August 9, 2021

If you are young, relatively healthy and with a good immune system, you might not be overly concerned about COVID-19. Odds are that if you catch this illness you will be completely fine. Sure, there are exceptions. But fear-mongering and worst-case-scenario anecdotes are probably more annoying than convincing. I personally can’t stand when busybodies pester me about safety. When I first moved to New York, panicked relatives used to warn me to never ever ride the subway alone at night.... Read more

August 2, 2021

I used to wake up every morning in a panic. It would wax and wane throughout the day, sometimes manageable and sometimes paralyzing. By bedtime, I normally felt okay. But morning would come and the cycle would begin again. This was the nature of my mental illness, which was at it’s most severe during my three years of graduate school. At the time, it felt like it would never subside, that I would wake up every morning for the rest... Read more

July 27, 2021

Hello Friends and Readers, I’m taking a step back from my usual discourse this week, because I am on vacation with my family. There are lots of things I could write about this week. I had a whole plan to do a deep-dive into the recent Pillar Catholic controversy, for example. But, to be honest, there’s not much I could say about that which hasn’t already been said. I think after more time and reflection I may be able to... Read more

July 20, 2021

Last week, Pope Francis dropped a proverbial bomb on Latin Mass (TLM) communities around the world. In a new apostolic letter, Traditionis Custodes, he reversed the allowances made for the Extraordinary Form under Pope Benedict XVI. In case everything I just said was – um – Latin to you, here’s a primer for non-Catholics: Some Catholics want to have Mass the “old-fashioned” way: in Latin with a priest facing away from the congregation. This form of the Mass was largely suppressed after... Read more

July 13, 2021

Last week, Bishop William Callahan of LaCrosse, Wisconsin did something highly unusual. He exerted his authority as bishop to defend Catholic doctrine and protect the laypeople of his diocese from spiritual confusion. Specifically, he removed Fr. James Altman from his position as pastor of St. James the Less Parish. Fr. Altman had previously been reprimanded for admonishing his congregation against taking the COVID-19 vaccine and preaching that all Democrats will “burn in hell.” It’s the type of thing that seems... Read more

July 5, 2021

Today is July Fifth, and I am writing my obligatory July Fourth post. It will land in your inbox on July Sixth, which is completely fine. Technically, I’m under no obligation to have any takes on the Fourth of July, but I feel a sense of obligation. I expect that my readers expect something from me regarding this day. After all, I had something to say last year. Besides, Independence Day is exactly the type of thing that bloggers love... Read more

June 28, 2021

Last week, 751 unmarked graves were discovered at the site of a former residential school in Saskatchewan, Canada. It was the second such discovery in as many weeks. The graves likely represent only a fraction of the unreported deaths of indigenous children at these facilities. For those not familiar with the history, the Canadian government ran residential schools with the support of the Catholic Church from about the 1850’s to 1970’s. The goal of these institutions was not to educate,... Read more

June 22, 2021

Given the events of the past week, I imagine some of my readers are expecting a particularly spicy post from me. The USCCB has voted to draft a document for debate that could result in denying President Biden Communion if the Vatican approves of the measure. Or something like that. Meanwhile, Catholic Social Services in Philadelphia won a Supreme Court Case that will shield them from having to place foster kids with LGBTQ+ families. If you really want my opinions on these things, they’re pretty readily available on... Read more

June 14, 2021

The last film I saw in a movie theater was The Invisible Man, starring Elizabeth Moss, in February 2020. I remember it clearly because the theater was almost comically disgusting. There were piles of garbage in almost every row and lining the aisles. I remember the confused looks on people’s faces when they walked in and thinking “no wonder movie theaters are struggling to survive.” Then March 2020 happened. I’m a big proponent of communal artistic experiences. The past year... Read more

June 8, 2021

“What is this feeling?” My friend asked on Saturday around 5:00 PM. The chance meeting. The favorite song spilling from an open window. Turning your head at just the right moment. It’s joyful. The type of surprise that makes you laugh, not so much in amusement as in wonder. It’s always rare – that’s the nature of the thing. But over the past year, it felt nonexistent.  “It’s serendipity,” I replied. Oh yes, that.  It Started With Kindness People can be pretty cruel.... Read more

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