About Emily Claire Schmitt

I claimed my first mystical experience at seven years old. I informed my parents that my recently-deceased great grandmother was visiting my bedroom each night and sitting in my rocking chair. I was lying, but the story served to ease my grief – and that of my parents. Since then, I have continued to search for healing through story-telling as a playwright. I earned my BA in Theatre and Philosophy from Saint Mary’s College, where I became obsessed with early Enlightenment philosopher Baruch Spinoza. After moving to New York, I completed my MFA in Playwriting at The New School for Drama, where I became obsessed with the controversial Pope Pius XII. These duel fascinations gave rise to the plays Spinoza’s Ethics and The Chalice.

In total, I am the author of eight full-length plays and one musical. My works include San Luis, 1989 (2012 Best Play Award, ACTF Region III), Under Further Review (2015 Princess Grace Finalist) and The Chalice (2017 production starring Tony-Nominee Austin Pendleton.) I am a Core Member of The Skeleton Rep(resents), an independent production company dedicated to the exploration of modern myth through theater, dance, and film. I am also a practicing Catholic, continually seeking a concrete manifestation of the supernatural experience I conjured as a child.