant. And it disproves that all white men have… Read more

July 23, 2018

It’s been three weeks since I wrote, and my only excuse is that my son got a puncture wound from a car wreck he was in, which led to sepsis, two surgeries, and IV antibiotics for six weeks. Oral antibiotics for another four. Surgery #3 is tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon. So again, I may be gone for a while. Or, if all goes well and there’s nothing to do but stare at his huge, splinted thumb, perhaps I’ll be online, sharing… Read more

June 28, 2018

  “Where my rights end and another person’s rights begin is a complicated matter.” That’s what a friend said to me last week during a discussion we had about Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and The Red Hen ordeal. As you know, the Press Secretary was thrown out of the restaurant for being employed by President Trump. Sanders promptly and politely left, and was then harassed at the restaurant down the street, until her liberal brother-in-law stepped outside the restaurant and asked… Read more

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