August 10, 2020

Repentance is a central doctrine of both the Catholic faith and the social justice movement.  Since the inception of the Black Lives Matter Movement, and particularly since the death of George Floyd, many of us have felt called to a cultural repentance over the sins of racism, economic disparity, and oppression. As a Catholic, this process feels familiar. The cycle of repenting of a sin, being forgiven, and then going on to commit that same sin again, only to repent… Read more

August 6, 2020

Here we go again. As I’ve done a hundred (a thousand?) times before, I’m back on the hunt for a day job. Yes, this is because my pandemic insurance has expired. No, it’s not because I’m lazy. I have a job, in fact, writing for television. (You might think this would pay the bills. I’m not going to dive into that at this time.) It’s truly incredible that I can stage full-scale off-Broadway theatrical productions but I can’t land or… Read more

August 3, 2020

Damien of Molokai has long been one of my favorite Saints. He was a Belgian priest who worked as a missionary in Hawaii. Upon learning that there were no priests and no sacraments available to a colony of lepers, knowing he would never be allowed to return, he moved to the island to serve the people himself. He eventually died of the disease, earning him the status of a “martyr of charity.” Last week, Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez caused an uproar… Read more

July 30, 2020

Theater is a lagging art form. Unlike music, crafts, and dance, theater does not take root in a society until it reaches a certain level of stability. As my undergrad theater history professor somewhat flippantly, but very effectively explained, “If you’re being chased by a bear you don’t stop and make a play.” We’re not exactly being chased by bears in summer 2020, but the general premise still applies. We’re not running, we’re hiding. And while isolation is a fantastic environment… Read more

July 27, 2020

Scrupulosity is an ongoing struggle for me and for many Christian woman I speak to. It’s not unusual for me to go to Confession and be told that whatever sin I am struggling with is not in fact a sin at all. During the pandemic, my tendency to over-think and over-moralize has worsened. Lack of clear guidelines, scientific consensus, and politicization of simple things like masks leave much of the moral decision-making up to individuals. For people struggling with anxiety… Read more

July 23, 2020

St. Mary Magdalene was the first person to believe in the resurrection of Christ. One could argue that makes her the very first Christian.  was the first person to believe in the resurrection of Christ. One could argue that makes her the very first Christian. She is known as the apostle to the apostles, because she told them of Christ’s resurrection. We celebrate all of these things on her feast day July 22nd. But the one thing she is most… Read more

July 20, 2020

This weekend, my best friend, K, married the love of her life in a beautiful ceremony at the chapel of our Alma Mater. It was not exactly the wedding day she planned for or dreamed about. But it was filled with joy, love, and cute matching face masks. Because I was the Matron of Honor, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the celebration. I want to dedicate this post to K and J and their beautiful new… Read more

July 16, 2020

Human Dignity has never been a basic tenet of our society. Perhaps this is because we do not know what it is. On Tuesday, Daniel Lee became the first person in seventeen years to be executed by the Federal Government. The execution took place overnight, after four-hours of legal back-and-forth, during which he remained strapped to a gurney. Then, the executioner shot poison into his veins. They did this in the name of the American people. Daniel Lee is not… Read more

July 13, 2020

Here in New York City, Catholic laypersons have been returning to Mass. At my parish, every other pew is roped off. We sit obediently on the little blue X’s taped out on the available pews, two-by-two. Larger families can sit on the side of Church. There is no holy water, but there is hand sanitizer dispensed from two highly coveted dispensers that took weeks to arrive. We wear masks and wave politely during the sign of peace. We’re happy to… Read more

July 10, 2020

We’ve come to the final installment of my series The Porn Industry is Gaslighting Us. Before I dive into this piece, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has stuck with me for the past two months. This topic raises a lot of feelings for a lot of people, including myself. I especially appreciate those who have disagreed fervently, but have continued to engage with my work. I sincerely hope you stick around. To be honest, I’m… Read more

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